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grammarly vs ginger logos - featured image
Grammarly vs. Ginger – (Which One is Best?)

Which grammar checker is best – Grammarly vs. Ginger? In this article, you will find a comparison between the top features of both apps and how to use them.

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8 Best Laptop Safes For Dorm Rooms ($)

Are you looking for a high-quality laptop safe for your college dorm room? In this article, you’ll find a list of top models that will keep your electronics secure.

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audible review - featured image
Audible Review – A 17-Month Epic Audiobook Journey

I’ve been using Audible for almost two years. In this review, I share my experience with the app as I listened to 17+ exciting audiobooks that improved my skills.

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a list of short and pretty words in English - featured image
200 Short Pretty Words in English (+ Cool Definitions)

Are you looking for an extensive list of some of the prettiest short words in the English language? Here you’ll find snappy lexical goodies impossible to ignore.

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Quick Editing Checklist – 19 Items To Check (+PDF)

Are you looking for an advanced editing checklist you can use for web articles, essays, and book manuscripts? Find it here, along with a handy downloadable PDF.

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dorm room and a lock - featured image
8 Best Lock Boxes For College Dorm Rooms

Are you looking for something that will keep your dorm room belongings secure? In this review you will find top lock boxes, you can use to stash your valuables.

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