Employee Appreciation Gifts: A Guide for Managers (in 2024)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Jan 23rd, 2024

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Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. Their hard work and dedication are the driving forces behind your company’s success.

Showing your respect and appreciation for them with simple employee appreciation gifts can go a long way in terms of the employer-employee relationship. Studies show that 69% of employees would be more motivated and work harder if their efforts were recognized and rewarded. It pays to talk regularly to your employees, congratulating them when they successfully finished a project or reached a milestone in their careers. But beyond simply acknowledging their achievements, consider going the extra mile and presenting them with personalized gifts as a tangible expression of your gratitude. It would even be better if you could pick up something that represents your employee’s value in the best way possible. If you are looking for the best employee appreciation gift ideas for 2023, here are four suggestions that might help you.

Great ideas for employee appreciation gifts:

1. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts serve as a particularly meaningful way to show appreciation to your employees. By offering something tailored to their interests and preferences, you deepen the employer-employee relationship and foster a sense of connection. Consider options like a coffee mug featuring their name or a shirt adorned with their favorite superhero or musician. For a more extravagant gesture, you can explore customized wristwatches or high-end bottles of their favorite drink. However, to ensure you hit the mark, consider involving the employee in the decision-making process. They might have specific desires, such as a desired gadget or sports equipment. In such cases, providing a voucher allows them to choose a gift that truly resonates with their tastes. Remember, the key is to focus on their preferences, not your own.

employee appreciation gifts - personalized gifts

Personalized gifts trump generic company giveaways every time! Your employees would appreciate it when you put some thought into your gift.

2. Sip & Snack Box

Another creative option is to surprise your employees with a sip & snack box. Buy a box, or a gorgeous wicker basket, and fill it with delectable and healthy treats, exquisite wines, and premium confections. Add a ribbon and place the box on their desk. If your employees work remotely, consider sending the box to their home address to heighten the surprise. They will undoubtedly relish the thoughtful selection and appreciate the effort you put into delivering a meaningful gift.

offer opportunites for growth and advancement

Enrolling your employees in special courses as a reward for their hard work can also benefit your company in the long run.

3. Offer opportunities for growth and advancement

Providing opportunities for further professional development is an excellent way to show your care and investment in your employees’ growth. Consider covering the expenses of certification courses or training sessions for your “star of the month” employee, offering them a chance to advance in their career. Consider supporting their pursuit of personal interests. Inquire whether they have a specific non-work-related course they’d like to undertake, and offer to cover the costs. This grants them the remarkable opportunity to fulfill their aspirations while helping you retain valuable talent.

4. An extra vacation day

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Offering an extra vacation day is a highly sought-after gift among employees. It allows them to relax with loved ones or dedicate the day to their hobbies. Throwing in extra gifts, like a day spa gift certificate for two, can make the day extra special and will show your gratitude for their hard work even more. Additionally, an extra day off can help ease stress, prevent burnout, and boost morale and inspiration for future projects. However, it’s important to foster an environment where employees don’t feel judged or pressured when taking time off. Encourage them to make use of this gift and offer full support when they choose to do so.


Bonuses are great motivators. Everyone appreciates it a little more spending money.

5. Bonuses

When your employees accomplish significant milestones or achieve key objectives, such as making an important client sign a contract, it’s essential to express your gratitude and recognize their contributions. A meaningful way to do this is by including a substantial bonus in their next paycheck, amounting to a significant percentage of their income, such as 20-40%. By doing so, you not only acknowledge their professionalism and hard work but also inspire them to continue delivering outstanding results on future projects.

Final thoughts

Recognizing and appreciating your employees’ hard work is vital. Employee morale plays a pivotal role in your company’s success, so make it a priority to do something special for them. A simple “thank you” may not always suffice, which is why thoughtful gifts can make a significant impact. Whether it’s personalized items, sip & snack boxes, additional vacation days, or bonuses, the key is to demonstrate that you genuinely value your employees’ contributions and foster a strong emotional bond between them and the company. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on crafting memorable characters in your stories.

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