Building Genuine Connections Through Organic TikTok Growth

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Mar 7th, 2024

Building Genuine Connections Through Organic TikTok Growth - featured image

Why do some TikTok videos go viral overnight while others barely get a glance?

In the ever-changing landscape of social platforms, TikTok stands out with its remarkable emphasis on genuine engagement. With an impressive 1+ billion monthly active users globally, it’s not just about vast numbers. TikTok champions real connections, urging users to embrace authenticity. More than just an app, it’s a global stage where genuine interactions thrive. For those diving into TikTok’s world, grasping its core values and community focus is crucial for authentic growth.

Understanding the Power of Organic Growth

In recent years, “organic growth” has gained buzzword status, and rightfully so. At its core, it speaks to growth derived from genuine interest and authentic connections, rather than short-lived spikes from viral moments or paid promotions. Think of organic growth as planting a seed and nurturing it daily. It might take time, but the results are long-lasting. But let’s be clear: not all growth strategies that promise authenticity are created equal. Some creators have found solace in reputable growth services to organically amplify their TikTok presence, and when used mindfully, these services can provide a nudge in the right direction without compromising on authenticity. Why? Because organic growth tends to foster a more sustainable, engaged, and loyal community. When you grow your TikTok account organically, you not only boost numbers but also cultivate meaningful relationships.

A Snapshot of Staggering Growth and Engagement on TikTok

TikTok has firmly established itself as a dominant force in the social media landscape. With a staggering user base of over 1.677 billion people globally, it boasts 1.1 billion monthly active users. The United States alone contributes to this massive number with over 150 million TikTok enthusiasts. Financially, TikTok has shown impressive growth, registering a revenue of $2.475 billion in just the first quarter of 2023. The platform’s reach is further emphasized by the fact that TikTok ads have the potential to touch 1.081 billion adults over the age of 18 each month. Gender-wise, the user base is fairly balanced with 53% females and 46% males. A testament to its daily engagement is the fact that over 1 billion videos are viewed on TikTok every single day. Moreover, the platform has been downloaded a whopping 3.5 billion times, with 246.9 million of those downloads occurring in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

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Building a community on TikTok fosters genuine engagement, amplifying your content’s reach and resonance. It not only boosts brand loyalty but also creates a space for authentic interactions and feedback.

Organic TikTok Triumphs: From Scrunchies to Slime and Candy:

Dasha Derkach’s Enchanted Scrunch journey on TikTok is nothing short of magical. Starting with a simple video that garnered 15k views, she soon saw her scrunchie brand skyrocket to a six-figure company, with TikTok accounting for around 90% of her overall sales. Meanwhile, Peachy BBs Slime stands out in the crowded world of TikTok slime shops. With a whopping 4.7 million followers, Andrea and her team have turned the art of slime-making into a viral sensation, with their products often selling out in mere minutes. On the sweeter side of things, Candy Funhouse by Jamal Hejazi has become a sensation on TikTok. After showcasing the packing process of a customer’s candy order, the brand experienced a surge in followers, with one video alone helping them gain 30k followers. Their unique candies, especially those that go viral on the app, have made them a favorite among 2.7 million followers.

The Essence of Community on TikTok

Community isn’t just a by-product of TikTok; it’s the heart and soul of the platform. TikTok’s algorithm, revered and mysterious as it may be, has a knack for pushing content that resonates with communities, be it a niche hobbyist group or a broader cultural movement. This affinity for connection underscores the platform’s emphasis on authenticity and vulnerability. In other words, the more genuine you are, the more likely you’ll find your tribe and flourish.

The TikTok Algorithm Unveiled

Ever wondered why some TikTok videos skyrocket in popularity while others, seemingly of equal caliber, don’t? The secret lies not just in catchy tunes or dance moves but deeply within the TikTok algorithm. This algorithm is designed to deliver hyper-relevant content, making users feel as if the platform truly understands them. While many creators attempt to “hack” or “game” this system, understanding its nuances is the real key. The ‘For You’ page, or FYP, is a prime example of the algorithm’s prowess. It seamlessly blends content from creators you follow with new content you might love, all tailored to your preferences.

At its heart, the TikTok algorithm values:

  • Engagement: Likes, shares, saves, and comments play a pivotal role. The more engagement a video garners, the more visibility it gets.
  • User Interactions: The content and creators your audience interacts with can influence what they see next.
  • Video Information: From captions to embedded details, every piece of information in a video can impact its reach.
  • Device & Account Settings: Even factors like location, language preference, and device type can subtly influence content recommendations.

