A Proven Method To Earn Money From Home As A Highly-Paid Freelance Writer

Make $50-$300 per day part-time even if you’re a complete beginner!

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The Most ACTIONABLE Resources You Need to Start Getting Paid While Nurturing Your Creative Passions

I’ll be completely honest with you…

I don’t have a magic-bullet-seven-step-system that will allow you to earn thousands of dollars while you sleep.

If you’re looking for another “lazy way to online riches system”, you may leave this page, because what I’m about to share is not that.

However, if you see yourself as an ambitious, goal-oriented individual who wants more freedom and independence, I have something that’ll blow your mind and allow you to easily earn money from the comfort of your home.

My goal is always to always provide top-notch quality content for writers who want to earn more, work from anywhere, and live life free of fixed office hours.

The resource package I share with you today is the pinnacle of these efforts.

Question: Have you ever bought an online course, only to find out that similar content could be found on blogs and YouTube for free? Yep. Me too.

That’s why I came up with something completely different – a unique package of actionable resources you can use today to start earning legit income as a writer.

On my quest to assemble this one-of-a-kind deal, I asked myself:

“What would be the most valuable thing I could share with budding freelancers, so they can hit the ground running and start earning $50 – $400 per day as soon as possible?”

(Not three months from now, not after going through an expensive course)

freelance writing

After literally spending over 100 hours on product development, I came up with Four Profitable Solutions

50 Best High-Paying Job Boards For Freelance Writers

(Value = $200+)

1 - Copy

This is the heartbeat of the whole system and a treasure trove filled with lucrative freelancing opportunities. The job boards included in this beautifully formatted spreadsheet contain at least 150+ new writing gigs each week.

You’ll find perfect writing gigs here even if you’re a complete beginner who wants to finally earn their first $100 as a freelancer. It’ll allow you to check the average payment on each platform, as well as the number of newly published jobs each week.

You can also read a detailed description of each board before joining so it’s a perfect match for your current skill level, and level of experience.

By using this spreadsheet for as little as 15 minutes a day, you can easily grab one-off as well as ongoing writing projects and potentially earn thousands of dollars for your efforts.

PS: At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you’ll also find a bonus section: 10 Golden Rules of Pitching Your Services As A Freelance Writer

By applying these rules, you’ll double your chances of landing the freelance writing gig of your dreams.

What’s more, you’ll also get the best examples of successful writing pitches to emulate. You can use them as a template to get more of the heartwarming “YES” responses from editors!

Top 250 Sites That’ll Pay You To Write $50 – $350 Per Article

(Value = $500+)

2 - Copy

This is a hugely valuable resource filled with top-quality websites that’ll actually pay you to write! If you expect (as you should) $100 in payment from a single site, you’re looking at $25,000 in potential freelance income.

The sites in this neat database are carefully curated, always up-to-date, and offer clear instructions on how to pitch them – YES, they’re actually looking for new writers! It’s a dream-come-true if you want to kick start your freelance writing income.

Each site on the list comes with a link to the “write for us” page where you’ll find the submission guidelines. You’ll also see the potential pay next to each opportunity (some pages pay $50 for short articles, while others offer hundreds of dollars for in-depth creative pieces).

You can also sort pages based on niche, to find opportunities that match your unique interests and expertise. In other words, you can choose where to contribute first to grow your online income stream faster.

High-Conversion Editor and Guest Post Outreach Template

(Value = $39)

3 - Copy

This template is super valuable for getting editors and webmasters to say “YES!” to your emails. It’ll let you keep track of all communications so you always remember to follow-up and get your articles published.

I perfected this template over the months and I personally use it every day when pitching new websites or applying for freelance gigs. I have to admit it complements the job board and website lists perfectly.

You see how it all comes together now?

Once you have this template, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Ah yes, and it comes with clear instructions for use, and even a list of 30 writing-related sites you can practice on by writing guest posts!

15 Best Tools Of Highly Effective Writers

(Value = $39)

This e-book contains the absolutely must-have tools you should use to become an ultra-productive writer.

I developed this unique “tool stack” over the years, and now I’m able to write faster, better, and with more confidence.

By applying these tools you’ll potentially avoid months of struggle and frustration (and procrastination), and take your writing game to a higher level.

There’s even one little-known tool on this list that literally doubled my writing productivity. I use it every day and it’s my secret productivity weapon. Now you’ll discover it as well!

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Why Should You Get Your Freelance Writer Starter Kit Now? 


Is it really only this one price for all those products?

Absolutely! It’s clearly a bargain price, but I want you to make progress towards your dreams as fast as possible. The whole bundle is a potential goldmine with thousands of dollars worth of freelancing opportunities. At $37.99 I’m basically selling money at a discount (if you use the product, of course).

Are there any extra fees or subscriptions?

None whatsoever! It’s a one-time price and from then on, you can use your products for as long as you want. That’s because I want to make the pricing as straightforward as possible so you can enjoy the benefits with peace of mind.

What if I change my mind after the purchase?

You’re backed by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee! I sincerely doubt you’ll want a refund since the product offers so much value at such a low price – but you have that right, and I’m ready to honor it.

I don’t live in the USA, can I still benefit from this product?

Of course, you can! My subscribers come from all over the world – the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Africa. Where you’re based is not important. All that matters is your persistence and willingness to learn.

What currency is the price?

The price is set in US Dollars (USD), but if you have a card or a PayPal account in a different currency, no worries, it’ll get converted automatically.

Is the product bundle digital or printed?

The whole bundle comes as a set of four digital files (3 Excel files and 1 PDF). It’ll be easier for you to use it in this way as you can directly click on the links and get stuff done on your computer or mobile.

Do I get any support?

Of course! I’ll continue to send you emails with information about how to become a successful writer, and if you have any questions related directly to the product, just shoot me an email and I’ll respond within 48h.

Do I have to be registered as a freelancer to get started?

Not at all! In most countries (including the US), you can earn a certain amount of income each year that you don’t have to disclose to tax authorities. This allows you to get your feet wet before registering your business (which you’ll surely do at some point because of all the new opportunities coming your way!). The tax-free amount differs based on your area of residence.

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