What Is The Praxis II Exam And How To Prepare For It? 

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: May 8th, 2024

What Is The Praxis II Exam And How To Prepare For It?  - featured image

Are you getting ready to jump into the teaching pool and wondering what hurdles lay in your path? Well, one significant milestone is the Praxis II exam.

This test is an absolute necessity for aspiring educators across many states. It evaluates your subject matter knowledge and teaching competencies and serves as a gatekeeper to your dream of shaping young minds. If you’re about to take your Praxis exam, this article will help you understand and excel in your Praxis II exam. Read on!

Understanding The Praxis II Exam

The Educational Testing Services (ETS) developed the Praxis II exams to examine the taker’s knowledge of the subjects and how aspiring educators can teach them. Unlike the Praxis I Core tests that assess basic teaching skills, Praxis 2 content areas and subtests include  Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. They also gauge pedagogical knowledge crucial for effective classroom management, lesson planning, and student engagement.

Praxis II tests are often mandatory for state teacher certification. They serve as a benchmark for entry-level educators’ readiness to lead classrooms effectively. Acing these subject-specific assessments will prove your proficiency in academic content and pedagogical principles that facilitate impactful learning experiences for diverse student populations.

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How To Prepare For The Praxis II Exam

Here are a few things to consider when preparing for your Praxis II test:

Understand The Test Requirements

You’ll need to understand the state requirements for teacher certification and the specific test you’ll be taking to pass your Praxis II exam. Each Praxis subject has its unique format, content areas, and test preparation resources.

Familiarize yourself with the test structure, whether it’s multiple-choice, constructed response, or a combination. Also, identify the competencies the exam assesses, such as literature analysis, classroom management strategies, or lesson planning skills. Understanding what to expect will enable you to express your teaching abilities and readiness.

Gather Study Materials

Build your study toolkit in readiness to take on the Praxis tests. Start with ETS’s official resources, such as the Praxis study guide, practice test questions, and test-taking tips tailored to your specific subject area. Supplement these resources with third-party textbooks, internet courses, and study groups led by experienced educators.

Most institutions offer Praxis II test prep classes or workshops, utilizing their faculty’s expertise in content areas and pedagogy. Dive into the richest possible mix of material to solidify your subject knowledge, build your test-taking confidence, and learn tips and strategies from experienced teachers who’ve successfully passed these challenging assessments.

Create A Study Schedule

Crafting a study schedule will go a long way in helping you prepare for your teaching exam. Design a study plan that’ll give you an opportunity to handle the Praxis II test successfully. Begin by breaking the subject matter into tiny manageable bits, dedicating focused time slots for exploring topics like literary analysis for the English Language Arts test or classroom management strategies for the Praxis Elementary Education assessment.

Consider allocating regular review sessions to go through essential concepts and identify areas that need extra help. Tailor your schedule to your learning style and the available time, committing consistent effort each week without overwhelming yourself. This will ensure comprehensive coverage, boosting your confidence and readiness to tackle the exam. Stay disciplined and watch your subject expertise flourish.

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Focus On Weak Areas

As you prepare for the Praxis exams, there are areas or question types that may challenge you more than others. When that happens, consider dedicating extra time to mastering those areas.

Look for additional resources like online video lessons that break down complex statistical formulas step-by-step, or team up with study companions where you can collectively work through practice problems. Don’t merely gloss over your weak areas; confront them head-on with targeted materials and approaches.

Consider investing in a comprehensive statistics textbook or hiring a tutor specializing in your Praxis subject test area to provide personalized guidance. Drilling these problematic areas will boost your confidence and ensure you possess the well-rounded quantitative teaching skills necessary to teach at any level. Overcoming your weaknesses is critical to achieving an excellent overall performance on the Praxis II test.

Declutter Your Study Space

Decluttering your workspace is also an excellent tip when preparing for your Praxis II exam. This is a tip that most freelancers use to beat their writer’s block: you can also use it to create a distraction-free study area.

When studying, you may fill your space with many study materials while trying to cover as much ground as possible. But these materials can also be a source of distraction. Therefore, remove all unnecessary items you don’t need at that time. For instance, you don’t have to put your Science and Social Study textbooks on the table if you’re studying Mathematical concepts. That way, you allow your mind to concentrate and comprehend what you’re reading.


Starting your journey to becoming a teacher is an exciting challenge, and mastering the Praxis II exam is a crucial milestone on this path. This exam assesses your subject knowledge and ability to impart knowledge in the classroom. By following the strategies outlined above, you’ll be able to pave the way for success in this exciting new chapter. Remember, your goal shouldn’t be passing the exam only. It should also be about preparing yourself for a rewarding career and enlightening your mind. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to the top educational book publishers.

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