15 Top Medical Publishing Companies (Accepting Scripts)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 10th, 2023

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Are you aspiring to pen medical research or an academic keen to expand your knowledge?

Whether you’re at the helm of groundbreaking research or a clinician keen on staying abreast of medical advancements, the right publisher can make all the difference. Reputable medical publishers ensure that the information they present is rigorous, credible, and valuable. In this piece, we’ll delve into the world of esteemed medical publishing houses, spotlighting their notable publications and distinguished authors. Dive in, and discover the paragons of medical literature. After perusing this guide, you’ll benefit from checking out my all-encompassing database of over 3,000 publishing companies.

The Best Medical Publishing Companies:

1. Springer Publishing

springer publishing

Springer is one of the first names that come to mind when talking about medical journal publishing. Being around for 50 years, they have many noteworthy titles to their credit, like “Book of the Year” by the American Journal of Nursing, “Hale’s Medications and Mother’s Milk” and “Management and Leadership in Social Work.” Springer publishes around 100 brilliant books every year on a wide range of topics, including psychology, rehabilitation, social work, gerontology, nursing, and many others. If you are looking to publish a journal, go to their Authors’ Resources. You will find the guidelines for the whole submission process.

2. Routledge

routledge landing page

Routledge publishes thousands of academic books, eBooks, and journal articles every year. With its headquarters in Abingdon-on-Thames, this publisher always looks for fresh write-ups in their main text types, i.e., textbooks, short-form publications, handbooks and companions, and professional books. Currently, Routledge has around 35,000 books in print. They publish books in humanities and social sciences. “Young People, Employment, and Work Psychology: Interventions and Solutions” by Angela J. Carter is one of their current hot titles. Aspiring writers can find their proposal guidelines on their websites.

3. Oxford University Press

oxford university press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the oldest and largest of all medical publishing companies today. It produces books in various formats, such as academic journals, monographs, higher education textbooks, and many more. A lot of OUP’s published authors have won many national and international literary awards. OUP publishes over 6000 titles every year across the world. They have several regional branches to serve local markets in at least 50 countries. If you are a writer looking to publish a medical book with them, please check their website.

4. ACER Press

acer press

ACER is one of the biggest research centers for education in the world. It was established in 1960 and is based in Camberwell in Melbourne, Australia. ACER stands for Australian Council for Educational Research and ACER Press is their publishing arm. The organization creates and distributes research and medical-based products. Those aspiring to write for them can submit their researched manuscripts to their official email address.

5. American Psychiatric Association (APA) Publishing

APA Publishing

Founded in 1981 in Arlington, VA, APA Publishing is one of the leading publishers of books on mental health, psychiatry, and behavioral science. Many of the titles that the American Psychiatric Publishing releases are written and/or edited by medical doctors and PhDs. Some of their notable current releases are Precision Psychiatry, The Psychiatric Hospitalist, and Late-life Depression and Anxiety. They offer books, journals, and multimedia that have relevant and well-researched information. Their beneficiaries include resident psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and students. For aspiring writers, there is a provision to contact their editorial support services manager or fill out their contact form for further inquiry.

6. Elsevier Canada

elisevier canada

Next on our list is Canada-based publisher Elsevier Canada. It offers several books on medical fields like pharma solutions, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary medicine. Elsevier is a leading publisher of health, technical, and scientific-related information in various formats. Some of its famous publications include Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the Canadian PN Exam and Ethical and Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing. You can find their guidelines for manuscript proposals on their website.

7. Allen & Unwin

allen & unwin

A sought-after publisher in Australia, Allen & Unwin has a unique publishing strategy called ‘Friday Pitch.’ They publish 250 titles every year in diverse fields. Some of their famous titles in medical science are The Meaning of Pain, Project Management in Health and Community Services, and A Practical Guide to Chronic Pain Management. Their publications are famous in reference materials, academics, and adult fiction too.