Democratizing Content: The Power of Authenticity and Relevance

One standout feature of this algorithm is its emphasis on content relevance over creator popularity. This democratizes content discovery, meaning even newcomers can achieve significant visibility if their content resonates. Moreover, the algorithm prioritizes genuine engagement, ensuring that authentic interactions are valued more than mere numbers. So, for creators aiming to thrive on TikTok, aligning with the algorithm means focusing on authenticity, relevance, and genuine engagement.

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Collaborating on TikTok opens doors to diverse audiences, merging creative energies for innovative content. It’s a powerful strategy to amplify reach, share expertise, and foster community engagement.

Collaboration Over Competition

In an age where every second counts, TikTok has democratized content creation, emphasizing the beauty of collective growth. It promotes collaboration over sheer competition. Features like duets, stitches, and collaborative challenges are not just tools; they’re powerful avenues and bridges to new audiences and potential friendships. Take, for instance, a creator with a modest following collaborating with someone in a similar boat. Their combined creativity forms a unique synergy. Together, they not only introduce their audiences to one another but also create a ripple effect that often leads to organic growth for both. It’s a testament to the idea that in the vast ocean of TikTok, rising tides truly lift all boats, making everyone shine brighter together.

Consistency and Adaptability: The Dual Pillars of Growth

In the dynamic landscape of TikTok, staying relevant requires a fine balance between consistency and adaptability. Regular posting keeps the community engaged, reminding them of your voice, perspective, and the unique value you offer. However, it’s equally crucial to stay attuned to TikTok’s ever-evolving trends. This doesn’t mean blindly jumping on every bandwagon, but rather discerning which trends align with your voice and adapting them in a way that feels organic. It’s a dance between staying true to your identity and ensuring the content remains fresh and relatable.

Expanding Beyond TikTok: Multi-Platform Community Building

TikTok, while powerful, is but a single star in the vast social media universe. Platforms like Instagram, X (Twitter), and YouTube can act as complementary satellites, enhancing and reinforcing the gravitational pull of your TikTok community. Think of it as creating a content ecosystem: each platform feeds into and bolsters the others. A TikTok video might lead to a deeper dive on YouTube, a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram, or a lively discussion on X. When done right, cross-promotion feels natural, seamless, and, most importantly, genuine.

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Maintaining consistency in content creation on TikTok establishes trust with your audience and boosts visibility in the algorithm. A regular posting schedule not only retains current followers but also attracts new ones, solidifying your presence on the platform.

Checklist for TikTok Organic Growth & Community Building:

Profile Optimization

  • Use a clear profile picture that represents your brand or personality.
  • Craft a catchy and informative bio with relevant keywords.
  • Link to your website or other social media platforms.

Content Creation

  • Research trending hashtags and incorporate them into your content.
  • Create a content calendar to maintain consistency.
  • Use TikTok’s video editing tools to enhance video quality.
  • Experiment with different content formats: tutorials, challenges, behind-the-scenes, etc.

Engage with Your Audience

  • Respond to comments on your videos promptly.
  • Host live sessions to interact with followers in real time.
  • Encourage user-generated content by creating branded challenges or hashtags.

Collaborate and Network

  • Engage in duets or stitches with other creators in your niche.
  • Join TikTok communities or groups to share insights and learn from others.
  • Collaborate on challenges or campaigns with like-minded creators.

Analyze and Adapt

  • Regularly check TikTok analytics to understand audience behavior.
  • Adjust content strategy based on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Stay updated with platform changes and new features.

Promote Authenticity

  • Share personal stories or experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Avoid over-polished content; raw and genuine videos often perform better.
  • Showcase behind-the-scenes moments to give a glimpse into your world.

Diversify Content

  • Explore different content themes to cater to various audience segments.
  • Incorporate feedback from your community into content creation.
  • Experiment with new TikTok features as they roll out.


  • Share your TikTok videos on other social platforms.
  • Encourage followers from other platforms to join you on TikTok.
  • Integrate TikTok content into your website or blog.

Stay Updated with Trends

  • Regularly explore the ‘For You’ page to identify emerging trends.
  • Adapt trending concepts to fit your brand or personality.
  • Participate in popular challenges, but add your unique twist.

Continuous Learning

  • Attend TikTok webinars or workshops.
  • Engage with TikTok influencers or experts to gain insights.
  • Stay updated with case studies or success stories for inspiration.

Charting Your TikTok Journey:

As you navigate TikTok, remember its core values: authenticity and community. Instead of merely chasing viral moments, focus on genuine interactions and consistent content that resonates. Engage deeply with your audience, stay informed about platform trends, and always prioritize building and nurturing the vibrant communities that define TikTok’s essence. By doing so, you’ll not only find growth but also enrich the platform for all. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to improving your writing skills.

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