Waves of Awareness – A Poem

waves high at the sea


I wrote this poem in a nice cafe in Barcelona, Spain. It was my second experience in free writing. I was listening to this Sarod track by Ali Akbar Khan. It was Raag Kafi Kanada.

And at some point, I just started writing. There was no plan. It was as if the music whispered it to me. The poem is mystical in nature and it’s inspired by my uncanny experiences of synchronicity and precognition.


Waves of Awareness


There is a need in me to become what I already am. This longing felt while daydreaming. This sensuous nostalgia when listening to a newly discovered piece of music. I listened to it before. And my memories of the past and the future meet in the present.

My daydreams are the longings for whatever happened already. It’s something that awaits fulfillment because I’ve been there before. This push for accomplishment is the voice whispering, nudging me to fulfill my destiny and improve upon it, and to step out of this world.

The curtain is lifted at times and then I see the future which later manifests itself in life. I see the Obelisk, and lo, there it is! I see and I attract, and I call it into existence.

These waters are floating in the present. My muse is singing to me the songs and the translation takes place. It was already here and now it comes into existence.

This sun rising above the towers I saw a million times. And when it brushes my face with its familiar warmth, it is always now. I smile at the world and it responds with a smile of time beyond time.

How often did rescue come to me when I was just about to fall? These precognitive perceptions flow in the mill of my dreams.

There are screams and shadows, demons, and ancient mistresses. There’s the Green Man, the Eye, and the Eternal Present. Sometimes holiness manifests itself when I am not there. Worlds await the fulfillment of this wish.

Oh, how blessed the existence! Knowing is there before the happens. Clapping is heard before the clapping. And then it unveils itself in a cosmic dance of glory and splendor that’s unrivaled!

And who is the seer and who is the one that the knowledge is presented to? There is just the awareness unbound and the suffering nullified.

Much to be said about this dance and sometimes it’s crackling and falling and there is nobody to occupy it. Swings of love and torments of separation are there. It itself is not of any substance.

It’s just flowing. Waves of awareness.

Rafal Reyzer

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