20 Best Book Publishing Companies In China (Contact)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 12th, 2023

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Brimming with profound cultural heritage and a burgeoning literary scene, China has emerged as a hotbed for the book publishing sector.

China’s publishing industry has witnessed astonishing expansion over time, fueled by a combination of a colossal population and burgeoning literacy rates. The appetite for books has surged to unprecedented levels, paving the way for the creation of many publishing houses. These organizations are passionately dedicated to fostering literary prowess and amplifying the reach of Chinese literature, both within national borders and on the international stage. To offer a broader view, please also consider my detailed database of 3,000 publishing houses.

Here are the top book publishing companies in China:

1. China Publishing Group Corporation

China Publishing Group Corporation logo

China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG) stands as a literary powerhouse, nurtured under the guardianship of the state, with its prestigious headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Beijing, within the captivating realm of China. Formed in 2002 by merging several renowned publishing entities, China Publishing Group has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most influential publishing groups. It holds a prominent position within China’s publishing industry, engaging in diverse activities such as book publishing, magazine publishing, digital publishing, and distribution services. CPG plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape of the Chinese publishing sector. The China Publishing Group covers various genres and subjects, catering to diverse reader interests. It publishes books spanning literature, fiction, non-fiction, academic writings, educational materials, children’s books, reference materials, and more. CPG has developed a robust portfolio of imprints and publishing brands, each catering to specific genres or target audiences. Submission guidelines.

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Did you know that ancient Chinese literature is so vast and influential that some of the earliest known records of poetry, such as the “Shi Jing” (Classic of Poetry), date back over 2,500 years? Throughout its storied history, Chinese literature has not only shaped the course of its own nation’s narrative but has also reverberated its profound wisdom, tales of valor, love, and philosophy across the globe.

2. People’s Literature Publishing House

People's Literature Publishing House logo

People’s Literature Publishing House (PLPH) is one of the most esteemed and influential publishing houses in China. It is one of the imprints of China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG), a formidable institution in the country’s publishing industry that is headquartered in the illustrious city of Beijing. With unwavering dedication, CPG has fervently championed the cause of Chinese literature, skillfully fostering its growth and amplifying its allure, both on native soil and in international literary circles. Distinguished as a preeminent purveyor of literature and fiction, the People’s Literature Publishing House stands tall, having adorned the literary realm with a trove of masterpieces penned by illustrious Chinese wordsmiths. Within its hallowed halls, a multitude of genres converges, spanning the realms of novels, short stories, poetry, and profound literary analysis. This esteemed establishment remains an unwavering beacon, magnanimously shepherding the written treasures of renowned Chinese scribes, forever enriching the literary landscape. The house is committed to discovering and nurturing emerging talents while also showcasing the works of established writers through print and electronic publication. Submission guidelines.

3. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press logo

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, fondly referred to as CUHK Press, commands profound reverence as a distinguished bastion of scholarly publishing. Founded in 1977, CUHK Press is dedicated to advancing scholarly research, intellectual exchange, and the dissemination of knowledge. CUHK Press publishes a diverse range of academic works, including monographs, edited volumes, journals, and reference materials. Encompassing a vast expanse of intellectual domains, the distinguished imprint of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press spans an array of disciplines, serving as an erudite conduit that traverses the realms of humanities, technology, social sciences, natural sciences, business, and education. The publications from CUHK Press embody academic rigor and contribute to the scholarly discourse of every department within and beyond Hong Kong. Submission guidelines.

4. Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc.

Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc. logo

Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc. is a renowned Chinese publishing and media company with a diverse range of operations. Since its inception in 1995, Phoenix Publishing & Media has emerged as a formidable force in the Chinese publishing industry. With its headquarters nestled in Nanjing, this esteemed entity has gracefully ascended to the ranks of the country’s premier players in the realm of publishing. The company’s primary business areas encompass publishing, printing, distribution, digital media, and education. With an extensive catalog of publications, Phoenix Publishing & Media covers a wide spectrum of genres, including contemporary literature, business, technology, culture, art, humanities, science, and education-related materials. In recent years, the company has published print, electronic publication, and digital content, catering to the evolving needs of readers in the digital age. Submission guidelines.

5. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press logo

Nurtured within the esteemed academic enclave of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, affectionately known as SJTU Press, stands as a reputable academic publishing house. Its illustrious reputation resonates within the scholarly realm, solidifying its place among the top 10 publishing houses in mainland China. With an unwavering dedication to intellectual excellence, SJTU Press heralds the pursuit of knowledge, meticulously curating a distinguished collection of scholarly works that enrich the academic landscape. Established in 1983, SJTU Press has grown into a distinguished publisher of academic works. SJTU Press focuses on publishing high-quality academic literature, research papers, textbooks, and reference materials across various disciplines. Encompassing diverse fields such as natural sciences, engineering, technology, social sciences, humanities, medicine, and management, this esteemed publisher covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. Submission guidelines.

6. Oxford University Press (China) Ltd

Oxford University Press (China) Ltd logo

Oxford University Press (China) Ltd is the Chinese subsidiary of Oxford University Press (OUP), a renowned academic publishing house and a department of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. With a presence in China, Oxford University Press (China) focuses on providing educational and academic resources to Chinese consumers. Oxford University Press (China) publishes a wide array of materials, including textbooks, reference books, journals, and digital content across various subjects and disciplines. It covers fields such as language learning, science, ancient books, foreign languages, social sciences, humanities, medicine, and more. The publications from Oxford University Press (China) are known for their academic rigor, accuracy, and adherence to international standards. Submission guidelines.

7. Tsinghua University Press

Tsinghua University Press logo

Established in 1980 and tied to Tsinghua University in Beijing, Tsinghua University Press (TUP) is a distinguished academic publishing entity known for its robust focus on science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. TUP has not only established a substantial foothold in these domains but has also been commended for its substantial contributions to academic literature, catering to both local and global readers. As the publishing branch of Tsinghua University, the press embodies the university’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence and innovation. It brings to the fore a diverse array of scholarly compositions, including academic textbooks, monographs, research papers, and other writings. This gamut of publications spans a multitude of disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, natural sciences, humanities, economics, and beyond. Submission guidelines.

8. Renmin University of China Publishing House

Renmin University of China Publishing House logo

Renmin University of China Publishing House (RUCPH) is a renowned publishing house affiliated with Renmin University of China, a prestigious university located in Beijing. Established in 1955, RUCPH is committed to promoting academic research, intellectual discourse, and the dissemination of knowledge across various disciplines. The Chinese publishers focus on publishing scholarly works, research papers, monographs, and academic writing on a wide range of subjects. These subjects encompass social sciences, humanities, economics, law, management, political science, journalism, communication, and other fields related to Renmin University’s academic expertise. Submission guidelines.

9. Cotton Tree Publishing Ltd.

Cotton Tree Publishing Ltd. logo

Based in Hong Kong, Cotton Tree Publishing Ltd. boasts a diverse portfolio of books, magazines, and a host of publishing services. The company casts a wide net, offering an array of materials that span fiction and non-fiction books, educational resources, and lifestyle magazines, to name a few. Their catalog is a treasure trove catering to myriad interests and tastes. Every publication is meticulously crafted, featuring detailed summaries and author biographies to engage readers and facilitate informed choices. Cotton Tree Publishing wears its mission, values, and history as a badge of honor, a characteristic often showcased on its platform. The publishing house owes its success to a team of dedicated professionals, including seasoned editors, innovative designers, and other key contributors who breathe life into the publishing process. It also takes pride in its collaborations, partnerships, and noteworthy accomplishments, all echoing its unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier content. Submission guidelines.

