75 Great Things to Do With Your Partner

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If you’re looking for inspiration to do amazing things with your partner, you’re in the right place. I was searching for other lists of activities but couldn’t find anything really exciting so I decided to compile my own.


The key to building a healthy relationship is novelty and creating special moments. This was beautifully described in How To Love book which I highly recommend. Doing new things together on a regular basis is absolutely essential. Otherwise the flame of love will become extinguished and you’ll fall into a routine. And we all know the famous quote from Annie Hall:


“A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”


Avoid the dead shark at all cost, and take a look at the following list of inexpensive, yet exciting activities you can do with your other half!


75 Best things to do with your partner:


1. Take a day trip to a place you’ve never been before (just search – “day trips from…”)
2. Go for a pub crawl in a new part of town. No need to get drunk – just have fun and stroll around.
3. Go to a silent party event with your partner.
4. Watch a romantic movie in a vintage cinema.
5. Go for a brunch in the park.
6. Rest on the sofa covered with blankets, drink hot chocolate, and read your favorite books.
7. Binge-watch a whole season of your favorite TV-show.
8. Find the best burger in town and follow it up with a 1000 calorie vanilla shake. Big time!
9. Give your partner a sensual massage (make sure they reciprocate!)
10. Try out a new type of food – Vietnamese? Ecuadorian? Nubian!?
11. Cook something together while listening to jazzy music.
12. Go to a quaint cafe, have some drinks and become flaneurs.
13. Visit your favorite bookstores in town in search of inspiration.
14. Prepare drinks together (frose, caipirinha, long island, or just plain mojito).
15. Go for a biking trip around nature.


romantic vacation on a beach with a loved one


16. Try out a new sex position.
17. Do something creative together – construct something – create a work of art.
18. Plan your future together and be open with your partner.
19. Go to a swimming pool and kiss in the water.
20. Go to the park, lie on the grass and kiss and chill for hours.
21. Sit outside of a neighborhood cafe and listen to some live music.
22. Check interesting weekend activities on Meetup.com.
23. Ask yourselves some unusual questions to get to know each other better (check a question list here).
24. Go on a shopping spree and buy some nice and fun things for both of you.
25. Go to a sex shop, have fun, and get turned on before the evening.
26. Take a weekend trip in to a new town, city or country (hunt for public holidays – for example if Tuesday is the labor day, then just take off Monday and you have a four-day weekend to enjoy!)
27. Go to a “dark dining” restaurant to smother your sense of smell with delicious food.
28. Try out a free salsa, tango or bachata class – there’s nothing like romantic dance together.
29. If you live close to water, go for an evening swim under the moonlight. And then, who knows? Maybe sex on the beach. Literally.
30. If you’re on holidays, go roller-skating or biking together.
40. Have a picnic in the park – make sure you have enough wine, cheese, books, music and grapes!


surfing with your partner


41. Get tipsy and go to a nightclub for an all-night party. Don’t come back till the break of dawn!
42. Have a movie marathon. How about Lord of The Rings or Jason Bourne trilogies?
43. Go to an upscale restaurant and splurge on an expensive three-course dinner.
44. Roleplay – pretend you don’t know each other and ask silly questions to infuse your relationship with more romance. You know, just like in this scene in Before Sunrise.
45. Play a drinking game like beer-pong or any variety of board games.
46. Play a tune or sing a song for your partner – this can make for some of the most beautiful moments of all time.
47. Exercise together – how about a nice jog around the park or even long, relaxing yoga session?
48. Sign up for a language or a professional course together. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your French or Spanish a bit?
49. Try out a new massage with a massage candle.
50. Read poetry to your partner. Be like Romeo and Juliet or even better, like Khosrow and Shirin.
51. Communicate through texting even if you’re sitting right next to each other.
52. Give your partner a power-hug and fill your bodies with happy hormones.
53. Play video games together. You can choose from thousands of titles so you’ll surely find something that’ll make you both happy.
54. Go for a walking tour around a historical center of the city.
55. Spend a whole day at the beach and sip some margaritas.
56. Take a 20, or maybe a 40 minute nap together.
57. Go to a Karaoke place and sing your lungs out!
58. Have a lazy-ass Sunday together. Hint: order some Chinese food straight to your doorstep.
59. Have a shower or a bath together. Remember – no sex allowed (wink).
60. Go into nature and laugh at the stars during the night at a campfire.


natural evening romantic sunrise at the sea


61. Watch some adult movies together.
62. Give your partner a surprise gift.
63. Have a photo-shoot together.
64. Go to a massage and spa place and relax like never before.
65. Spend a day at an aqua park or a nice open pool.
66. Go to a theme park and do all the things they do in music videos.
67. Swim naked with your partner.
68. Watch a sunset in the most romantic spot around. Collect these sunsets.
69. Go to an open-air cinema and kiss instead of watching the movie.
70. Wait for the sunrise.
71. Do striptease for your partner.
72. Kiss in public!
73. Have a long walk along a sunny coast.
75. Build something together – like a garden, a tent or a makeshift fort.


How did you like this list of 75 activities to do with your partner? Please share your own suggestions in the comments section below! Thanks!

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