5 Tips For Choosing The Best Profession For You

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 29th, 2023

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If you’re a student, the possibilities are endless for you.

There are so many exciting fields and huge achievements to get into, that you ought to brim with joy and excitement about the future. As it often happens, we busy ourselves with day-to-day and allow the mundane to impede the development of a grand vision for the future. But it’s never too late to figure out who you want to be when you grow up. Below, you’ll find some great tips for self-evaluation and planning your best future. Let’s start.

Permit yourself to dream!

People used to choose a profession based on their idealistic ideas about tomorrow: to become a scientist, conquer space, build houses, etc. Students who didn’t excel in the exact sciences and artistic creativity could always study at a technical or vocational school, and get a specialized occupation and a decent wage. In today’s world, people choose a profession, thinking primarily about finances. Workers who are coming up in the game look for the most lucrative and in-demand professions. Because of such changes, there are fewer and fewer specialists in science, engineering, and other fields. But we should not forget that money is only one aspect of a good life. If you only choose a job based on financial criteria, you won’t be able to hold on to it for long. Hence, these stories of how a person with an education and a steady paycheck became a singer, dancer, etc. So how do you choose your future profession? Don’t just think about the money. Allow yourself to work where your soul is, where you are interested.

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Make your own choice

Children become pianists and ballerinas, often not because they have the talent and a strong desire to do it, but only because this is the parent’s dream profession. And then talented singers work in pharmacies and stores, genius doctors who instead of saving lives save our pipes from clogs. In this situation, everyone loses parents and children alike. So, you must choose your own study and career path. Go where your intuition leads you. Take time for self-reflection and essay writing and focus only on what’s most important. For example, if your parents want you to be a great lawyer but you want to paint, maybe you should use history homework help and pay more attention to things you like. The same goes for people who choose a job by giving in to fashion trends. Something is trendy today, and tomorrow it’s not. So choose your path wisely.

Never put it off

Thinking about what you would like to be in the future is never too early. During the childhood years, dreams and preferences can change many times, but the fact that a child thinks about it – is already good. Usually, students start pondering their future occupations in middle school. This is the best time to lay the foundation for further study. For example, if a girl is thinking about what profession to choose and stops at the specialty “fashion designer,” it is better to go to a sewing circle than on the vocal. After all, the additional knowledge and skills gained now, very much help her in the future.

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Do not chase prestige

Try not to divide the profession between the prestigious and not. After all, it is always better to be a master of his craft than a proficient one. A good mechanic with “golden hands” is better than a bad programmer or teacher. Failed to enter a prestigious university? Do not get upset and remember what you do with great pleasure. Maybe baking cakes? Then get to work, go to college as a pastry chef, and move toward your dreams.

And one more way to make a choice

If you’re at a crossroads, simulate in your head the following situation. You need to buy a product in the store but do not know exactly what. You do not know whether it is in the range and how much it costs, you know only that your life depends on it. Do you agree the situation is exciting? Let’s imagine a similar situation with the choice of profession. The price of the commodity is your capabilities. And the assortment of the store is the multitude of existing professions. Then it turns out that to choose a profession you must first study the whole “assortment” of the presented “goods”, then look at the ratio of “goods” and “price” (i.e. profession and your capabilities) and choose the option that best suits you. Take the right approach to choose a profession thoroughly, understand your abilities, and remember your dreams, and you will succeed!

Bonus: Top 10 professions that will be in demand soon:

  • Engineers, designers of structures and communications, as well as all kinds of technical devices.
  • Scientists (especially biotechnologists, and genetic engineers).
  • Software developers, software engineers.
  • Designers, web designers.
  • Psychologists and psychotherapists.
  • Analysts (systems analyst, business analyst, etc.).
  • Marketers, advertising, PR, and sales professionals.
  • AI and machine learning developers
  • Videographers and filmmakers
  • VR / AR fields

I hope this article was valuable in teaching you a thing or two about choosing a great profession. Next up, you may want to explore life hacks for students choosing their careers.

Rafal Reyzer

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