12 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches (In 2024)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Jan 23rd, 2024

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Experienced writers always urge their rookie peers to specialize and for a good reason. Getting your niche game on always results in better job opportunities.

Once you own your writing niche, you can build authority as an expert in your field and earn more regularly. First, let’s discuss writing niches and then jump on to the twelve most profitable freelance writing niches to get into this year.

What is a Writing Niche?

In simplest terms, a niche is a field of specialization to which you devote your brain and energy. There are two ways to narrow down the pool of jobs you want to take on as a writer. One is by choosing a writing format (like press releases, technical writing, blog posts, etc.), and the other is by a professional specialization (food & drink, travel, Amazon listing writing, and so on).

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12 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches:

1. Finance

Almost 70% of adults use banking services worldwide. Finance is one of the main pillars of our civilization, and that’s exactly why there’s rarely ever been a shortage of work in this field, even during financial crises. This vast field encompasses a lot of topics for writers to focus on. Writers who fare well in the complex worlds of accounting, stocks, investing, and entrepreneurship can find high-paying jobs with ease. If you prefer a less formal writing style, personal budgeting, couponing, saving money, paying off debt, and home-owning might be neat topics where you can draw from your own experiences as well as research.

2. Cryptocurrency and FinTech

These two niches are a crossover between finance and technology and offer great opportunities for those with either relevant knowledge or strong research skills. Bitcoin may not be hitting headlines anymore, but the cryptocurrency niche is as alive and lucrative as ever. There are hundreds of well-paid jobs out there that focus on blockchain technology, crypto mining, credits, investing, and so on. With the quick rise of powerful and reliable technology, thousands of FinTech companies out there are developing financing software. Appreciating the high responsibility that comes with providing financial services, these companies are ready to pay the big bucks for well-made copy and content.

3. Real Estate

Companies and agencies in this highly competitive field are always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition. That’s why they’re on the lookout for talented writers who will make their offerings stand out from the crowd. Writers who work in the real estate niche usually write content like blog posts, website copy, and landing pages, but the job can also include description writing for listings or promotional emails.

4. Digital Marketing

An online presence is a must for most modern-day companies that want to succeed with younger generations. That’s exactly why companies want to invest in professionals who know how to navigate and stand out in the digital landscape. Perhaps you prefer the hands-down approach and want to create unique digital marketing strategies for brands including their website, email marketing, social media presence, and so much more. But working in digital marketing doesn’t stop there – you can also write for portals that publish handy tips and rundowns for digital marketers.

5. Technology

Technology is developing faster by the day, and that’s why there’s always a demand for writers in this niche. Writing about technology can encompass various topics, so writers in the tech niche tend to specialize in a particular type of product. These can include anything from computers, appliances, smartphones and tablets, applications and software, video games, internet trends, and even accessories.

6. Ghostwriting

If you’re fine with not being credited for your writing, ghostwriting might be the perfect opportunity for you. Ghostwriters are in high demand and the job pays well because not many writers like their work published under someone else’s byline or name. Ghostwriters may write anything from simple blog posts to extensive projects like book series. The most important challenge of the job is capturing the tone of voice and the message of your client.

7. Sales Funnel Copywriting

No business can survive if they don’t sell its product. That’s why all companies need a persuasive copy that takes the customer through the sales funnel to a purchase. Sales funnel copywriters focus on creating convincing text for websites, social media, and direct marketing. It takes experience and the ability to research the target audience, but it’s worth it since this is one of the most profitable niches to work in.

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8. Health and Wellness

This is a packed topic that includes a vast array of different sub-niches, and that’s why it’s both very alluring for young writers and quite profitable as well. The topics in the health and wellness category range from diet and nutrition, children and senior care, health issues, and diseases, to psychological health.

9. Fitness and Sports

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym rat, a lover of the great outdoors, or you used to be the best quarterback at your school. If you love to be physically active or enjoy watching sports, there’s a niche for you. Being healthy is a top priority for millions of people around the world. In fitness and sports, you can focus on exercise instruction and planning, nutrition, building mass or losing weight, or even making recommendations for gear and venues in your town. Also, if you’re a sports fan, there’s an enormous world of sports news, interviews, analysis, and discussions out there waiting for you.

10. White Papers

In business (especially in tech), white papers are considered an essential part of the company’s presentation. That’s especially true for start-ups that frequently use their white papers as an introduction to investors. This type of writing needs to be meticulous and concise. That’s why white paper writers should be detail-oriented and have a deep understanding of the topic at hand. These jobs are highly paid for that very reason.

11. Press Release

Both news channels and companies frequently use the press release format because it’s so convenient. That’s why there’s no shortage of press release writing jobs out there – almost every company out there needs one every once in a while. If you’re drawn to the journalistic writing style, this might be a great niche for you to dive into.

12. Travel

The usually bustling international tourist spots have been virtually empty for the past couple of years because of the pandemic. But not all is bleak in the travel niche – on the contrary, local tourism is booming worldwide. Even international travel has rebounded in 2022 as countries eased restrictions and protocols. This niche is ideal for those who love to travel and be on the move. You can write about anything from tips for packing a suitcase, city, and tourist spot guides, restaurant and hotel reviews, airport tricks and so much more. You can also write pieces describing particular tourist destinations and talk about the places to explore, food to try, activities to pursue, history to discover, and stuff to buy in the area. Do you know of any other niches worth getting into? Leave a comment below!

Do You Even Need to Niche Down?

Newbie freelance writers usually start by doing odd jobs from various websites, and that’s completely okay! However, very few employers are offering good rates to a factotum. Instead, brands typically look for well-equipped writers with experience in relevant topics. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no leeway once you find your niche. You can, for example, build a portfolio that focuses on fitness, but encompasses many sub-topics like gym programs, fitness gear, interviews with famous athletes, and even diet tips and tricks. Once you start actively working on projects in your niche, you’ll quickly pick up and even master the topics you chose. You won’t only learn the ins and outs of the products within the niche, but also learn how to communicate with a relevant target audience. Ultimately, choosing a niche will cut down the time you spend on research, making you a more productive writer. Time is money, so this can make you an attractive candidate for higher-paying positions. As you build your reputation as an expert, brands will start seeking you out rather than vice versa.

How To Choose a Profitable Writing Niche?

You should consider two important factors when choosing the niche you want to specialize in as a writer: the opportunities in the field and your likes and dislikes. There are always more or less profitable fields to work in. Some stay on top all the time – like the timeless finance niche, but the popularity of others varies based on market trends. For example, the travel niche went from one of the most lucrative to just relatively well-paid because of the pandemic. The pandemic also caused nutrition supplements and health niches to skyrocket as people pay more attention to their physical well-being. It’s impossible to predict what will pay well 10 years down the line (will human writers even exist then?). That’s exactly why you should first and foremost choose a niche you enjoy working in. You may earn a bit less writing in the arts-and-crafts niche compared to real estate. But if that’s what you’re drawn to, the joy of working in your beloved field will make up for it. And besides, if you’re devoted to growing your business, you can build your brand and eventually reach the same high rates even in less profitable niches. If you already have experience studying or working in a certain profession, you can find great writing opportunities within it. For example, many law and healthcare-based employers prefer, and even require, relevant experience in the field. Technology, art, fitness, mechanics, and many more are no different.

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