The Importance of Safe Driving (Essay) + 20 Safety Habits

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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The importance of safe driving cannot be stressed enough.

In 2020, 38,824 people were killed in car crashes in the U.S. alone. That number rose to 42, 915 just the following year. That’s a huge number of traffic fatalities! And those are just the reported cases; many more go unreported or undiscovered. So what counts as distracted driving? Anything that takes your attention away from driving can be classified as a distraction and can cause a car accident. This includes things like eating and drinking, changing the radio station, looking at something other than the road ahead, and yes, even using a hands-free device.

Why Driving is Essential And How to Stay Safe?

There are many reasons why having the ability to drive is essential. For one, it allows us to get from place to place much faster than walking or biking. This is especially true when covering a great distance. For example, going on a road trip, or traveling across the country, especially if you are a professional travel writer.

Other benefits include:

  • It gives us a sense of freedom and independence compared to relying on public transportation schedules or asking friends or family for rides all the time.
  • Even though cars require gas and maintenance, which can be expensive, they’re still quicker and more convenient than alternative methods like taking the bus or train.
  • When you have your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about planning around someone else’s schedule. You can come and go as you please!
  • This newfound flexibility extends beyond just traveling from A to B. Now, you can spend more time with family and friends who live further away, since visiting them isn’t such a logistical nightmare anymore.
  • Not only does this save money spent on things like taxis or buses, but it also strengthens relationships that might have otherwise grown distant.

the hazards of irresponsible driving

The Hazards of Irresponsible Driving

Of course, with the privilege of driving, comes responsibility. Driving can be hazardous, destructive,  and even deadly. That is why we are discussing the importance of safe driving in this article. I once had a friend who was traveling from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo at night, and she died in a car accident on the way. It was a tragedy. She was only 27 years old. Hence, everyone must learn safe driving measures before they ever get behind the wheel of a car. “Only when we have mastered the art of driving safely can we truly enjoy all that the open road has to offer.” Key Takeaway: Driving is important because it is faster than other modes of transportation, it allows for independence, and it can be dangerous if not done properly.

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The Importance of Safe Driving

When driving, safety should always be a top priority. Although many benefits come with being a safe driver, some people may not realize them. Here are just a few reasons why staying safe on the road is crucial:

1. It Reduces the Risk of an Accident

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of driving safely. Traffic accidents are one of the most dangerous global threats to people’s health and life. The problem is aggravated because people injured in accidents are usually young and healthy teen drivers. According to the World Health Organization, around 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year, and about 50 million are injured. Following the rules of the road and paying attention to your surroundings can help reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Even if you’re an experienced driver, things can happen unexpectedly, so it’s always best to be as cautious as possible.

2. Save Money on Car Insurance

Insurance companies typically offer lower rates to drivers who have good records and avoid accidents. If you’re looking to save money on your car insurance premiums, one way to do it is by driving carefully and avoiding any potential mishaps. While saving your hard-earned money should not be the primary reason to practice driving safety, it is a bonus. If you are under 18, your parents can help with this process, but it’s a good idea to be involved and understand rates, coverage, and what makes an insurance company good.

3. Avoiding Costly Traffic Tickets

Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket can be expensive. This is not only in terms of the fine itself but also for the points added to your license, which could lead to higher insurance rates down the line. If you want to avoid these costs, then obeying traffic laws and observing safety practices are crucial. Just remember that even if you think something isn’t worth pulling over for, an officer may disagree. So, err on the side of caution when behind the wheel.

4. Enjoying Peace of Mind Knowing You are Less Likely to Cause an Accident

One worry many drivers face is constantly thinking about what could go wrong out on the open road. When you drive safely, this shouldn’t be much of a concern. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying too much about what might happen. These are just a few of the benefits that come with driving safely. So next time you’re behind the wheel, remember to take things slow and be extra cautious. It could end up saving your life and others too. Key Takeaway: Safety should always be a top priority when driving. Following the rules of the road and paying attention to your surroundings can help reduce your chances of getting into an accident.

the importance of defensive driving

The Importance of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a set of skills and techniques that drivers use to stay safe on the road. These skills help drivers expect problems, avoid accidents, and make split-second decisions in hazardous situations. You can learn it through formal training programs or by gaining experience behind the wheel. The importance of defensive driving cannot be understated. It could very well save your life or the lives of other people one day. It’s not just about keeping yourself and your passengers, if you have any, safe. Defensive driving also protects people on the road, as well as your property (and theirs). The bottom line is that when everyone drives defensively, our roads are safer for everyone involved.

