The Hallucinatory Experience – A Personal Account

hallucinatory state


What follows is a description of a magnificent hallucinatory experience that came upon me one day while I was laying in my bed. It stuck in my mind so strongly that I had to write it down. It was induced by cannabis consumption. You’ll find the full account below.


This is a part of the series on entheogens and the mind:

How can I describe this event?


It was strange, magnificent, and totally hallucinogenic. At first, I listened to the Cave Paintings by Robert Rich, and then to La Luna by Robert Rich and Steve Roach. Each song had a different effect, but the music was essential to the experience, as it dictated the tone of it. What follows is an unordered set of notes that correspond to my state of mind at the time.


The hallucinatory experience


I invoked the hallucinations. I asked them to come, and there they were.

I felt like I was 1000 km underground in an old cavern of inestimable depth. It was full of green lights and somehow inhabited.

Then I felt moving through the galaxy, and among the stars. I saw the Moon from so many different angles.

I saw paintings of such beauty, that they would shame everything I saw in the world’s best art galleries.

It turns out that you have to be “in-tune” with it. You have to be in the mindfulness mode of “just observing” to really witness the hallucinations. When you think about something, and follow the chain of thought, the hallucinations disappear.

It seems like the experience is somehow connected to “The Third Eye” which you can feel when you are in a highly meditative state.

I saw Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs whirling around like Dervishes. I also saw a gigantic Egyptian structure that looked like a temple or a tomb.

It seemed like I could control and push the experience into this or that direction. It also depends on the music (which can push you). But it responds best when your mind is uninterrupted.

I felt a strong wave and it somehow collapsed upon itself, and I felt almost like changing dimensions. My spatial perception was challenged – it showed me how space is pliable.

There was a lot of space, floating, lines, bugs, and flashy color motifs.

There seems to be a recurring theme of “the center” which sometimes you can see during the hallucination. It’s like a floating ball of energy – almost like Sauron’s Eye but it can appear in many different forms.

There also seem to be the motifs of Buddhism and many images of the Buddha. Sometimes even Jesus appears during the hallucination.


So maybe the hallucination itself is a mixture of your subconscious mind content which is released (in a way similar to hypnagogia), and the active compounds of Cannabis are helping with activating the visual cortex and then “the dreamworks” into the conscious experience.


There was also a lot about consciousness – there seem to be something like “going to the other side of the consciousness” but I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

And there was a grand dream of a machine that would be able to transpose these hallucinations into a visual experience for the human eye.

There were a lot of images of spacecrafts floating in outer space.

I asked “who are you”? And it answered in glossolalia that I couldn’t decipher. It even rhymed in some strange language.

I saw a samurai with his katana, practicing the art of Iaido.

I saw the grand waterfalls.

When you close your eyes you can see the brown surface of the eye-lids. The hallucination is sometimes “attached” to it, and it “surfs” on it.

The musical component is essential to the experience.

There was also a thought that we are all in a simulation, and that dying is somehow an end of your game. And then you are reborn into another body. And for a moment I felt the presence of someone from the past visiting me.

There was this huge tube made of some kind of energy, and it broke into two pillars.

There was a scene of a huge meteor hitting the earth and creating a monstrous blast wave. Then I saw a tremendous volcano exploding with huge energy and covering the skies with dust.

Is consciousness somehow a form of energy, that, when stimulated can respond to other forms of energy or other frequencies?

Maybe there is a different response when you’re on different brainwaves? Or after / before meditation?

There is no final conclusion here – more is to be explored.

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