25 Best Book Publishing Companies in Michigan (in 2024)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Jan 23rd, 2024

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Michigan! The Great Lakes State and home to some of the most picturesque landscapes and friendly people in the US.

It’s also a state that’s brimming with literary creativity. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the urban center of Detroit, Michigan is a hub for talented authors and innovative publishers who are transforming the book industry. The state has been home to Ernest Hemingway, Jeffrey Eugenides, Elmore Leonard, and many other famous writers. It also hosts Kerrytown BookFest and the Michigan Reading Association. So if you’re a book lover or a writer, you’ll be thrilled to know that I’ve scoured the state to bring you the top book publishers within the state. Grab a cup of coffee, cozy up on your favorite chair, and check the following companies. To complement our subject, you may also want to peruse my full list of publishing companies.

Here are the best book publishing companies in Michigan:

1. University of Michigan Press

University of Michigan press logo

The University of Michigan Press is a publishing establishment associated with the University of Michigan. It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and was founded in 1930. It’s a premier scholarly publisher, known for its diverse portfolio of books and journals spanning the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. The University of Michigan Press publishes approximately 130 books per year and has over 3,000 titles in print. Besides publishing books, they release over 100 scholarly journals. Its publications cover a range of topics, including history, literature, anthropology, political science, and cultural studies. Submission guidelines.

scenery around lake michigan

Did you know that Michigan, with its vast landscapes and Great Lakes shores, has deeply inspired many literary talents? From the industrial tales of Detroit to the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula, writers like Ernest Hemingway and Joyce Carol Oates have found muses in their contrasting sceneries. The Nick Adams Stories, penned by Hemingway, were inspired by his summers spent in Northern Michigan, while Oates often draws from her Detroit upbringing.

2. Wayne State University Press

Wayne State University Press logo

It is an academic publishing house affiliated with Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Founded in 1941, the press has honed its specialty in disseminating scholarly publications across diverse disciplines such as the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. Wayne State University Press publishes approximately 50 new titles per year and has over 1,000 titles in print. The press’s portfolio showcases a broad spectrum of subjects, encompassing history, literature, African-American studies, Jewish studies, and urban studies, among others. The press is committed to promoting academic excellence and advancing knowledge through the publication of high-standard scholarship. Submission guidelines.

3. Sleeping Bear Press

Sleeping Bear Press logo

Sleeping Bear Press is an independent children’s book publisher based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The press was founded in 1994 and is known for its high-standard kid’s books that promote learning and literacy. One of its distinctive features is its use of “teaching guides” that accompany many of its books. Sleeping Bear Press publishes a range of children’s books, including board books, physical books, fairy tale studies, chapter books, and middle-grade nonfiction. The press is committed to content creation that inspires and educates children, while also entertaining them. For submissions, visit their web page and social media channels. Submission guidelines.

4. Baker Publishing Group

Baker Publishing Group logo

Baker Publishing Group is a Christian book publisher based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Established in 1939, this organization has grown to become a global frontrunner among Christian publishers. Today, it boasts an expansive array of imprints and diverse publishing initiatives. They publish high-quality writings that represent historic Christianity and serve the diverse interests and concerns of evangelical readers. Baker Publishing Group releases books across a variety of genres, including Christian living, fiction, kid’s books, and academic works. The company is committed to publishing books that represent historic Christianity, reflect Christian values, and promote spiritual growth, with a focus on books that help evangelical readers deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible. Submission guidelines.

5. Subterranean Press

Subterranean Press logo

Subterranean Press is a small independent publishing establishment based in Burton, Michigan, USA. Created in 1995 by William K. Schafer, this company was established to publish superior quality, limited edition books spanning the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Subterranean Press is known for producing books with exceptional design and production values, often featuring original artwork and special features such as signed and numbered editions, slipcases, and deluxe bindings. They publish works by both established and up-and-coming authors, with a focus on producing unique and collectible editions for fans of speculative fiction. Submission guidelines.

6. Schuler Books

Schuler Books logo

Schuler Books is an independent bookstore chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The company was founded in 1982 by Bill and Cecile Fehsenfeld. They also operate a publishing division, which releases books under the imprint of Schuler Books & Music Press. The company’s publications include books on regional history, fiction, and poetry by local authors and books related to Michigan’s outdoors and nature. Schuler Books is recognized for its dedication to fostering literacy and cultivating a passion for reading within the local community. The company sponsors several literary programs and media events, including a summer reading program for kids and an annual writers’ conference for aspiring authors. Submission guidelines.

7. Condor Publishing Inc.

Condor Publishing Inc. logo

Condor Publishing Inc. is an independent publishing establishment based in Lincoln, Michigan. The company was formed by a group of seasoned publishers who wanted to create a special publishing house focused on making engaging, high-quality books for kids and teenagers. Condor Publishing Inc. publishes books in a variety of genres, including physical books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, and young adult fiction. This is a reputable publishing house for children’s and young adult literature, with a firm commitment to promoting diversity and social justice through its publications. Submission guidelines.