10. Zhejiang University Press

Zhejiang University Press logo

Zhejiang University Press Co. Ltd is an academic publisher based in Zhejiang Province in China, offering a diverse range of books, and educational materials. Their published works encompass a diverse range of subjects, including natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and various other fields. Their extensive catalog caters to a wide array of academic disciplines, ensuring comprehensive coverage of knowledge and research. With a focus on intellectual content, Zhejiang University Press Co., Ltd. produces scholarly works, video publications, textbooks, electronic publications, and research papers to cater to students, researchers, academics, and professionals seeking in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. These Chinese publishers employ a team of editors, translators, and designers to ensure the quality and accuracy of their publications. Collaborating with professors, scholars, and business experts, the press produces authoritative and impactful content. Submission guidelines.

11. Beijing Publishing Group

Beijing Publishing Group logo

Beijing Publishing Group (BPG) is a prominent publishing conglomerate based in Beijing, China. It is one of the largest and most influential publishing companies in the country, owning four successful magazines. BPG was established in 2002 by merging several renowned publishing houses, including the People’s Literature Publishing House and the Beijing Children’s Publishing House. Beijing Publishing Group operates through its numerous subsidiary companies and imprints, each specializing in different areas of publishing. These subsidiaries include People’s Literature Publishing House, Beijing United Publishing Co., Ltd., Zhonghua Book Company, and China International Publishing Group, among others. BPG encompasses a wide range of publishing activities, covering various genres and formats, such as books, magazines, digital publications, and multimedia products. The group publishes works in multiple languages, including Chinese and English, catering to both domestic and international audiences. focus on different genres, for example, contemporary literature, academic publications, textbooks, children’s books, reference materials, and educational content and they play a unique role in publishing, cultural exchange, and cooperation. Submission guidelines.

12. Red Publish

Red Publish logo

Red Publish is an independent publishing company located in mainland China that specializes in self-publishing services to veteran and first-time authors. It is dedicated to empowering writers by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources for publishing and distributing their works. Red Publish focuses on ensuring authors have full control over the creative process. Like many other Chinese publishers, they offer a range of services including manuscript editing, book formatting, cover design, electronic publications, and digital distribution. Authors can utilize Red Publish’s platform to publish their books in various formats, such as e-books and print-on-demand copies. Additionally, the company provides marketing and promotional assistance to help authors enhance the visibility, annual sales, and reach of their publications through search engine optimization. Submission guidelines.

13. Foreign Languages Press

Foreign Language Press Logo

Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a renowned publishing house that specializes in translating and publishing foreign-language books and materials in China. Established in 1952 and based in Beijing, FLP has played a significant role in promoting cultural exchange and understanding between China and the rest of the world. Foreign Languages Press’s primary objective is to introduce a wide range of literature, academic works, and cultural publications from various countries like Canada and other regions. They undertake the translation of books, magazines, newspapers, and other written materials into Chinese, ensuring that these valuable resources are accessible to the Chinese-speaking audience. Submission guidelines.

14. Writers Publishing House

writers publishing house logo

Writers Publishing House is a prominent publishing company in mainland China, that promotes and disseminates literary Known for its commitment to showcasing Chinese literature and nurturing talented writers, the company publishes a wide array of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, and children’s literature. The primary objective of WPH is to discover, nurture, and promote talented authors from various genres and backgrounds. They provide a platform for writers to showcase their creativity and offer readers a diverse range of literary experiences. They strive to maintain a balanced catalog that appeals to different tastes and interests, ensuring there is something for everyone. With a vast network of distribution channels, Writers Publishing House ensures that its publications reach a wide readership both the Chinese people and international consumers. Submission guidelines.

15. The Commercial Press

The Commercial Press logo

The Commercial Press is a well-established publishing house with a long history in China. Established in 1897, it stands as one of the oldest and most influential publishing companies in the nation, carrying a rich legacy of impact and influence in the industry. The Commercial Press has played a significant role in the development of Chinese publishing and has contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and culture for over a century. The publishing house is headquartered in Beijing, China, and operates as a comprehensive publishing entity. It covers a wide range of genres and subjects, including literature, academic publications, textbooks, reference books, dictionaries, and children’s books. The Commercial Press has built a reputation for publishing high-quality and authoritative works in various fields. Submission guidelines.

