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Best tips for writers, bloggers, freelancers, and creatives

Learn how to achieve freedom from 9-5 by becoming a highly-skilled writer

girl writing on her phone while outside
How To Turn Your Phone Into A Writing Tool (5 Ideas)

Do you want to accomplish a lot of writing even when you are on the go? Then, turn your mobile phone into a pro writing tool with these few simple tips.

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remote work laptop on a table (2)
How To Become A Freelance Blogger (10 Step Guide)

Are you dreaming about becoming a freelance blogger? In this 10-step guide, you’ll learn how to get started and work remotely from any place around the world.

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proofreader - featured image
How To Become a Freelance Proofreader (10 Tips)

Do you want to start your own proofreading business? Here are ten essential tips you should know to become a freelance proofreader and earn money remotely.

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earning money as a writer - featured image
48 Ways To Earn Money As A Writer (In 2021)

Are you looking for ways to generate more cash as a writer or freelance blogger? Here are forty-eight ways to earn money as a writer this year and beyond.

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old typewriter - featured image
35 Best Ways To Get More Writing Done (In 2021)

Do you want to boost your productivity as a writer? Perhaps to finish a book or improve your blog? Here are thirty-five ways to get more writing done this year.

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laptop with a website on a table - featured image
How To Create A Freelance Writer Website (Fast)

Looking for a quick guide to building a stunning freelance website as a beginner? Here are six steps for creating a freelance writer website in two hours max!

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Best tips for writers, bloggers, freelancers, and creatives

Learn how to achieve freedom from 9-5 by becoming a highly-skilled writer

morning cup of coffe and a notebook for writing
Morning Habits For Smooth Writing Productivity

Does your desire to get some writing done while the sun rises in the east needs a jumpstart? Here are some good morning habits for smooth writing productivity.

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writing tools and a camera
5 Lessons Writers Can Draw From Movie Scripts

Great movies always emerge from the minds of skilled writers. Here are five lessons from famous movie scripts you can incorporate in your own writing life.

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working from home
5 Tools For Self-Accountability While Working From Home

Do you want to boost your productivity when stuck at home? Here are five must-have tools to maintain self-accountability while working remotely.

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writing laptop on a table
5 Ways To Positively Impact The World With Writing

Have you ever thought about changing the world for the better? Here are five ways you can positively impact the world by using the power of your written words.

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