10 Best Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs For Teens

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Flipping burgers and delivering pizza are not the only options for teens who want to earn some pocket money.

The rise of freelancing completely changed the job market, and there are tons of freelance writing jobs available all over the online space. In short, everyone can land a job that matches their talents, teens included.

Even though most writing jobs online are intended for adults, there are plenty of options for those under 20. Believe me, there are tons of freelance writing jobs for teens online wherein you can earn some cash, and gain experience in a lucrative field that can lead to further career opportunities.

After all, there are over 50 writing job marketplaces available online, along with many individual sites that need young creative writers.


Tips For Teens Who Want To Dive Into Freelance Writing


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1. Keep Your Parents Informed


The internet is an amazing place with many work opportunities, but there are plenty of dangers lurking in the online space as well.

First off, some job listings posted online are downright scams. Eventually, somebody will likely try to cheat you so stay on alert. This can be relatively harmless, like not getting paid for submitted work, or it can be a serious crime like identity theft.

Your parents can help you and protect you if things go awry, or help you figure out if an opportunity is legit or not – and that’s why it’s great to keep them posted on your job hunt.

Your old folks can even help you write your cover letters and pitches. And if you’re worried about how they’ll react when you tell them you’re looking for writing gigs online, you probably have nothing to worry about: chances are that they’ll appreciate your initiative and entrepreneurship.


2. Disclose Your Age to Potential Employers


No matter how well you write, you won’t land some of the jobs because of your young age. That sucks, but there’s a good reason behind that.

Many companies aren’t legally allowed to pay minors for services and could suffer serious repercussions if they do. But don’t worry – there’s a whole world of opportunities for young, aspiring writers out there, and as long as you have some good writing samples or your own blog, and you know how to write a cover letter, you’re on your way to success.


3. Open a PayPal Account


Whatever site you choose to work on, you’ll need a way to withdraw the cash you earn. PayPal is a freelancer’s favorite because it provides a convenient way to get paid and collect money from various sources.

If you’re under 18 years old, you need to ask your parent or guardian to act as the primary account holder. Another option that you might consider is Payoneer or your regular online bank account, but these are less popular because most employers don’t want to bother with wire transfers.


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4. Ask Your Employers For Feedback


Landing writing gigs online is not as easy as it sounds when you’re just starting out.

But don’t get discouraged – if you don’t get hired within the first couple of weeks – that’s normal. Call it a test of perseverance rather than wallowing in despair.

Focus on getting your first gig, and once you do a good job, you can ask your employer to leave a review for you. This will show other employers that you’re trustworthy and reliable, making them more likely to hire you.

I’m hiring many writers on the regular, and if I see they have good reviews from previous employers, their chances of getting hired increase by a lot.

With excellent performance reviews and testimonials, it’ll get easier to get hired, and you can also raise your prices little by little. Now let’s take a look at where exactly should you start searching for your first gig.


10 Best Sites With Freelance Writing Jobs For Teens


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Don’t ever give up on your dream of becoming a writer. Perseverance is key.


1. Freelancer.com


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You can begin your freelance writing career on this popular platform when you’re 16 years old.

The Freelancer site lets you showcase your writing samples in a portfolio connected to your profile. Once you build a profile with enough good samples and an introduction that stands out, you can start applying for work that fits your skills.

On Freelancer, you can choose between projects and contests. Projects follow a more or less regular job application system, while contests have freelancers posting solutions they already made, letting the employer choose the one they like best.


2. Fiverr


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Fiverr is one of the best options for young teenagers, because they let anyone over 13 years old create a profile on the platform.

This website is unlike other freelancing platforms because it doesn’t have a board with job opportunities for members to apply to.

Instead, you can create service packages called gigs to showcase what you can do, how much you charge, and how much bang for their buck the employer gets when they choose you. Employers on Fiverr browse posted gigs, looking for the right freelancer for them.

]You can share your gigs on social networks to help your profile gain some traction and raise your prices once you have a few projects (and positive reviews) under your belt.