16. China Architecture and Building Press

China Architecture and Building Press logo

China Architecture and Building Press (CABP) is a well-established publishing house in China that focuses on architecture, urban planning, and building-related literature. CABP has played a significant role in promoting architectural knowledge, design excellence, and sustainable urban development. Their publications encompass various topics, including architectural design, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, construction technology, and building materials. They work closely with renowned architects, urban planners, designers, and scholars to ensure the quality and relevance of their publications. By collaborating with experts, the press produces authoritative books, monographs, research papers, and publications that explore contemporary trends, historical perspectives, and innovative practices in the field of architecture. The book publishers have published thousands of titles with annual sales running in millions. Submission guidelines.

17. Fujian Education Publishing House

Fujian Education Publishing House logo

Fujian Education Publishing House (FEPH) is a prominent publishing organization based in Fujian Province, China. As the official publishing house dedicated to education in the region, FEPH focuses on producing educational materials and resources for schools, teachers, and students. FEPH is committed to supporting educational development and academic excellence in the region. The publishing house collaborates closely with local educational institutions, curriculum experts, and experienced educators to create high-quality educational materials. FEPH’s publications cover a wide range of subjects and grade levels, including textbooks, teaching aids, reference books, workbooks, and supplementary materials. These resources are designed to align with the national curriculum standards and cater to the specific educational needs of students in Fujian Province. Submission guidelines.

18. Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers

Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers logo

Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers (SSTP) is a reputable publishing house based in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1954, SSTP has established itself as a leading publisher specializing in scientific, technical, and academic literature. The primary focus of SSTP is to disseminate knowledge and promote scientific and technological advancements. They publish a wide range of literature and educational materials, including textbooks, reference books, research papers, and other publications related to various scientific disciplines. This publisher collaborates with esteemed scholars, researchers, and experts from China and around the world to ensure the accuracy and relevance of their publications. The rigorous editorial process guarantees high-quality content that meets the standards of the scientific and academic communities in modern times and it also contributes to high annual sales. Submission guidelines.

19. China Intercontinental Press

China Intercontinental Press logo

China Intercontinental Press (CIP) is a prominent publishing house based in Beijing, China. Founded in 1993, CIP focuses on the publication and distribution of books that provide insights into Chinese culture, history, society, and contemporary issues. CIP is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and communication by making Chinese literature and knowledge accessible to their audience worldwide. They publish a diverse range of materials in multiple languages, for example, English, French, Spanish, German, and others, ensuring a global readership for their publications. The press covers an array of subjects, including Chinese history, art, literature, philosophy, religion, folk customs, traditional medicine, economics, and social sciences. Their publications include both academic works and popular titles like Panchen Lama’s Private Painter. The company is rapidly gaining market share as Chinese consumers and Chinese people have more disposable income, offering book lovers a comprehensive understanding of China’s rich heritage and contemporary developments. Submission guidelines.

20. Beijing Normal University Publishing Group

Beijing Normal University Publishing Group logo

Beijing Normal University Publishing Group (BNUPG) is a renowned publishing conglomerate associated with Beijing Normal University (BNU), one of China’s prestigious educational institutions. BNUPG serves as the official publishing arm of BNU, specializing in academic and educational publications. Established in Beijing, China, BNUPG focuses on publishing scholarly works, textbooks, research papers, and educational materials across various disciplines. The group operates to disseminate knowledge, promote academic exchange, and support the educational mission of Beijing Normal University. Submission guidelines.


In recent years, China has witnessed remarkable growth in its book publishing industry, with a plethora of publishing companies making their mark. These companies have made significant strides in the field of book publishing, offering diverse editions, periodicals, and subject-focused publications. They have also embraced digital platforms and websites, providing Chinese consumers with convenient access to their books and resources. Moreover, these publishing companies have not only been focused on books but have also ventured into other forms of publishing, including newspapers, websites, and periodicals. Their commitment to quality writing, innovative approaches, and engaging content have made them prominent players in the publishing market. These companies have undoubtedly contributed to the enrichment of China’s literary scene and it is an important step for Chinese consumers. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on top publishing companies in Japan.

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