How To Get into Freelance Writing (In 10 Easy Steps)

getting into freelance writing


Freelance writing is one of the few career choices today where you can set your own goals and working hours.

Many people think that freelancing is not a viable full-time career.

But statistics show that millions of people around the world today make a living solely through freelance work. And a good percentage of them are writers.

Are you thinking about how to get into freelance writing?

Maybe except for financial gains, you’re motivated by a desire to have more time with your family and leisurely pursuits like traveling.

I applaud you. Let’s explore various ways in which you can start your journey as a freelance writer.


Advantages of being a freelance writer:


freelance writer working in the park

One of the advantages of being a freelance writer is the ability to work anytime and anywhere.


A freelance writer creates mostly text-based content, such as articles, blogs, e-books, marketing communications, and more for clients or his or her own venture.

Some of the advantages of being a freelance writer are:


Now, without further delay, let’s get to the main section of our discussion.


How to Get into Freelance Writing


Here are 10 practical tips or steps to spearhead your career as a freelance writer:


1. Write sample articles


typing sample articles at a cafe

Use every spare time you get to write samples. During your lunch or coffee break, while on a long commute, or just anytime you can afford to sit down and type or scribble.


Writing sample articles should be the first step you take to jumpstart your freelance writing career.

This exercise will not only sharpen your writing abilities but will challenge and train you to cover a wide assortment of topics. These samples will not go to waste as you can add them to your portfolio.

An ever-growing portfolio is not only useful for pitching your content to potential clients, but it could also help you land freelancing jobs.


2. Hone your writing skills


One of your first orders of business to become a good freelance writer is to sharpen your writing skills and abilities.

Whether you are just writing samples to build your portfolio or are serving a client’s requirements, good writing is essential in all of them.

Besides eliminating grammatical errors and simplifying composition, your focus should be on writing content that is understandable to everybody.

Writing short, easy-to-read sentences in small paragraphs enables skimming, which could seal the deal. Simple, everyday words are always preferable to words that would make your readers scamper to grab a dictionary.


3. Discover your writing niche


You may be comfortable writing on various topics, but it is equally important finding your writing niche.

This means having a certain domain of expertise. Would you like to be a travel writer? A food critic? A product reviewer? Or perhaps an authority on professional or collegiate sports?

You may write content outside your comfort zone, but you should always stay true to your niche. Say you are a travel and lifestyle writer. You can write about sports and relate it to your niche like reporting a game you watched while visiting another city.

As a freelancer, you have the option to write under your name or as a ghostwriter under a blogging company.


4. Create a blog


writing a blog post

Having a blog will not only give you a platform to polish your writing skills but also improve your communication skills with a wide audience.


Creating a blog is a great way to kick-start your freelance writing career.

Writing articles and posting them on your blog will help you get the opinion of your audience. The more followers you get, the easier it is to get an idea about the quality of your content. Having a lot of followers can also prompt you to monetize your blog.

Starting a website is easier now with open source CMS platforms like WordPress. Everything is almost just drag-and-drop, no coding is needed.


5. Create your portfolio


Every freelance writer must have an impressive portfolio, or at least, a decent one, to enhance their chances of getting hired.

A portfolio features the various types and topics you wrote in the past and your previous work experience if any.

Although it is unnecessary to have prior experience, as the article suggests, a career in freelance writing is a continuous process. You keep moving forward and developing your skills.


6. Cold pitching


With a blog and/or respectable portfolio in place, it is time to pitch your work to potential clients who can hire you for assignments.

Many companies and independent institutions may look for freelance writers and invite them to apply. However, sometimes you need to knock on their doors literally or figuratively, even without an invitation. This method is called ‘cold pitching’.

It can help increase your chances of getting hired by individuals or organizations that need freelance writers.


7. Networking


Freelance writing is getting competitive quite fast, so you need to stay ahead of others.

Did you know that a recent survey reveals that over 80% of jobs get filled with networking?

Connecting with other freelance writers not only helps you keep track of what they are up to, but it will also help you get a better view of the contemporary freelance writing scene.

A good network will help you get more recommendations and referrals. This could eventually help you get the clients you’ve been dreaming of.


8. Familiarize Yourself with SEO


You wouldn’t want your competitors’ content to appear at the top of a search list, while yours didn’t.  

As a freelancer, you must be familiar with SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps your content reach the top spot of the search engine results page (SERP).

This will aid you in getting noticed by others, including potential clients. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a call from them for content.


9. Capitalize on the power of social media


power of social media

In case you haven’t realized it yet, social media platforms are like multiple free channels for promoting yourself and the work you do.


As a freelancer, getting as much exposure as possible should be one of your goals.

Promoting yourself on social media and other platforms where people notice your skills and professionalism will help grow your reputation as a freelance writer exponentially.

You can post parts of your work and link them to your profile or website for the full article.


10. Hard work


No career lasts long without hard work and persistence.

Many freelancers start their careers with a vision of having their own company in the future. If you have the same mindset, then you’re on the right path.

Work for that day where you can pat yourself on the back and think you have made it this far. Freelance writing is a work in progress. Don’t stop getting better at what you do.


Final words


The steps above suffice the need of knowing how to get into freelance writing.

Now, you just have to follow them to take your freelancing career to new heights.

The key is to begin early and be persistent in your journey as a freelance writer.

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