AI Art: Discovering the Best AI-Powered Tools for Artists

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

AI Art- Discovering the Best AI-Powered Tools for Artists - featured image

Art that’s generated with the use of artificial intelligence is the new frontier for creators of all stripes.

Tasks that used to take hours just a year ago are now completed within a couple of seconds with the use of advanced AI-powered tools for artists. This has led to a flourishing of imaginative art and vastly extended the toolkit for those who want to reach new heights of creativity. Let’s explore some of these tools so you can start experimenting with them today.

The Best AI-Powered Tools for Artists

AI-Powered Image Generators and Editors

Generative AI is the new buzzword that’s on everybody’s lips. By submitting a few well-pointed text-based prompts to an AI-powered tool, you can generate astounding pieces of art, which you can later refurbish with traditional graphic design tools like Photoshop or InDesign. Now you can create photorealistic images by typing just a few words. You can also come up with cute fursonas, NFTs, or anime-inspired characters by feeding these tools with existing images. The creative possibilities are endless. AI art generators are based on algorithms that analyze millions of existing images to come up with a certain aesthetic you can use to generate unique images. This raises the question of true originality and copyright, and artists are currently looking for ways to get compensated for the work that “inspired” the new cadre of AI image generators. If you’re a creator looking to experiment and have fun while creating unique pieces for your craft projects, then you have to check out CF Spark Art. While it may be a new tool and perhaps lesser-known compared to others, it’s worth trying out. With CF Spark Art, you can produce stunning images, photo-realistic portraits, cartoon-style illustrations, or unique graphics for your blog pieces and social media posts. This tool is fully dedicated to creators and allows you to let your imagination run wild while creating something truly special for your projects.

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Other popular text-to-image generators in this genre include Jasper Art, Dall-E, MidJourney, Nightcafe, Stable Diffusion, PhotoSonic, Fotor, and Deep Dream Generator. Most of these tools offer a free trial, and even after that, the monthly cost is typically very reasonable (between $10 and $40). Plus, some of these generators even connect to print-on-demand services, offer collaboration tools, and convert existing images into paintings. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and unlock your creativity today! Once you get acquainted with the basic concept of AI art generation and create your account, you simply need to conjure a vision for your new piece of art (i.e. write a prompt) and feed it to the tool. You could write something like: “Create a castle in the Sahara, surrounded by undulating palm trees and an oasis glimmering in the distance.” Usually, this is just the beginning, because what you’ll receive from a tool probably won’t fit your expectations after the very first try. So you’ll need to guide the tool by giving it extra instructions to achieve the desired result. Then, if you want to make it special, you can still put it through manual revisions using traditional graphic design tools. This kind of technology doesn’t eliminate the need for an artist who’s a guiding hand in the whole process. Rather, you can use AI art generators to realize your artistic dreams and come up with designs that would normally take many hours to complete.

AI-Powered Video Editors

There’s a host of tools that can save you hours if you’re an artistically oriented video editor. For example, object tracking used to take hours in software like After Effects, where you would painstakingly create a mask for an object frame by frame. This is still the case in many animation-based projects, but now you can also use a tool like Runway ML, which offers nearly magical capabilities. It can motion-track, remove backgrounds, create or modify images through text prompts, paint out objects, or clean up your audio; all within seconds. Other tools can automatically remove silences or “ums” from your video by creating jump cuts and adjusting the volume of audio tracks so it doesn’t interfere with the main vocal track (audio ducking).

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There are even AI-based tools like Rephrase.AI or Synthesia, that let you convert text into professional-quality videos within a few minutes. Artists and content creators can use these tools to create personalized videos, complete with a realistic avatar that can speak any language. Another tool worth noting is Pictory. It allows you to generate fantastic video presentations if you just feed it with a good script. It will come up with a b-roll that fits the script, add a voice-over, and even create a separate subtitle file for your video.

AI-Powered Text Generators

ChatGPT is only one of the tools you can use to infuse your writing with more creativity. This natural language processing system can spew out Shakespearean sonnets and poems inspired by Edgar Allan Poe within a couple of seconds. Many writers are afraid that soon they’ll be replaced by these kinds of tools. But I advocate a different point of view. How about using these text generators as helpful aids in our quest for true creativity? Let’s use them to get inspiration for a new piece, an outline for a blog post, rephrase a troublesome sentence or create a list of potential names for the characters in your new story. That’s a completely legit use of text generators, which you can employ as your faithful helpers. Tools like Jasper.AI Rytr or even the recently launched CF Spark Writer are great for getting rid of tedious tasks, so you as an artist have more time to focus on the actual creative work that flows straight from your soul. AIs can mimic human emotion, but they lack the context of being a human who can connect the dots in a truly creative way. These tools simply predict the probability of one word coming after the other to create a cohesive sentence. But they’re quite predictable at this point, which means that the art world needs you as a human to share your unique perspective and connect with your readers on a deeper level.

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Ready to use AI-powered tools to awaken your creativity?

Becoming an artist has never been easier. You don’t need to spend hours on repetitive tasks anymore. AI-powered tools can do the clean-up and automate processes, so you can focus on producing something truly original. This democratization of art creation has just begun. There’s no telling what wonders we’ll be able to create within just a couple of years by using these tools. Start using them today or get left behind by those who do. Next up, you may want to explore a list of the top photography and art book publishers.

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