Writer’s Block: Top 6 Ways To Overcome It

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Mar 25th, 2024

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One of the things that you will often face as a writer is writer’s block. It is a mental barrier that occurs to writers when they are looking for inspiration or have been writing for a long time. Eventually, it limits their ability to write and create sentences to complete the essay on time.

Furthermore, it leaves oblivion, thinking about what to do next and where to go. It keeps them perplexed, blurs their thoughts, and discourages their writing skills. In addition, it will increase the procrastination rate and delay your completion of projects and essays. Therefore, to protect you from writer’s block, we will give you tips to overcome it and become a better writer. This will help you write better and complete your assignment on time.

Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

Often, when you sit in front of the computer, you may go blank and think about new ideas that come into your mind. That way, it can restrict your way of writing and wait for something inspiration to hit you. Hence, it will prompt you to write to you.

Before you wait for the change in time, here are a few tips to overcome writer’s block and complete the essay quickly, as stated by Ivory Research

Writing in a cozy environment

Tip 1: Declutter Your Writing Space

One of the first things that you can do is declutter your workspace properly. When you start writing an essay, your table gets filled with unnecessary things, especially sticky notes, chips, and so on. Therefore, you can declutter your writing space and clean it properly. This will enable you to think properly and then act accordingly.

Hygiene and productivity are synonymous with each other. When you have a clean space, you will get to see clear thoughts and brilliant encouragement to write an essay. Furthermore, you should create suitable surroundings with the right noise and light. This enables you to write faster and better.

Tip 2: Use The Pomodoro Technique

Another way to improve your productivity is to use the Pomodoro technique. It will keep you on your toes and enable you to complete the tasks within a given time. That’s why, with the help of technique, you can set the timer against each task. For example, if you are writing an introduction, you can set the timer for 30 minutes, within which your brain will work faster to complete it.

Consequently, you will see a great productivity improvement, and you won’t face any lag in the process. Hence, you can break down the whole project into allocated time. It will help you to think and act faster to complete your writing ability. So, use the Pomodoro technique made by Francesco Cirillo. This will enable you to overcome your writer’s block within 25 minutes.

Tip 3: Read A Lot

For any writer, reading is an instrumental task. It gives them new ideas and inspiration to write more. When you are in a blurry situation and unable to create new ideas, you can read novels and other writing books. This will help you to think better and break your writer’s block with new motivation to write more.

Therefore, you can choose the novels of Camus, Dostoevsky, Hemingway, and the fiction writing of Tolkien. They are a hub for creating new ideas, which will help to write better and find clarity in completing the essay. In addition, you can write short essays, which will inspire you to write more like your favorite writers.

imagining ideas while writing

Tip 4: Create A Proper Routine

Another thing that you can do is build a proper routine, which will help you to fixate timings where and when you write your essay properly. Therefore, you build a whole routine from morning to night. This will enable you to write your essay properly. You will dictate your life with proper discipline, and you can think and act properly.

In addition, the writer’s block idea will evaporate from your mind. That way, these rituals will encourage you to write on time and complete your assignment properly. It may seem brutal, but these rituals will force you to write and submit your essay on time. Consequently, you can benefit from your writing skills and increase your writing capability.

Tip 5: Write A Quick Prompt

When you face writer’s block, you have to find ways to write better-quality essays. Furthermore, you have to figure out the ways of mental blockade and clear your barrier. That way, you can write a quick prompt on any topic. Even though it’s a minimal effort, you must write a few quick lines.

This will help you think better and create a better ecosystem to complete the essay. In addition, you can remove all the issues of mental barriers and write a better essay. Lastly, you can formulate better ideas to write long paragraphs. So, write a quick prompt and then look to explain in the paper.

writing on the go

Tip 6: Take Breaks

Lastly, you need to prioritize taking breaks regularly. This will ensure that you can clear your mind. Taking breaks can refresh your mind and enable you to think again. For this, you can play sports with your family and friends, which is a great way to clear your mind. Also, you can play video games, which will further help refresh your mind and make you think better.

Additionally, you will be able to write better and find new ideas to put into the paper. Hence, you will see there is no mental blockade in your writing, and you will be able to complete your assignment on time.

The Bottom Line

In the end, you can take the tips from above, which will help you to remove the mental blockade from your mind. That way, you can complete your essay on time, and become a terrific essayist.


Here are a few frequently asked questions –

What is the main cause of writer’s block?

Depression and lack of motivation can be reasons for writer’s block.

Is writer’s block a disease?

It is a non-diagnosable disease that happens to writers sometimes.

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