21 Top Book Publishers in Maine (Accepting Submissions)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 12th, 2023

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Among Maine’s undulating pine trees lies a literary legacy waiting to be explored.

The state, with all its craft beer, majestic lighthouses, and overall art-loving ambiance, has given rise to some of the nation’s most esteemed book publishers. Dive in to discover the top names leading Maine’s publishing scene and contribute your own story! Once done here, don’t hesitate to dive into my extensive collection of over 3,000 publishing companies.

Here are the top publishing houses in Maine:

1. Maine Authors Publishing & Cooperative

Maine Authors Publishing & Cooperative logo

Maine Authors Publishing & Cooperative started in an 1800s hay barn on the St. George River and blossomed from Jane Karker’s parent company, Custom Museum Publishing, founded in 2005. Recognizing the need for a quality-controlled platform for Maine’s independent authors, it offered a cooperative-style publishing solution, ensuring indie books reach readers and bookstores. Now housed in the historic Capt. G. Dodge Healey’s house in Thomaston, the company boasts a team of dedicated professionals, making it one of Maine’s premier publishers. Submission guidelines.

Maine lighthouse

Did you know that the jagged coastlines and misty towns of Maine inspired many of Stephen King’s spine-tingling tales? Here, between pine forests and lighthouses, the ordinary becomes eerily extraordinary.

2. Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance logo

Founded in 1975 by a coalition of writers, the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance (MWPA) is a strong pillar of Maine’s literary community, championing the works of writers, editors, and publishers while fostering growth and unity in the literary arts. With an active membership surpassing 1,600, and spanning all of Maine’s counties, the MWPA offers various programs from statewide writing workshops to literary events like the Maine Lit Fest. Proudly housed in the Glickman Family Library on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland Campus, the MWPA has garnered recognition, such as the prestigious Friend to Writers Award from PEN New England in 2010. Submission guidelines.

3. Islandport Press

Islandport Press logo

Islandport Press has navigated the tumultuous tides of the publishing world since its inception with the release of “Hauling by Hand” in 2000. From its humble beginnings in Publisher Dean Lunt’s chilly Yarmouth garage, the company has since expanded its horizons, publishing over 200 titles, ranging from fresh, original works to revitalized out-of-print classics. Currently powered by a passionate team including Dean, Shannon, Holly, Emily, Mary, and Krysta, along with an array of freelance contributors, Islandport continues its mission: to encapsulate and promote the authentic spirit of New England, weaving stories that echo its grit, beauty, and enduring charm, captivating readers far and wide. Submission guidelines.

4. Alice James Books

Alice James Books logo

Established in 1973 as a feminist press in Boston, MA, Alice James Books arose from the collaboration of seven visionaries—Patricia Cumming, Marjorie Fletcher, Jean Pedrick, Lee Rudolph, Ron Schreiber, Betsy Sholl, and Cornelia Veenendaal. They aimed to amplify the voices of women poets, drawing inspiration from Alice James, a symbol for women struggling to gain literary recognition. Today, AJB has expanded its embrace to poets of diverse genders and backgrounds, curating works that foster empathy and challenge societal silences. Recognized by National Public Radio as “one of the pure sources of American poetry,” the press is known for its methodical attention to the aesthetics of each publication. Submission guidelines.

5. Goose River Press

Goose River Press logo

Goose River Press is a traditional full-service publishing house, dedicated to amplifying authors’ voices by providing services to ensure their works gain the recognition they merit. Apart from collaborating with notable distributors like Ingram, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com for extensive reach, they warmly invite submissions for a variety of genres. Authors whose works resonate with the press’s standards can anticipate the proud endorsement of Goose River Press. However, for authors leaning towards self-publishing or those whose submissions don’t align with the press’s criteria, the house also offers an extensive self-publishing suite. Submission guidelines.

6. Encircle Publications

Encircle Publications logo

Encircle Publications is an independent publisher with a catalog encompassing trade fiction across genres like Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Western Fiction, and more, alongside a cherished collection of poetry. Central to their ethos is loyalty to their authors, and an unwavering enthusiasm for exceptional writing, ensuring their readers always have access to captivating and quality literature across categories, from cozy mysteries and horror to women’s fiction and YA crossover. Submission guidelines.

