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15 must have tools of highly effective writers

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50 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

50 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards-min

Check out this extensive list of fifty freelance writing job boards that will provide you with a fresh stream of writing opportunities in a variety of niches.

Top 250 Sites That Pay You To Write

Top 250 Sites That Pay You To Write-min

Looking for ways to get paid to write? Here’s the ultimate list of 250 sites that will pay you to write. Feel free to dive in and grow your freelance income.

10 Best Dictation Apps For Writers

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Looking for a great dictation app to improve your office productivity? Here are ten of the best dictation apps for writers that you can readily consider.

Useful life insights I’ve gathered over the years


The “you need a lot of money to travel” mantra is totally false – with the right attitude and preparation, you can go anywhere you want (unless you have major responsibilities at home, which is understandable).


Mainstream culture based on materialism is seductive, but you don’t have to follow it. You are essentially a free person. You can choose your own values, and write your own story. Stop being such an egoist, and give freely to others.


If you have an adventurous soul, you can go around the world and live life you never expected was possible. If you prefer stability, you can still do it on your own terms and make it so much more enjoyable.


You can earn a good living, and still have time to develop yourself spiritually, physically and intellectually.


There are states of consciousness reaching far beyond the ordinary experience (they’re easily available, yet most people never explore them).


You can progress towards your goals much faster if you focus on your strengths, and use the right mental and technological tools.