8. Cherry Lake Publishing

Cherry Lake Publishing logo

Cherry Lake Publishing is an independent book publisher based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown to become a leading publisher of educational and kid’s books. Cherry Lake Publishing focuses on publishing books that educate and inspire readers of all ages. The company’s repertoire encompasses a variety of nonfiction titles, covering areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), along with social studies, health, sports, and biographical works. Submission guidelines.

9. Mission Point Press

Mission Point Press logo

Mission Point Press is an independent book publisher based in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Incepted in 2014, the company has since flourished into a primary publisher specializing in literature about the Great Lakes region and Michigan. The company helps authors and agents with queries, book proposals, design, and printing options. Mission Point Press publishes a variety of books, including science fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and new issues poetry. The company’s publications are focused on themes related to the Great Lakes region, such as Michigan history, the outdoors, the arts, and the environment. Submission guidelines.

10. Baker Book House

Baker Book House logo

Baker Book House is a Christian bookstore in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The store was founded in 1939 by Herman Baker and was initially located on Division Avenue in Grand Rapids. The bookstore eventually moved to its current location on East Paris Avenue, where it continues to operate today. Baker Books specializes in selling bible stories, Christian books, Bibles, and other resources for individuals, pastors, and churches. Their bookstore boasts an expansive collection of books, offering titles on subjects ranging from biblical studies and research, theology, Christian living, and self-help, to ministry and beyond. The book publishers also carry a variety of Christian music, movies, and gifts. Submission guidelines.

11. Kregel Publications

Kregel Publications logo

Kregel Publications is a Christian publishing house based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The company was founded in 1949 and specializes in publishing books that promote the Christian faith and provide resources for individuals, pastors, and churches. Kregel Publications publishes books in a variety of genres, including biblical studies, theology, Christian living, and ministry. I know them for publishing books that are accessible, practical, and biblically grounded. Some of their notable authors include D.A. Carson, John Piper, Nancy Guthrie, and J. I. Packer. Submission guidelines.

12. Sheridan Publishing

Sheridan Publishing logo

Sheridan Publishing is a company that offers printing, publishing, and distribution services to various clients, such as publishers, businesses, and authors. Situated in Chelsea, Michigan, the company offers an array of printing and publishing services catering to diverse sectors, such as education, healthcare, and trade. They provide various business services, such as book printing, binding, distribution, and fulfillment. They also offer e-book conversion to physical book services, design and layout services, and marketing services. For submissions, they can be contacted through their web page. Submission guidelines.

13. Parkhurst Brothers Publishers

Parkhurst Brothers Publishers logo

Parkhurst Brothers Publishers is an independent publishing house that specializes in nonfiction books that help readers improve their lives, careers, and communities. Inaugurated in 1994 by the Parkhurst brothers, Doug and David, the company maintains its operations in Coldwater, Michigan. In addition to its book-publishing program, Parkhurst Brothers Publishers offers editorial services, including manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, and copyediting. They also provide book design and production services, as well as marketing and promotion support. Submission guidelines.

14. ASA Publishing Corporation

ASA Publishing Corporation logo

ASA Publishing Corporation is an independent publishing establishment that specializes in producing educational materials for the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 1996 with its foundations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ASA Publishing Corporation produces an extensive array of educational resources, encompassing textbooks, study guides, and digital courses. They focus on topics such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, and nursing fundamentals. Their materials are used by healthcare professionals and students across the United States and around the world. Submission guidelines.

15. The Wayne Literary Review

The Wayne Literary Review logo

The Wayne Literary Review, an online literary journal, features an array of creative works including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and visual art. The magazine is affiliated with Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and is published annually. The Wayne Literary Review aims to showcase the work of emerging and established writers and artists from diverse backgrounds. They are committed to publishing work that challenges literary conventions and explores contemporary social and cultural issues. The magazine accepts submissions from authors and artists. Submission guidelines.

16. Our Daily Bread Publishing

Our Daily Bread Publishing logo

Our Daily Bread Publishing is a Christian publishing company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The company is part of the wider Our Daily Bread Ministries organization, which is dedicated to providing resources for spiritual growth and discipleship. Our Daily Bread Publishing produces a variety of books and resources, including devotionals, Bible studies, and inspirational books. Their primary emphasis is on subjects like Christian living, prayer, and personal development. The resources they provide assist readers in enriching their faith and comprehension of God’s Word. Submission guidelines.

17. Jackson Publishing Co

Jackson Publishing Co logo

Jackson Publishing Co. is a publishing company based in Flint, Michigan. The company specializes in publishing books and other materials related to the history and culture of African Americans. Jackson Publishing Co. was founded in 1995 by historian and author Dr. Bobby E. Jackson. The company has since published a variety of books on topics such as African-American history, culture, story, reference, and spirituality, as well as memoirs and biographies of notable African Americans. Submission guidelines.

