12 Best Book Publishing Companies In Montana (in 2024)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Jan 23rd, 2024

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Are you an author in Montana on the hunt for the perfect publishing house to bring your book to life? The whole publishing process can be daunting but fear not.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best book publishing companies in Montana. From traditional publishing houses to innovative independent presses and publishers, this list features a diverse range of options to suit every writer’s needs. After checking this guide, you may also appreciate the depth provided by my full database of publishing firms.

Here are the best book publishing companies in Montana:

1. Oneshi Press LLP

Oneshi Press LLP logo

Oneshi Press LLP is an independent publishing company that specializes in graphic novels, comics, and other forms of sequential art. The book publishers are based in Missoula, Montana, and were founded in 2015. Oneshi Press publishes a variety of graphic novels and comics that explore a range of themes and genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more. They are committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and social justice through its publications, and works with a wide range of creators to bring unique and innovative stories to its readers. Submission guidelines.

Paradise Valley Montana

Did you know that the vast landscapes and sweeping vistas of Montana have inspired countless authors and poets over the years? Montana, known as “Big Sky Country,” once served as the backdrop for the adventures of the iconic cowboy figure, Lonesome Dove, in Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. With its rugged mountains, endless plains, and rich Native American heritage, Montana’s natural beauty has woven tales of resilience, discovery, and frontier life, making it a treasure trove for literary exploration and inspiration.

2. University of Montana Press

University of Montana Press logo

The University of Montana Press is a scholarly publishing house based in Missoula, Montana. It was founded in 1973 and is a member of the Association of American University Presses. The press is dedicated to publishing works that focus on the American West, especially Montana, the Pacific Northwest, and the northern Rocky Mountain region. It publishes books in a variety of fields, including natural history, environmental studies, and Native American studies. In addition to traditional print publications, the press also offers several digital publications, including e-books and open-access content. The University of Montana Press has received many awards and recognitions for its contributions to scholarship and regional literature. Submission guidelines.

3. Bangtail Press

Bangtail Press logo

Bangtail Press is a Montana-based independent publishing company that specializes in books about fly fishing, outdoor recreation, and the environment. The press was founded in 2014 and is dedicated to publishing high-quality books that capture the spirit of the Rocky Mountain West. With a focus on local authors and stories, Bangtail Press aims to celebrate the natural beauty and unique culture of Montana and the surrounding areas. Their titles range from guidebooks and memoirs to fiction and poetry, all with a connection to the outdoors and the Western way of life. Submission guidelines.

4. TwoDot Books

TwoDot Books logo

It’s a publishing company based in Montana, USA. They specialize in writing books related to Western history, lifestyle, and culture. The book publishers started production in the year 2000 and have since published many books that provide insights into the tradition and culture of the American West. Their publications cover topics such as drawn art, architecture, photo books, cookbooks, photography, and much more. TwoDot Books is known for and has printed books of high-quality publications that are well-researched and written by knowledgeable authors. They are committed to preserving the history and traditions of the American West by publishing books that inform and entertain readers. Submission guidelines.

5. Riverfeet Press

Riverfeet Press logo

Riverfeet Press is a small independent publishing house that is based in Livingston, Montana. It was founded in 2003 to publish literary works that capture the spirit of the American West. The press publishes books in a variety of genres, including poetry, fiction, memoirs, photography books, adventure, and essay collections. Riverfeet Press is committed to working closely with its authors to produce high-quality books that reflect their unique voices and vision. The press is known for its dedication to the craft of bookmaking, with a focus on creating books that are beautiful, well-designed, and a pleasure to read. Submission guidelines.

6. Mountain Press Publishing Co

Mountain Press Publishing Co logo

Mountain Press Publishing Co is a well-known independent publisher that specializes in books and maps related to the natural and cultural history of the American West. The company was founded in 1949 by James H. Anderson and has since become a leading publisher in its niche. Based in Missoula, Montana, Mountain Press publishes a variety of books on topics such as geology, ecology, Native American history, and natural resources. The book publishers are also known for their high-quality maps, which cover the western United States and are widely used by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Submission guidelines.

7. Farcountry Press

Farcountry Press logo

Farcountry Press is an independent publishing house based in Montana, USA. It focuses on producing high-quality books that celebrate the American experience, including travel guides, photography books, and children’s literature. The book publishers have a strong commitment to preserving the natural beauty of America, and many of its books highlight the country’s national parks and outdoor recreation opportunities. Besides its publications, Farcountry Press also offers custom publishing services for individuals and organizations looking to create their unique books. Submission guidelines.

8. Beartooth Publishing

Beartooth Publishing logo

Beartooth Publishing is a small independent publisher based in Montana. They specialize in books about outdoor recreation, travel, history, and culture in the American West. With a focus on writing high-quality content and a passion for storytelling. Beartooth Publishing works closely with its authors to produce books that are engaging and informative for readers. They are committed to promoting and preserving the unique landscapes, wildlife, and heritage of the West through their publications. Submission guidelines.

9. Raven Publishing Inc

Raven Publishing Inc logo

Raven Publishing Inc. is a publishing establishment located in Montana. They specialize in producing books that highlight the history and culture of the Native American tribes in the region. The company has published several award-winning books that showcase the talent of local writers and artists. Raven Publishing Inc. is committed to preserving the stories and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of Montana and the surrounding areas. They work closely with Native American authors and illustrators to ensure that their books are culturally accurate and respectful. Besides publishing, Raven Publishing also offers educational and cultural consulting services to schools, museums, and other organizations. Submission guidelines.

10. Elk River Books

elk river books logo

Elk River Books is an independent bookstore and publishing house located in Livingston, Montana. Besides selling a wide variety of books, the store also publishes books with a focus on regional literature, natural history, conservation, and the arts. Their books range from poetry and fiction to non-fiction works that explore the history and culture of the American West. Elk River Books is committed to supporting local authors and cultivating a literary community in Montana and beyond. For more business information, you can contact this company’s website. Submission guidelines.

11. Stoneydale Press

Stoneydale Press logo

Here’s a small independent publishing house that specializes in books related to the American West. Based in Stevensville, Montana, Stoneydale Publishing has been in operation since 1966 and has published over 200 titles on subjects such as hunting, fishing, outdoor fun, and the history of the West. The book publisher prides itself on its commitment to quality and attention to detail in all aspects of the publishing process, from content selection to book design and production. Stoneydale Publishing has a strong reputation in the outdoors and books associated with the Northern Rockies Region, and western history, with an emphasis on big game hunting of mule deer, whitetail deer, and other species found in the Northern Rockies, and is widely regarded as a leader in the field. Submission guidelines.

12. Summit University Press

summit university press logo

Summit University Press is a publishing house that specializes in books and other materials related to spirituality, self-improvement, and personal growth. The book publishers are based in Livingston, Montana, and are affiliated with the Summit Lighthouse, a spiritual organization founded by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet in the 1950s. Summit University Press publishes a wide range of books and other materials, including spiritual teachings, meditation guides, self-help books, and other works that promote personal and spiritual growth. The company’s publications are known for their depth of insight, clarity of expression, and accessibility to readers from all walks of life. Submission guidelines.


We hope this list has helped narrow down your search and given you a better idea of the publishing options available in Montana. Keep in mind that every publishing company has its strengths and specializations. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and find the perfect match for your book, considering their areas of expertise and focus. Please contact these companies via phone or visit the website if you would like more information. We wish you the best of luck on your publishing journey and eagerly expect the day when we can see your book proudly displayed on the shelves. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on the best book publishers in Wisconsin.

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