Hey There! I’m Rafal and I’ve built this blog for the adventurous writers, bloggers, freelancers, learners and side-hustlers


I have over ten years of experience working as a blogger, educator, digital marketer, freelancer, editor and content manager. I started RafalReyzer.com to provide you with great tools and strategies you can use to achieve freedom from 9-5 through online creativity.

My site is a one-stop-shop for writers, bloggers, publishers, content enthusiasts and freelancers who want to be independent, earn more money and create beautiful things.

“Live always at the ‘edge of the mystery’ – the boundary of the unknown.” – Oppenheimer

Now let me ask you: are you enjoying your day-to-day work?


Your 9-5 job sucks, and prevents you from spreading your creative wings? Maybe it doesn’t exactly suck, but you realized there’s something more to this life than going to office and paying your bills.

Do you long to travel, and want more flexibility in your work life? Is there something missing but you can quite put your finger on it?

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there.

As a searcher, maybe you tried a few money-making opportunities, but they didn’t work or provided you with just a bit of side cash. Perhaps you got interested in blogging, but you quickly grew overwhelmed and frustrated with all the options and gurus telling you to buy this or that. The process seemed awkward and technical, and you didn’t know where to focus attention. I know this. I’ve been there.

But what if I told you I found a straightforward way to grow a $1000 per month website within 12 months? Or how about earning \$500-\$1000 of repeatable income by freelance writing and editing, without spending 12h per day on it?

How would this change your financial situation?

Yes, it’s possible and you can do it. And yes, it will take some work on your part. I believe anyone can do it and it is now my mission to show you exactly how. No fluff – just actionable advice.

Now I earn a full time living as a location independent blogger and freelancer, but it’s been a long journey…


rafal reyzer

What’s my story and what’s in it for you?


I was always a dreamer, who preferred progress and opportunity instead of safety and comfort.

I’ve been fascinated by the idea that you can develop your skills and increase your earning ability. I remember when I first saw a book titled Maximum Achievement, in a local bookstore in a small town in Poland where I was growing up.

I peeked inside and saw things like, “you’ll always get out of life what you put in-and you control what you put in” or “stay with a single task until it’s completed and you’ll double your productivity.” As simple as these statements were, they blew my mind and opened new opportunities for me.

Do you mean that by following proven success rules, I can achieve what I want in life? Tell me more!

Along with the passion for self-improvement, I developed a deep interest in online marketing. It was a perfect match for my slightly introverted, book-loving personality. I thought:

“If I could make it online, somehow, wouldn’t that be amazing? It would give me freedom, flexibility, and time to make my dreams come true.”

I remember all these years ago walking around a lake with my dog on a warm summer afternoon wondering: “Is it possible to make money with writing? Is it possible for me?”

I decided that, indeed, it was possible, so I started my first website on a now long forgotten platform and failed miserably. Then I was running a WordPress blog for around two years. It attracted a few thousand visitors per month, but then I partially lost my interest and let the site slip into the abyss.

In the meantime, I started traveling the world without ever losing my interest in writing, reading, and learning about online money-making opportunities. I went to the US and worked on Liberty Island during a beautiful summer in NYC. I went on a student exchange and spent a few months in Istanbul, Turkey, before graduating from college with an MBA and a specialization in content marketing.

Next, I traveled to India and spent months working for a software company in Chandigarh. After coming back home, my desire for adventure grew more, so I went to Spain and worked as an English teacher and freelance writer in Madrid.

Later on, I moved to Barcelona and worked as a content manager for a digital agency, turning over 500+ SEO-optimized articles per month. My next stop was Brussels, Belgium, where I filled a role of a content strategist for a tech startup.

That’s where my life drastically changed as I got fired after a couple of months.

It was a painful, but it was also an opportunity in disguise. I decided that instead of looking for another job, I will start my own online business. It became my obsession, but I didn’t make much progress during the first few months. All these low paying freelance gigs and small affiliate marketing commissions just wouldn’t cut it.

But over the months, I realized that it’s possible to earn much more in a passive way. I started pumping out new content like crazy since I was at a point of no return.

I decided to master the blogging game, and learned about new tools and strategies that helped me skyrocket my income (and I still feel like I’m just warming up). This final push enabled me to earn more from my blog and freelancing than I ever made in a 9-5 job. Recently I’ve co-founded a Polish educational company called Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne to further foster my passion for learning and serving others.

Still, now I have more time and more freedom to enjoy my life. Since it’s been so gratifying for me, I want to share my best strategies with you, and help you become free through writing, blogging, and freelancing.

“Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth.” – Albert Camus

Useful life insights I’ve gathered over the years


1. The “you need a lot of money to travel” mantra is totally false – with the right attitude and preparation, you can go anywhere you want (unless you have major responsibilities at home, which is understandable).

2. Mainstream culture based on materialism is seductive, but you don’t have to follow it. You are essentially a free person. You can choose your own values, and write your own story. Stop being such an egoist, and give freely to others.

3. If you have an adventurous soul, you can go around the world and live life you never expected was possible. If you prefer stability, you can still do it on your own terms and make it so much more enjoyable.

4. You can earn a good living, and still have time to develop yourself spiritually, physically and intellectually.

5. There are states of consciousness reaching far beyond the ordinary experience (they’re easily available, yet most people never explore them).

6. You can progress towards your goals much faster if you focus on your strengths, and use the right mental and technological tools.

7. The great beauty can be found in seemingly ordinary moments of everyday life.

8. You can and in fact, you should help to save the Earth and preserve it for the future generations.

9. You can vastly improve your base level of happiness, intelligence, attitude, energy and health (by adopting a few good habits).

10. There are places and ideas in this world still waiting to be explored. There’s still much to be learned, and that makes life fascinating.

11. Being close to nature, unplugging and getting out of the city is one of the great pleasures of life.

12. No one ideology or religion can claim to have all the answers. It’s so much better to embrace an independent mindset and think for yourself.

13. Learning foreign languages and cultures is very rewarding, and it’s easier than you think.

14. Mindfulness meditation is one of the best techniques for improving your life.

If you share a passion for truth, beauty and freedom, you are in the right place. You’ll hear from me often as I travel around the world, explore new ideas and give you highly-actionable tips for becoming free, one word at a time.