18. Cardinal Rule Press

Cardinal Rule Press logo

Cardinal Rule Press is a Michigan-based publishing company that specializes in creating high-quality kid’s books. The company was founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Maria Dismondy and Bob Sornson, who are both experienced educators and authors. The Southeast Michigan book publishers are committed to producing books that promote positive values such as kindness, empathy, and inclusion. They offer a variety of resources and services for authors, including manuscript evaluations and book promotion services. They are committed to supporting both established and emerging authors in their quest to create meaningful and impactful kid’s books. Submission guidelines.

19. Broadside Lotus Press

Broadside Lotus Press logo

Broadside Lotus Press is an independent publishing company that focuses on promoting the work of African-American writers and artists. Established in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan, this entity was instrumental in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Black cultural identity. Broadside Lotus Press publishes a variety of literary genres, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama, and has published works by many influential African-American writers, such as Amiri Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, and Sonia Sanchez. The press is committed to publishing work that challenges and expands traditional literary boundaries, and that explores the complexities of the African American experience. Submission guidelines.

20. 105 Publishing LLC

105 Publishing LLC logo

105 Publishing LLC is a Michigan-based independent publishing company that specializes in producing non-fiction books on a variety of topics. The company was founded in 2015 by author and entrepreneur Michael L. Bush, who saw a need for high-standard, informative books that would educate and inspire readers. The Michigan book publishers cover a range of subjects, including business and finance, personal development, health and wellness, life, and spirituality. Their unwavering dedication lies in publishing books that are meticulously researched, informative, and captivating, all to empower readers to attain their goals and lead fulfilling lives. Submission guidelines.

21. Willow Books

Willow Books logo

Willow Books is an independent publishing house that produces a range of literary works in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, crafted by authors of varied cultural backgrounds. Founded in 2006 and based in Detroit, MI, the press is committed to amplifying underrepresented voices and promoting social justice through literature. Willow Books has published a range of critically acclaimed books, including “Olio” by Tyehimba Jess, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 2017, and “God is Not a Firefighter” by Sarah Hulyk Maxwell, winner of the 2021 PEN/Jean Stein Book Award. They are affiliated with the literary nonprofit organization, Aquarius Press, which was founded in 1999. Together, Aquarius Press and Willow Books have published over 150 books, and have been recognized for their contributions to the literary community through many awards and honors. Submission guidelines.

22. Zondervan

Zondervan logo

Zondervan, a Christian publishing entity rooted in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been in operation since 1931. Now under the umbrella of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, a branch of HarperCollins Publishers, it continues to disseminate Christian literature. The company’s broad portfolio includes Christian texts such as Bibles, study aids, both fiction and non-fiction books, children’s literature, and multimedia offerings. Zondervan is particularly recognized for its publication of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. Submission guidelines.

23. Remnant Publications

Remnant Publications logo

Remnant Publications is a Christian publishing company based in Coldwater, Michigan, in the United States. Incepted in 1990, the company’s mission is to champion Biblical truths and propagate the gospel by publishing and disseminating a variety of Christian literature, including books, magazines, and other resources. Remnant Publications publishes a wide range of books and resources that cover topics such as Bible prophecy, health and wellness, family and parenting, and Christian living. Some of their most popular titles include “The Great Controversy,” “Steps to Christ,” and “The Desire of Ages,” which are all written by Ellen G. White. She holds a significant position as a prominent Adventist author and co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Submission guidelines.

24. Modern History Press

Modern History Press logo

Modern History Press is an independent publishing company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Established in 2006 by Victor R. Volkman, a publishing industry veteran with over three decades of experience. Modern History Press focuses on publishing books that explore the complexities of modern society, including history, politics, psychology, and culture. They aim to provide a platform for authors who challenge the status quo and offer unique perspectives on contemporary issues. Submission guidelines.

25. Brilliance Publishing Inc.

Brilliance Publishing Inc. logo

Brilliance Publishing Inc. is an audiobook publishing company based in Grand Haven, Michigan. It was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of Amazon. Brilliance Publishing specializes in producing and distributing audiobooks spanning various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. The company’s titles are available in CD and digital audio formats and can be purchased through various online retailers, as well as through traditional bookstores. In addition to audiobook production, Brilliance Publishing also offers audio editing and production services for independent authors and publishers. Submission guidelines.


These book publishers in Michigan represent some of the best in the industry. Michigan is brimming with creativity, and these publishers are at the forefront of the literary world. From memoirs to poetry, e-books, physical books, and fiction to non-fiction, these publishing companies offer a wide range of genres and styles that will captivate any reader. If you’re a writer, hopefully, this list helps you find the best publisher for your work. And if you’re a reader, we hope this list introduces you to some new and exciting books to add to your collection. So, let’s celebrate Michigan’s literary brilliance and support these fantastic book publishers. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on the best book publishing companies in Missouri.

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