10 Best Book Publishing Companies In Alabama (Contact Info)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 6th, 2023

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Alabama is home to a thriving publishing industry, with a range of independent and university presses operating throughout the state.

From academic works to literary fiction and nonfiction, Alabama-based publishers have a reputation for producing high-quality, award-winning books that explore the richness and complexities of Southern culture and history. In this article, we’ll explore the top publishers in Alabama, highlighting their areas of expertise and their contributions to the literary landscape of the state and the region. For a broader view, check out my extensive collection of over 3,000 publishing companies.

Top book publishing companies in Alabama:

1. NewSouth Books

NewSouth Books logo

It’s one of the most known publishers in Montgomery, Alabama that specializes in publishing books about the American South. They focus on Southern culture and history, with a particular interest in promoting diversity and inclusivity. They offer a traditional publishing program and a self-publishing service called EnCore. The company is known for its commitment to quality writing and social justice, winning many awards for its publications.

  • Contact email: acquisitions@newsouthbooks.com
  • Mailing address: NewSouth Books, 105 S. Court Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Phone: 334-834-3556
  • Submission guidelines
bridges and a river in alabama

Did you know that Alabama has a deep and rich literary history? The state was the birthplace of the iconic Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and Zora Neale Hurston, a key figure of the Harlem Renaissance who spent significant time in Alabama conducting anthropological research. Moreover, the Alabama Writers’ Forum, established in 1993, has been tirelessly promoting writers, fostering literary arts education, and celebrating the literary heritage of the state.

2. The University of Alabama Press

University of Alabama press logo

The University of Alabama Press is a publishing company affiliated with the major educational institution of the University of Alabama. It specializes in academic publishing, with a focus on works in the fields of education, Southern history, African American studies, and Civil War studies. The press also publishes books on archaeology, environmental studies, regional studies, and textbooks for students, among other topics. Established in 1945, the University of Alabama Press is committed to advancing the mission of the university through the dissemination of knowledge and ideas.

  • Contact email: uapress@ua.edu
  • Mailing address: The University of Alabama Press, Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
  • Phone: 205-348-1560
  • Submission guidelines

3. Menasha Ridge Press

menasha ridge press logo

Menasha Ridge Press is an independent book publisher in Birmingham, Alabama, that specializes in producing guidebooks and outdoor recreation literature, that’s often featuring wilderness sports. Founded in 1986, the press has a reputation for publishing comprehensive and informative guides for hiking, biking, paddling, and camping in some of the most beautiful and popular outdoor destinations in North America. They also publish books on topics such as natural history, conservation, and outdoor skills, as well as memoirs and travelogues that celebrate the joys and challenges of exploring the natural world.

  • Contact email: use the contact form on the website
  • Mailing address: 2204 1ST Ave S Ste 102 Birmingham, AL, 35233-2321 United States
  • Phone: (205) 322-0439
  • Submission guidelines

4. Fire Ant Books

fire ant press logo

Fire Ant Books is an imprint of The University of Alabama Press that focuses on publishing contemporary fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Launched in 2010, Fire Ant Books seeks to showcase the work of emerging and established writers from the American South and beyond. This publishing house commits to sharing diverse voices that reflect the complexity and richness of the region, as well as pushing the boundaries of traditional literary genres. Besides publishing works of both fiction and poetry, Fire Ant Books also publishes collections of essays and creative nonfiction that address social, cultural, and political issues relevant to the South and beyond.

  • Contact email: uapress@ua.edu
  • Mailing address: Fire Ant Books, The University of Alabama Press, Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
  • Phone: (205) 348-1566
  • Submission guidelines

5. Negative Capability Press

negative capability press logo

Negative Capability Press is an independent publishing company based in Mobile, Alabama, that focuses on publishing contemporary poetry and prose. Established in 1981, this publishing house specializes in showcasing the work of emerging and established writers who display a “negative capability” – the ability to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty, and to embrace complexity and paradox in their writing. Negative Capability Press publishes poetry collections, novels, memoirs, and works of literary nonfiction that explore a wide range of themes and subjects, from personal identity and relationships to social and political issues. They are also known for their commitment to high editorial standards and a collaborative approach to publishing, which involves working closely with authors. Besides publishing books, Negative Capability Press also sponsors literary events and workshops that foster a sense of community among writers and readers.

  • Contact email: fill out the form on the contact page
  • Mailing address: Negative Capability Press, P.O. Box 2633, Mobile, AL 36652
  • Phone: not readily available
  • Submission guidelines

6. Livingston Press

livingston press logo

Livingston Press is an independent publishing company based in Livingston, Alabama, that specializes in publishing contemporary fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Established in 1983, it’s run by professionals who want to showcase the work of emerging and established writers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. They publish literary works that are innovative, thought-provoking, and engaging, with an emphasis on experimentation and pushing the boundaries of traditional genres. The press has a particular interest in Southern literature, and many of its authors are from or write about the South, but it also publishes works that explore other regions of the United States and the world. Besides publishing books, Livingston Press sponsors literary events and workshops that provide opportunities for writers and readers to connect and engage with each other.

  • Contact email: jwt@uwa.edu
  • Mailing address: University of West Alabama, Station 22, Livingston, Alabama 35470
  • Phone: (205) 652-3828
  • Submission guidelines

7. Whosoever Press

Whosoever Press logo

It’s a small publisher based in Boaz, Alabama. They are a great option if you are looking for self-publishing services or to print whatever promotional materials you have. They use a very personal approach in every project and they take good care of their customers by making sure they meet the deadlines and pay attention to details.

  • Contact email: fill out the contact form on the website
  • Mailing address: 10749 Alabama 168, Boaz, AL 35957, USA
  • Phone: (256) 706-3315
  • Submission guidelines (not readily available)

8. Mentor Enterprises

mentor enterprises logo

It’s a privately owned company that specializes in publishing professional military books and digital media. They produce a lot of regional books for soldiers, sailors, Marines, and other members of the United States Armed Forces.

  • Contact email: info@mentorinc.us
  • Mailing address: Mentor Enterprises, Inc., 123 Castle Drive, Suite C, Madison, AL 35758
  • Phone: 256-830-8282
  • Submission guidelines

9. Bluewater Publications

bluewater publications logo

This company has been around for over 20 years and they are always encouraging upcoming writers to submit their manuscripts. They have an international book distribution channel, and they also adapted hybrid publishing, creating a solid ebook portfolio. They are publishing over 20 new titles every year, including children’s books and short stories.

  • Contact email: Fill out the contact form on the website
  • Mailing address: 603 S Jefferson St, Athens, Alabama, 35611, United States
  • Phone: (772) 257-5475
  • Submission guidelines

10. Apologetics Press

aplogetics press logo

Apologetics Press is a non-profit organization based in Montgomery, Alabama, that specializes in publishing materials defending the Christian faith. They produce books, videos, and other resources, and individuals, churches, and educational institutions around the world use their materials. The organization is dedicated to the study and defense of the Bible and offers educational resources for both adults and children. Their website offers a vast sizable of articles, books, and multimedia resources that cover topics such as biblical archaeology and the history of the Bible.

  • Contact email: mail@apologeticspress.org
  • Mailing address: Apologetics Press, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Phone: 800-234-8558
  • Submission guidelines


The article discusses some of the top publishers in Alabama that have made significant contributions to promoting regional literature and culture while trying to discover new writers. These companies specialize in various genres, such as Southern history and culture, outdoor recreation literature, and guidebooks. If you have a manuscript, whether in the genre of fiction or nonfiction, use the links to submit it and perhaps you’ll find a publisher who will be interested in your work. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to the top publishing companies in Georgia.

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