Buying Real Estate in Spain: Why Costa del Sol?

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The cozy and luxurious Costa del Sol is in the south of Spain.

It is a beautiful region that offers outstanding experience for locals and tourists alike. It brings together the best luxury resort towns from all over the state.

The streets of tiny villages and larger metropolitan areas offer stunning scenery and amazing panoramic views from the windows.

The coastal area has beaches with the cleanest sand and azure blue sea waters, warm all year long. Considering its best characteristics, buying villas in Costa del Sol for expats appears highly desirable, as well as profitable.

In this article, we’ll discuss what areas of Costa del Sol are suitable for real estate purchase and what attracts foreigners to the destination.

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About Costa del Sol in Spain

Costa del Sol is a territory with mild climate and comfortable weather conditions all year round. The destination features developed infrastructure and favorable living conditions.

During the tourist season, the population increases almost five times. Each town is brimming with visitors from all over the world, and amazing festivals and nightlife activities take place.

That is why in recent years, the Spanish real estate market has seen a serious increase in demand for the purchase of local property among foreigners.

The following features characterize the south of Spain:

In addition, most local real estate is considered elite. Its value does not go down even in times of economic crisis, which means guaranteed preservation of investments. Therefore, real estate in Costa del Sol in Spain enjoys great demand.


Buy vs. Rent Real Estate in Costa del Sol

If you are a tourist who comes to the resort only once, there is no need for real estate purchase. Obviously, rent is a more suitable variant. However, this is not always the case, especially if your trips are frequent or you plan to move to Spain for a longer period.

More recently in Spain, a stricter control of the market of tourist rentals has been introduced, therefore, in this industry there are certain restrictions.

Here, the opportunity to buy your own home has more advantages:

Architecture of costa del sol

Cities in Costa del Sol For Real Estate Investments:


Marbella is a popular Spanish resort that offers richness and luxury, a unique atmosphere, astounding architecture, and an impressive historical heritage. Millionaires from various countries and foreign celebrities highly appreciate this area. To maintain the title of the luxury resort, the real estate prices in Marbella are quite high. They definitely correspond to the quality of the construction projects. It’s a great destination to consider if you want to mingle with the wealthiest people from all over Europe.



Sotogrande hosts multiple sport tournaments. There are many training fields and sites for sports people and amateurs. Convenient location with constant Atlantic winds is perfect for sailing. Fans of polo and sailing will fall in love with the area. Real estate market here features expensive villas that offer good rental opportunities. Purchase of a villa for permanent residence may be not a good idea, but it is profitable as a long-term investment.

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Estepona is a relatively big city, but it’s also comfortable, calm and well-maintained. It is a capital of internal and external tourism in the Andalusian region. Locals and French, Italian, English and other foreigners value the area. It is a suitable place for a permanent stay and for renting your property out. You may enjoy plenty of shops, restaurants, entertainment opportunities, museums and parks. Many historical attractions are located here as well.



Fuengirola is one of the best representatives of how successfully the price may be combined with outstanding quality. Here, wide beautiful beaches are next to many hotels, bars, restaurants and stores. Fuengirola also has a sports port with over 200 anchorages. It features clean, picturesque beaches, developed infrastructure and many interesting attractions, many of which date back to the Middle Ages.


Selection of real estate in Costa del Sol

On the south coast, everyone will find a feature that is sure to please them. And owning a comfortable home will eliminate the need to worry about a place to stay. The official website Spain-Real.Estate provides a wide selection of exclusive housing units in the area.

Affordable price, trusted developers, and professional real estate agencies are the guarantee of successful deal and positive experience.

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