5 Best In-Class Activities For Developing Writing Skills

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Writing is one of the most dreaded in-class activities that students encounter.

The feeling of oncoming doom appears because students have no confidence in their writing skills. They haven’t written a lot; they haven’t read a lot. That’s why, as a teacher, you should come up with class activities for developing writing skills in class and help students become more confident and creative in expressing their thoughts in writing.

5 Excellent Class Activities for Developing Writing Skills

Encourage students to practice writing daily, read books and pieces of writing to eliminate fears, develop a unique style and tone, and find a literary genre they like. Act as a writing coach to give constructive criticism and guidance, and encourage them to write something every day. These are general guidelines, but specific class activities can help students excel.

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1. Journal Journeys: Discovering the Writer Within

Journaling isn’t just about jotting down daily happenings. It’s a transformative tool that opens a dialogue between the writer and their inner world. Through consistent journaling, students can reflect, navigate their emotions, and unlock their creative potential.

Why Journal?:

Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Journaling:

Sample Prompts to Kickstart Your Journaling Journey:

  1. What challenged you today, and why did it stand out?
  2. Recount a moment today that made you beam with pride.
  3. Document a fresh learning or insight from today.
  4. If gifted with any superpower for a day, which would you choose and why?

Recommended Resources:

Expert Tip: “Your journal is your haven. There’s no room for judgment here. Celebrate the process of self-expression and self-discovery.” – Jane Doe, Educational Psychologist.

2. Essays Unearthed: Structuring Thoughts into Powerful Prose

Crafting a compelling essay isn’t just about cobbling together words. It’s the art of weaving thoughts, structuring arguments, and engaging the reader in a logical journey. Of course, if students have some difficulties and need help with writing an essay, they can always use the writing help service. Professional authors will complete all tasks and let them save time. But essay development shouldn’t be easy because students won’t learn to write a new essay on their own.

Why Essays?:

Blueprint for Crafting a Stellar Essay:

Sample Essay Topics to Get the Ball Rolling:

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Modern Society.
  2. Climate Change: Myths vs. Realities.
  3. The Evolution of Feminism and its Contemporary Relevance.
  4. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Employment Trends.

Recommended Resources:

Expert Tip: “The most potent essays aren’t those with flamboyant vocabulary but ones that resonate with readers through genuine arguments and authenticity.” – Dr. John Smith, Professor of Literature.

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3. Story Starters: Sparking Creativity with Guided Beginnings

Diving into the realm of fiction becomes less daunting when there’s a starting point. Story prompts provide that initial nudge, letting imagination take over the rest.

The Power of Prompts:

The Path to Crafting an Engaging Short Story:

Sample Prompts to Unleash the Storyteller Within:

  1. A mysterious letter arrives, dated 50 years into the future.
  2. At the stroke of midnight, all mirrors start reflecting a parallel universe.
  3. “Why is there a dragon in your garage?” she asked, not as surprised as one might expect.
  4. The first memory he could recall was his birth, and with it, an unsettling message.

Recommended Tools and Resources:

Words of Wisdom: “A prompt is merely a stepping stone. Where you take the story, how deep you dive into its realms, is entirely up to your imagination.” – Lila Gray, Award-Winning Fiction Author.

4. Freewriting: Unleashing the Unfiltered Mind

Freewriting is all about letting the mind roam free. No judgments, no backspaces, just pure, uninhibited expression.

Why Freewriting?:

Steps to Effective Freewriting:

Sample Starting Points to Kick Off Your Session:

  1. The first sound I heard this morning was…
  2. If I could step into any painting, I’d choose…
  3. What if we all had a personal narrator?
  4. The scent of rain always reminds me of…

Tools to Enhance Your Freewriting Experience:

Pro Tip: “Freewriting isn’t about producing a masterpiece. It’s a journey into the depths of one’s mind, an exploration of thoughts and emotions.” – Maya Foster, Creative Writing Instructor.

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5. News Reporting: Cultivating Analytical Minds and Expressive Writers

Transforming classroom discourse into a newsroom can be an engaging way to foster research skills, critical thinking, and coherent expression.

The Charm of News Reporting:

Steps to Effective News Reporting in Class:

Suggested News Categories to Explore:

  1. World Affairs: Global events that shape international relations.
  2. Local News: Stories that are closer to home but equally impactful.
  3. Science & Tech: Breakthroughs, innovations, and their implications.
  4. Arts & Culture: From movie releases to art exhibitions, there’s a story everywhere.

Resources to Aid News Reporting:

Remember: “News isn’t just about presenting facts. It’s about understanding their implications, questioning the narratives, and fostering informed discussions.” – Neil Harrison, Journalist and educator.


The art of writing requires a wide range of skills. With the right class activities for developing writing skills, your students may be able to unlock their full potential as excellent writers. Students should be able to convey confidence and respect to their audience and tell a great story. A writer who can make an impression with the right tone and turn of phrase will do well in life, and your pupils deserve this.

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