7. Toad Hall Editions

Toad Hill Editions logo

Toad Hall Editions was born from the camaraderie of three women who found solace together in a house named Toad Hall, nestled by Penobscot Bay in midcoast Maine. Beyond their shared love for books, these friends cherish good food, engaging conversations, and freshly brewed coffee. Embracing a collaborative approach, they prioritize transparency and accountability, partnering diligently in printing and distribution. Their mission is clear: to revolutionize traditional publishing paradigms, foster a robust bond between authors and readers, and champion emerging voices in the literary realm. Submission guidelines.

8. Littoral Books

Littoral Books logo

Littoral Books, nestled in Portland, Maine is consistently delivering beautifully crafted books from local artists and writers. Originating in 1975 with a mission to showcase female literary talent, the press, a founding member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, was reinvigorated in 2018. Since then, they’ve unveiled a steady stream of novels, poetry, non-fiction, and more, earning accolades such as the 2021 Maine Literary Award for Anthologies. Their collection boasts works from Maine’s luminaries and emerging voices, presented with aesthetic finesse, thanks to their skilled designer, Lori Harley. Submission guidelines.

9. Sellers Publishing

Sellers Publishing logo

Sellers Publishing, founded in 1993 by Ronnie Sellers, started modestly with two pet calendars and rapidly expanded to offer over 200 calendar titles, including top-selling licensed ones. Based in South Portland, Maine, in a sprawling 47,000 sq. ft. facility, Sellers has grown beyond calendars to become a reputed book publisher, boasting several prestigious awards and over 340 diverse books. Dedicated to imagination and quality, the company’s products and distribution services, available through the RSVP.com website, have consistently delighted their customers. Submission guidelines.

10. Moon Pie Press

Moon Pie Press logo

Moon Pie Press, founded by editor and publisher Alice Persons in 2003, is a poetry publishing house that has released over 120 books and continues to seek exceptional poetry manuscripts. Though whimsically named after the iconic southern treat, the press aims to unveil 4 captivating poetry collections annually. Interested poets should note that unsolicited manuscripts are discouraged, with Alice Persons inviting potential submissions of sample poems via email. Submission guidelines.

11. Tilbury House Publishers

Tilbury House Publishers logo

Tilbury House Publishers, originally established in the 1970s for New England-themed literature, shifted its focus to publish award-winning children’s books, with an emphasis on cultural diversity, social justice, mindfulness, science, nature, and the environment. In 2022, the imprint joined forces with Sleeping Bear Press under the Cherry Lake Publishing Group umbrella. While they warmly invite diverse narratives, prospective authors are advised to submit electronically, ensuring adherence to their detailed submission guidelines. Submission guidelines.

12. Raven House Publishing

Raven House Publishing logo

Founded over two decades ago by Janet Muirhead Hill, Raven Publishing initially embarked on self-publishing ventures, notably the Miranda and Starlight series. By 2005, it transitioned into a traditional publisher, launching works from various authors. Facing economic challenges in 2009, Raven adapted by embracing e-books and hybrid publishing, collaborating with authors in both layout and editorial decisions. In 2022, it refined its approach to solely embrace a cooperative publishing model, where authors purchase a set quantity of their books at varying discounts. Submission guidelines.

13. Child’s Play

Child's Play logo

Child’s Play, established by Michael Twinn in 1972, is a globally recognized independent publisher dedicated to child development through play, life skills, and values. With a collection encompassing children’s picture books, games, and toys, the publisher emphasizes the natural progression of children’s awareness and needs. Prioritizing unrestricted vocabulary in its fiction, Child’s Play integrates illustrations that reflect diverse cultures, religions, genders, and abilities. Their information-rich offerings challenge young readers, while interactive books combine purposeful narratives with educational components. Submission guidelines.

14. Between the Lines Publishing

Between the Lines Publishing logo

Founded in 1977, Between the Lines (BTL) is a social movement press dedicated to publishing nonfiction works that challenge societal oppression and amplify marginalized voices. Rooted in New Left radicalism, BTL embodies cooperative and democratic ideals, operating through staff consensus rather than for profit. BTL has published over 300 titles spanning social, cultural, and political issues. With an illustrious history marked by awards and recognition for their contribution to fields like history and theatre research, BTL remains committed to presenting alternate viewpoints on contemporary and historical events. Submission guidelines.

