A Guide to 3000+ Publishing Companies (Open to Submissions)

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Navigating the world of publishing can be daunting, but it’s about to get way easier for you. Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting, this comprehensive guide covers a broad spectrum of publishing companies. It’s actually the biggest and most updated database of this kind on the web! Explore by region, genre, or interest to find the perfect match for your manuscript.

Table of contents:

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The ultimate list of publishing companies:

Publishing companies by US state and region:

Dive into this comprehensive collection of publishers, meticulously sorted state-by-state, and discover local opportunities right in your backyard.

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Publishing companies by country:

Expand your horizons! Whether you’re a seasoned author or a debut novelist, this list will connect you with renowned publishing houses across the globe.

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Self-publishing companies:

Take control of your publishing journey. From personalized children’s books to self-help cookbooks, these companies offer tools and platforms for every independent author.

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Publishing companies by city (US):

From the heart of Texas to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, uncover city-specific publishers and their unique offerings.

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Publishing companies in cities outside the US:

Jet-set with your manuscript in hand! Discover publishing giants in some of the world’s most iconic cities.

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General publishing category:

Your one-stop hub for all things publishing. From children’s books to digital platforms, explore the vast landscape of the publishing world.

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Genre-specific publishing companies

Your one-stop hub for all things publishing. From children’s books to digital platforms, explore the vast landscape of the publishing world.

Fiction genres:

Immerse yourself in the world of fiction. Whether it’s the mystique of fantasy, the depth of literary works, or the thrills of horror, find a home for your narrative here.

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Comics and graphic novel publishers:

Illustrate your story. From comics to manga, connect with publishers that will bring your visual tales to life.

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Spiritual and religious publishers:

Enlighten and inspire. Share your spiritual insights, religious teachings, or personal faith journeys with a wider audience.

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Specialty formats:

Not just your traditional novels! Dive into specialty formats, whether it’s a young adult adventure or a beautifully designed coffee table book.

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Other specific genres:

For the niche storyteller. Discover publishers tailored to history buffs, business moguls, food enthusiasts, and more.

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Special interest publishers:

For the discerning author with a specialized focus. From the intricacies of genealogy to the vibrancy of board game publishers, find publishers that cater to your unique interests.

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Cultural and demographic publishing:

Celebrate diversity. Find publishing houses that amplify voices from various cultural, ethnic, and demographic backgrounds.

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Agency lists:

Connect with the gatekeepers of the literary world. These agencies can bridge the gap between you and your dream publisher.

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Money-making resources for writers:

It’s time to hone your craft, reach out to various companies and publications, and make some good money as a writer.

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From Manuscript to Bestseller: Checklists to Guide Your Publishing Success:

1. Book Publishing Process Checklist

Conceptualization & Writing:

Editing & Review:

Design & Formatting:

Publishing Options:


Final Steps (upon acceptance):

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2. Manuscript Preparation for Submission Checklist

Manuscript Basics:

Supporting Documents:

Submission Package:

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3. Post-Publishing Promotion Checklist

Launch Planning:

Online Presence:

Promotional Materials:

Reviews & Endorsements:

Ongoing Promotions:

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Next steps

Embarking on your publishing journey is a bold step, and I’m thrilled to be part of it. Use this guide to find your perfect publisher match and propel your manuscript into the spotlight. Remember, every bestseller began with a decision to share a story. It’s your turn now. Dive in, research well, and take confident strides toward your publishing dreams. Your readers await!