16 Best Book Publishers in Utah (A Guide With Links)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 11th, 2023

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From the traditional to the avant-garde, book publishers in Utah are making major contributions to modern literature.

Let’s explore the top names in Utah’s publishing industry, uncovering what makes them unique and essential to the broader literary landscape. Once you’ve savored the insights from this guide, embark on a journey through my vast collection of other literary establishments.

Here are the top book publishing companies in Utah:

1. University of Utah Press

University of Utah Press logo

The University of Utah Press, an agency of the J. Willard Marriott Library of The University of Utah, stands as the oldest press in Utah, founded in 1949. Upholding the mission of the university, the press actively publishes scholarly books in fields such as anthropology, archaeology, Mesoamerican studies, American-Indian studies, linguistics, and regional history. Each year, the Press produces between 25 and 30 titles, with more than 500 currently in print. Submission guidelines.

utah landscape

Did you know that Utah was the setting for parts of Zane Grey’s famous western novel, “Riders of the Purple Sage”? The state’s majestic landscapes have inspired countless literary works over the years.

2. Eschler Editing

Eschler Editing logo

Eschler Editing, founded by Angela Eschler, is a team of professionals offering comprehensive services for established and aspiring authors. The team’s diverse experience in writing, editing, design, and promotion guides writers from initial ideas through to publication. The firm’s emphasis on providing honest feedback and customized editing and publishing plans reflects its commitment to helping writers make a lasting impact, turning passionate ideas into powerful books. Submission guidelines.

3. Elite Online Publishing

Elite Online Publishing logo

Elite Online Publishing, founded by Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, is a publishing company committed to empowering authors to build their brand, business, and credibility through #1 bestselling books. By working with elite business leaders and offering high-touch and high-impact services, they guarantee a bestseller status, ensuring the value of authors’ perspectives and expertise. Elite Online Publishing accepts only inspirational, motivational, and educational stories from thought and industry leaders. They stand as a passionate partner for authors looking to grow their business with a book. Submission guidelines.

4. Izzard Ink Publishing

Izzard Ink Publishing logo

Izzard Ink Publishing is a revolutionary publishing company that collaborates with authors to achieve extraordinary results, having sold over 1.4 million books. Founded in 2011 and officially launched in 2013, Izzard Ink emphasizes exceptional quality and personalized client service, harnessing the expertise of top talents in the publishing world. They are also at the forefront of technological innovation, utilizing AI and machine learning to streamline the publishing process. Their authors have been featured on renowned platforms such as Fox News, C-Span’s Book TV, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Submission guidelines.

5. Gibbs Smith

Gibbs Smith logo

Gibbs Smith is a renowned publishing house founded in 1969 by Gibbs Smith and his wife, Catherine, following the success of Smith’s master’s thesis, which later turned into a Cannes Film Festival-winning movie. Originally known as Peregrine Publishers, the company started in Santa Barbara, California, before moving to Utah in 1973, where it converted a family barn into offices and focused on publishing textbooks such as “Utah’s Heritage.” Expanding into new subject categories, including home design, cooking, and books for children, the press underwent several name changes, eventually settling on Gibbs Smith in 2022. Over the years, they introduced various imprints and brands like BabyLit, LoveLit, and Spumoni, all with the shared goal to “Enrich and Inspire Humankind.” Submission guidelines.

6. Signature Books

Signature Books logo

Signature Books, founded in 1981, is a publishing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in the study of Mormonism and its intersection with American history. With a diverse repertoire of published titles, that includes biographies, documentary histories, personal essays, poetry, and more, Signature Books initially served as an outlet for Mormon history that was left unpublished by the LDS Church. They have expanded to represent some of the finest works in Utah literature and encourage submissions that align with its philosophy and editorial interests. Submission guidelines.

7. Cedar Fort Publishing and Media

Cedar Fort Publishing and Media logo

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, founded in 1986, is a multifaceted company known for its uplifting fiction and non-fiction books, with a diverse catalog of over 3,000 titles. Specializing in Latter-day Saint non-fiction, cookbooks, children’s fantasy, customizable books, and clean fiction that promotes literacy, Cedar Fort emphasizes the publication of works that inspire and edify readers. With ten distinct imprints, Cedar Fort’s commitment to quality and inspiration is reflected in every aspect of its products, reinforcing its mission to share life-enhancing knowledge and ideas in a professional, friendly, and efficient manner. Submission guidelines.

8. Family Heritage Publishers

Family Heritage Publishers logo

Family Heritage Publishers, based in Salt Lake City, UT, specializes in quality printing and binding services, offering personalized solutions to preserve family stories and create lasting legacies. With over 64 years of bindery experience, they adhere to library binding specifications and provide hardcover and paperback options with full-color “Graphic-Wrap” covers. Utilizing the latest generation digital printing presses, they offer color, black & white, or gray-scale printing, with flexible placement and separate pricing. Submission guidelines.