15. McSea Books

McSea Books logo

McSea Books is a distinguished children’s book publisher renowned for crafting authentic narratives that resonate with readers of all ages. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in children’s literature, McSea links gifted writers with skilled artists to bring captivating stories to life. Central to their ethos is a belief in nurturing hands-on learning through children’s books, that delve into genuine and pertinent subjects. Submission guidelines.

16. Sandorf Passage

Sandorf Passage logo

Sandorf Passage, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publisher, offers readers a nuanced lens into the intricacies of a globalized world through literature. Primarily focusing on translated works, especially from writers originating from the former Yugoslavia, the organization aims to shed light on stories shaped by displacement, global movement, and the various challenges of our times. Through titles that range from reflections on conflict zones to critiques on societal complacency, Sandorf Passage emphasizes that profound ideas often unfold within personal narratives, making their collection both intimate and universally resonant. Submission guidelines.

17. Seapoint Books

Seapoint Books logo

Seapoint Books and Media, formerly Smith/Kerr Associates, is a publisher celebrated for its unique collaborations with authors, corporations, and organizations. The company specializes in crafting distinct book projects, each tailored in concept and marketing. From maritime mystery adventures like “The Schooner Maggie B” to travel memoirs like “TOGO,” the publisher combines innovation with expertise to bring captivating narratives to its readership, all while staying true to its ethos of giving every project individualized attention. Submission guidelines.

18. The Telling Room

The Telling Room logo

The Telling Room, founded in 2004 by writers Sara Corbett, Mike Paterniti, and Susan Conley, is a literary arts education and training organization based in Maine, dedicated to empowering youth aged 6-18 through writing. By focusing on diverse voices—including immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+ youth, and those facing challenges in traditional classrooms—it offers a spectrum of innovative programs that merge writing with other artistic avenues like photography, theater, and film. Their commitment has rippled throughout the state, touching over 3,500 students annually across 75 towns. Submission guidelines.

19. Brynmorgen Press

Brynmorgen Press logo

Founded in 1981 by author, metalsmith, and teacher Tim McCreight, Brynmorgen Press is a publisher known for high-quality technical books aiding jewelers, metalsmiths, and art students. With a commitment to clarity and visual elegance, Brynmorgen offers a blend of traditional print and advanced digital formats, catering to the evolving needs of readers. While Tim has penned over two dozen esteemed textbooks on metalsmithing and design, his son Jeff McCreight, an artist based in Barcelona, manages the press’s daily operations. Brynmorgen Press, headquartered in Brunswick, Maine, remains a trusted resource in the craft publishing realm, bridging the gap between hands-on instruction and literary guidance. Submission guidelines (N/A).

20. Cider Mill Press


Cider Mill Press, an imprint of HarperCollins Focus, is an independent publisher known for its cookbooks and wine projects, as well as classic children’s literature and humorous parodies. With a commitment to merging top-notch design with fresh content, they’ve achieved notable success, including the publication of a #1 New York Times bestselling edition of “The Night Before Christmas.” Alongside their children’s imprint, Applesauce Press, Cider Mill Press stands out for its innovative gift books, producing an array of titles biannually that cater to a variety of readership interests, from food and drink enthusiasts to art aficionados and trivia buffs. Submission guidelines (N/A).

21. Tower Publishing

Tower Publishing logo

Tower Publishing, based in New England is a trusted source of legal publications with a history that traces back to its inaugural Maine Register in 1820. Evolving from traditional lead typesetting to contemporary digital formats, Tower has consistently offered meticulously researched legal titles, authored by eminent personalities ranging from law professors to judges. As independent legal publishers, they not only emphasize high publishing standards and unique author support but also excel in direct marketing campaigns, ensuring that a book’s journey doesn’t end post-manuscript but flourishes thereafter. Submission guidelines.

Bonus: magazine and newspaper publishers in Maine:

  • The Maine Review
  • Portland Monthly
  • The Lincoln County News
  • Turner Publishing Inc.
  • Portland Press Herald


Maine’s literary landscape is rooted in its rich history and awe-inspiring natural beauty. From the celebrated verses of Portland-born poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to the depictions of its rugged coastlines and dense forests in literary works, the state has influenced and nurtured remarkable talents. Furthermore, institutions like the state’s historic libraries and museums, including the Bowdoin College Library with its vast collection of rare manuscripts, serve as guardians of the state’s literary treasures. Are you ready to join the ranks of Maine authors publishing breathtaking stories? Next up, you may want to explore a guide on publishing companies in New Hampshire.

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