Physical Activity, Appearance And Happiness

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One of the keys to happiness is keeping a healthy and energized body. The other one is taking care of your appearance. As a human, you are so easily susceptible to suggestion. When you eat healthily, exercise, and dress well, your whole being is brimming with confidence and you tend to have a more joyful approach to life.


In this article, we’ll talk about how to develop these healthy habits that will ultimately lead to higher levels of well-being.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Physical Activity And Happiness


Research done by the Gallup Organization proves that one day after exercising, your well-being and self-esteem are on the rise. According to the experts, the best way is to train for thirty minutes a day, six times a week. Regular, moderate aerobic exercise is also the number one way to increase longevity.


Cardio exercise triggers the endorphin rush and neurogenesis


After about thirty minutes into the training session, your brain starts to release endorphins that put you in a natural high mode. Excited yet? We’re just warming up here. Exercise leads to neurogenesis or the growth of new neurons. It actually increases the amount of gray matter in your brain.

It also strengthens the connections between existing neurons and prevents brain atrophy (which starts around the age of forty).


Regular exercise lowers your stress levels


Moreover, regular exercise lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) level in your brain. You will also make your heart healthy and enjoy a plethora of other benefits such as better sex life and higher lung capacity. And did you know that people who regularly exercise look on average 10% younger than their peers?


Start the exercise habit today to live a happier life


As you can see, exercise is the straight road to apotheosis, so if you want to be el numero uno, do your goddamn pushups. I’ve found that listening to high-flown music (such as atmospheric drum and bass) is a great way to make the workout more exciting. It might be hard to start your exercise regimen, but once you get used to it, you can’t get enough.


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Grooming, appearance and your level of well-being


Your appearance also has an impact on your satisfaction from life. There is a strong correlation between how you perceive your body and your level of well-being and happiness.

Research done by UNC showed that 89,0% of western women (mainly U.S.) were dissatisfied with their bodies, and 84,1% of them wanted to be thinner. What’s more important is that that higher BMI (Body Mass Index) has a negative impact on subjective feelings of happiness.


Body image affects romantic relationships as well. Sabina Vatter, a researcher from the Tallinn University says that:

“When a woman is satisfied with her relationship, she is satisfied with her body weight. Higher body-weight satisfaction results in higher satisfaction with a relationship.”

I couldn’t find similar research results for men, but my guess is that they’re likely to be similar.


Dress-up and feel good about yourself


The right dress and grooming also play a huge role in how you think about yourself. Research conducted by Professor Karen Pine shows that your attire has a direct effect on your level of self-confidence.

Sometimes we should put into practice the legendary “Suit up!” quote by Barney Stinson (or at least don’t wear the same t-shirt for five days straight). There are a million of style guides and clothes stores, so there’s no excuse for looking sloppy.

Your body language is important as well, as it is always connected with some emotional state. Just straighten your back, keep your chin up, walk fast and with confidence, become more charismatic, and notice how your mood improves.


How to immediately put these ideas into action:


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