9. Firewire Publishing

Firewire Publishing logo

Firewire Publishing is a family-owned full-service self-publishing studio specializing in assisting business professionals in publishing their books. Started by Morgan Crockett in 2015, Firewire has become a go-to resource for authors seeking to grow their business revenue, solidify thought leadership, and increase global impact. Recognizing a gap in the market between low-quality self-publishing services and traditional publishing routes, Crockett created Firewire to offer authors access to high-quality design, editing, and publishing talent without sacrificing creative control or entering long-term royalty commitments. Submission guidelines.

10. Future House Publishing

Future House Publishing logo

Future House Publishing is a publisher with a focus on genres including young adult, science fiction, fantasy, and middle-grade adventure novels. Rooted in cinematic storytelling, Future House emphasizes themes of community, liberty, and family. Committed to maintaining family-friendly content standards, the publisher strictly avoids excessive profanity, sexual content, or graphic violence. Future House seeks manuscripts that challenge readers with innovative ideas and is particularly interested in series with three or more books. The publisher’s mission is to discover authors with a vision for series that resonate with their core values, aiming to turn them into literary rock stars and astronauts across imaginative realms. Submission guidelines.

11. Idea Creations Press

Idea Creations Press logo

Idea Creations Press is a publishing services company that empowers authors by prioritizing their control and creativity in the publishing process. Utilizing Print on Demand (POD) technology, authors retain the rights to their work and can actively engage in design, pricing, and marketing. With services ranging from ghostwriting to editing, and a philosophy rooted in choice and author satisfaction, Idea Creations Press transforms authors’ ideas into tangible creations, ensuring they are more in control of the end product than the publisher. This personalized and author-centered approach sets them apart as a writer’s dream publisher, combining technical expertise with a deeply personal touch. Submission guidelines.

12. Torrey House Press

Torrey House Press logo

Torrey House Press is Intermountain West’s only nonprofit environmental book publisher, focusing on literary arts and environmental advocacy. With a mission to explore human experiences and relationships with place, they inspire conversations and action toward a just world. The press emphasizes changing lives through literary fiction, actively seeking diverse voices that engage deeply with issues concerning landscape, literature, and the future of the planet. They stand with marginalized communities and are committed to expanding and challenging dialogues on environmental and social justice. Submission guidelines.

13. Jackman Music

Jackman Music logo

Jackman Music, founded in 1975 and based in Bountiful, Utah, is renowned for publishing and printing sacred, uplifting, and inspiring sheet music. With over 1,800 titles spanning choir, vocal, organ, piano, oratorio, and instrumental, they have become the largest music publisher in the Mountain West and the leading publisher for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They distribute royalties, including mechanical, electronic, and synchronization, and maintain the copyright to ensure composers benefit from their creativity. Submission guidelines.

14. WiDō Publishing

WiDō Publishing logo

WiDō Publishing is a small press that emphasizes quality and authenticity in its mission to publish books that are readable, entertaining, uplifting, and thought-provoking without conforming to formulas or superficiality. With a commitment to telling “a darn good story,” WiDō offers a diverse catalog that steers clear of being preachy or obtuse. Though they have halted direct sales through their website due to shipping cost changes, their titles are available through local bookstores and Amazon.com, reflecting their dedication to accessible and meaningful literature. Submission guidelines.

15. Shadow Mountain Publishing

Shadow Mountain Publishing logo

Shadow Mountain Publishing is a general trade publisher that specializes in both fiction and non-fiction. Known for being the publisher of the New York Times bestselling series “Fablehaven” and its sequel series “Dragonwatch” by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain also offers historical fiction and a line of sweet romances under its Proper Romance® brand, as well as popular cookbooks and historical works such as “7 Tipping Points that Saved the World.” Their fiction collection includes the well-received “Christmas Jars” by Jason F. Wright, now adapted into a major motion picture, and the award-winning “The Rent Collector” by Camron Wright. Submission guidelines.

16. Deseret Book Company

Deseret Book Company logo

Deseret Book Company is a respected publisher and retailer aligned with the values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Besides books, they release other products that inspire, uplift, and educate readers, including e-books, audiobooks, and a variety of other related content. The quality books they publish must meet high standards of quality, originality, and appropriateness, reflecting the principles of their faith. They also operate LDS Living Magazine, Shadow Mountain Records, and Excel Entertainment, reflecting a multifaceted approach to engaging and uplifting their community. Submission guidelines.


Utah’s publishing landscape is a dynamic fusion of traditional values and contemporary creativity. The state is also home to a thriving speculative fiction community, hosting renowned authors and specialized events. Beyond book publishing, Utah’s media spectrum is enriched by diverse outlets like Slug Magazine, a cutting-edge music and lifestyle publication, and Transcript Bulletin Publishing, which provides community-focused news and content. Together, these publishers demonstrate the richness and diversity of Utah’s literary scene, weaving a tapestry that connects faith, art, fantasy, and local flavor. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on book publishing companies in Colorado.

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