8. SAGE publications

sage publishing

Aspiring to be one of the top publishers around, SAGE established several offices around the world. Founded in 1965 in New York City, they churn out books in social sciences, humanities, and medicine. Some of their famous titles include Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Nursing and Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools. SAGE publishes around 600 books every year. They are always looking for an aspiring writer who produces interesting and relevant science-backed books. Wannabe serious science writers can send them their manuscripts for evaluation and probably publication.

9. Woodbine House

woodbine house

Based in Bethesda, MD, USA, this publisher specializes in well-researched books related to children and adolescents with special needs. Woodbine House has been publishing brilliant medical books for parents, teachers, and therapists for over forty years now. They cover topics such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, communication skills, AD/HD, down syndrome, and special education. Writers aspiring to work with them can fill out their contact page or email them at their official address.

10. Fitzhenry & Whiteside

fitzhenry & whiteside

The Canada-based Fitzhenry & Whiteside is one of the few family-owned medical publishing companies. Some of their well-known titles under fitness and health include Beauty and the Breast: A Tale of Breast Cancer, Love, and Friendship, and Arthritis of the Hip and Knee: The Active Person’s Guide to Taking Charge. The company has a good foothold in the North American publishing scene. They also collaborate with other top medical publishers around the globe in terms of marketing and distribution. Among the publishing companies they work with are Chipmunka Publishing in the UK and Forest Research Institute (FRI) in India.

11. Cambridge University Press

cambridge university press

Right up there with Oxford, the Cambridge University Press (CUP) has published over 53,000 titles worldwide. CUP published its first book in 1584. Since then, it has published thousands of reference books, textbooks, academic journals, monograms, and bibles. They focus on 29 subject areas, including social science, humanities, medicine, science, English teaching, and technology. To know more about submitting your medical manuscripts or journals, check out their guidance document or reach out to their commissioning editors.

12. Grey House Publishing

grey house publishing

Health & Education is just one of the four major categories of books published by the New York-based Grey House Publishing. They cover a wide range of topics in health and medical science, including chronic illnesses, digital healthcare, pediatric disorders, and physical and mental disabilities. They publish a series of Handbooks and resource guidebooks that tackle specific maladies such as Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease, Autism Spectrum, Dementia, and Diabetes. To inquire about getting your work published, contact them through their official email.

13. Grey House Publishing Canada

grey house canada

This medical publisher offers Canadian writers to publish on digital and book platforms. You must have guessed by now that this is an extension of the New York-based publisher we discussed above. They established this branch in 2006 and it has a headquarters in Toronto. GHP Canada is the publisher of Health Guide Canada, a resource book for healthcare professionals and patients alike. This 1,150-page book provides a comprehensive overview of 107 mental and chronic illnesses known to man. It includes descriptions, symptoms, and treatment options for each malady. Aspiring writers can send in their manuscripts to Stuart Paterson, Managing Editor, via email.

14. Thieme

Thieme landing page

Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher with headquarters in New York, USA, and Stuttgart, Germany. They also have offices in the UK, Australia, Brazil, India, and China. The company has been around for 125 years and has published thousands of titles in science and medicine, from Anatomy to Biochemistry, Dentistry, Gynecology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Veterinary Medicine, just to name a few. Among their currently featured releases are Neurological Diseases by Lai & Gragnaniello, and Vascular Challenges in Skull Base Surgery by Gardner, Snyderman, & Jankowitz. To learn about the details of their submission guidelines, go to their Authors Resource page.

15. CSIRO Publishing

csiro publishing

CSIRO is an independent publishing house founded in 1995 and based in Clayton, Vic, Australia. The company works with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, and it offers an extensive catalog of topics like the environment, animal and plant sciences, and health. They also offer services that complement publishing, such as grant application workshops and writing. Some of their published works include Climate Change Adaptation for Health and Social Services, A Practical Guide to Global Point-of-Care Testing, and Natural Defense. Check out their detailed guide for manuscript submissions.

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Publishing a medical journal takes up a lot of time and effort. The quality of research must be extensive and excellent. If you think the quality of your writing is on par with their requirements, refer to the list of companies outlined above. They are always on the lookout for science-backed work based on thorough facts. Are there any other medical publishing companies you know of that should have been included here? Next, you may want to check a list of the top legal book publishers.

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