3. Craigslist


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There’s no minimum age required to use Craigslist, one of the best-known classified ad sites in the world.

Craigslist is truly huge and its crude design can make the site seem intimidating, especially when you’re new to the art of the job hunt. However, it’s a goldmine for all freelance writers who are looking for work either in their area or remote.

Keep in mind that jobs posted on this ad board are not associated with Craigslist, so there’s virtually no protection against scams. Use common sense when sharing your personal information,  read about using Craigslist, and learn how to recognize scam postings here.


4. Medium


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Medium lets you publish original articles on its hugely popular blogger platform. Anybody can create an account and share their writing, as long as they’re 13 or older.

With high-quality content and eloquence, your work can quickly gain traction among the platform’s versatile audience base. You can use Medium as a creative space for your writing, get in touch with popular publishers, and even join their Partner Program to earn extra income.


5. Hubpages


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If you’re looking for a platform to get your voice heard, Hubpages is a good place to go.

Teens under 18 can publish their work on the website with parental consent.

This versatile blogging platform uses many article categories to attract a broad audience. From the first glance, it’s clear that you can find almost anything on the site: tips for pet owners, health advice, holiday and gift-giving season ideas, recipes, sports strategy, travel blogs, craft tutorials, video game reviews, car fixes, and so much more.

If you have special skills or knowledge, or just want to share something with the world, Hubpages is a platform that can help you reach your audience.

All you need to do to earn from Hubpages is consistently publish content people want to read and sign up for the site’s monetization program.


6. UpWork


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If you’re 18 years old, you can join one of the biggest freelance gig hubs in the world – UpWork. This platform lets freelancers apply for all sorts of long and short-term projects.

Before you can start bidding for writing jobs on Upwork, create a profile that shows off your skills. To make your freelancer profile more attractive, upload writing samples, and create a compelling introduction. You’ll quickly boost the persuasiveness of your writing since applying to gigs takes some work as well.

Landing jobs on UpWork (and most similar platforms) gets easier when you get feedback and reviews from employers: you can also charge more when you have a few happy clients under your belt.


7. ContentGather


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If you have many ideas for blog posts that can attract visitors, but you’re not sure how to earn money from your work, consider selling your original articles on a marketplace like ContentGather. Teens over 16 years old can become members and sell their writing on ContentGather.

This site lets you upload original writing to their marketplace and choose the rate per word you want to sell the article for. Businesses and sites that need content can browse the articles offered and sorted by category, and purchase content they want to publish on their platforms, or even order custom jobs for writers to make.


8. Reddit


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Reddit is an enormous social network with users from all nooks and crannies of the world, and a subreddit devoted to pretty much anything you can think of.

You can join Reddit if you’re 13 or older, but since the website isn’t responsible for the job postings, you will need to filter jobs that accept underage freelancers from those that don’t. Additionally, Reddit can’t ensure that the job offers posted are legitimate, but you can find some splendid opportunities there for sure.

This enormous network contains many short-term writing gigs for job-seeking teens. One of the places you can look at is subreddit r/forhire, which lets you browse ads from employers or make a post where you offer your services. You can do the same on the writing-specific r/hireawriter.


9. Slice the Pie




If you love music, and like sharing your opinion on your favorite tracks with the world, Slice the Pie is a place for you.

This website gives you a bit of money for every song you listen to, rate, and review. Over time, you can accumulate a nice amount of cash, and pick up some new music to add to your playlist as well.

Slice the Pie doesn’t pay a lot, but you can earn some pocket money by doing something you like. The rate per review differs between music categories, and it depends on the quality of your review and your rating. You can also get a nice bonus if you get your friends to join as well.


10. Start Your Own Blog


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If you want full autonomy and to reap all the benefits of the content that you create, it’s a good idea to start your own blog.

While this is not a simple task to do and it takes a lot of work upfront, it’s definitely worth it. If you create interesting content that people want to read, you can monetize your blog. In the beginning, you won’t earn much from your efforts, but you’ll start getting more money over time as your blog and audience grow.

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