So what does defensive driving entail?

Essentially, it means being aware of potential dangers on the road and taking steps to avoid them. Knowing the perfect distance between you and the car in front of you can give you a safe braking distance in case of a sudden stop. It also means anything from obeying all posted speed limit signs and yield signs to using extra caution when merging onto a busy highway during rush hour traffic. In short, always drive with caution and never assume that other motorists will do what they’re supposed to do.

More Specific Tips for Safe Driving

  • Obey all posted speed limits even if you think they’re too low. Speeding gives you less time to react if something unexpected happens ahead of you.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians, especially near schools or in residential neighborhoods where kids are likely to be walking or biking alongside cars.
  • Be cautious when backing out of parking spots or driveways. Look both ways first.
  • Use extreme caution whenever there’s bad weather, like rain or snow, since these conditions can reduce visibility and traction.
  • Don’t tailgate! If someone’s tailgating you, move over safely so they can pass.
  • Yield to emergency vehicles: Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc. always have the right of way for their safety and yours.
  • Always maintain your cool. Road rage is one of the other common causes of roadway fatalities.

Defensive driving is a critical skill for all drivers to possess. By taking the time to brush up on your defensive driving techniques, you can make our roads safer for everyone, including you.

How to Become a Better Driver?

Whether you’re an experienced driver or you’ve just finished driver’s ed class, there’s always room for improvement. By learning to anticipate problems on the road before they happen, you can avoid accidents even when other drivers are being reckless. Although driving is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, by becoming aware of what safe drivers do (and the habits they avoid), you can make improvements in your driving skills.

20 habits of a defensive driver

20 Safety Habits for Drivers:

  1. Always wear your seat belt.
  2. Ensure your vehicle is in perfect working condition.
  3. Obey traffic signals.
  4. Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Don’t text and drive.
  6. Drive within the speed limit.
  7. Obey the work zone speed limits. The same goes for hospitals, schools, and near children’s playgrounds.
  8. Share the road with bicycles & motorcycles.
  9. Don’t talk and drive.
  10. Use properly installed child restraints.
  11. Wait for trains before crossing the track.
  12. Give way to emergency vehicles.
  13. Maintain the proper distance between your car and the one in front of you.
  14. Don’t be easily distracted by sights and sounds around you.
  15. Don’t give in to road rage. Maintain your cool.
  16. Remember that you are not on a racetrack, overtake the car in front of you only when it’s 100% safe.
  17. Stay in your lane unless you need to turn or pull over.
  18. Don’t forget to use the turn signal.
  19. Be courteous. Don’t block pedestrians and other cars.
  20. Be extra cautious in inclement weather conditions.

Key Takeaway: To become a better driver, learn defensive driving techniques and avoid the bad habits of other drivers.

FAQ About the Importance of Safe Driving:

1. Why is driving so important?

For one, it increases your mobility and independence, allowing you to go wherever you want when you want it. It also can make getting to work or school much easier and faster, saving time and money. In addition, learning to drive can help build confidence and responsibility.

2. What are the benefits of driving?

The benefits of driving vary depending on the individual. For some, it can be a liberating experience that gives them a sense of freedom and independence. For others, it may cause anxiety or stress because of the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle. However, the act of driving is relatively safe when compared to other activities, such as motorbiking or swimming. When done correctly and responsibly, driving can be an enjoyable and convenient way to get around.

3. What is a driving skill?

A driving skill is the ability to operate a vehicle safely and efficiently.

4. What are the skills required to drive safely?

  • Knowing how to control the speed and direction of the vehicle.
  • Being able to judge distances accurately.
  • Having good coordination between eyes, hands, and feet.
  • Reacting quickly in emergencies.
  • Knowing traffic rules

5. What are the three most important things about driving?

The three most important things about driving are safety, awareness, and control. Safety is the number one priority when behind the wheel.


Always drive defensively and be aware of your surroundings. Be especially cautious in bad weather or at night. Awareness is key to being a safe driver. Pay attention to other vehicles on the road, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Anticipate what others might do so you can react accordingly. Always maintain control of your vehicle. This means knowing your car’s capabilities and limitations and staying within the speed limit—even if traffic is flowing smoothly around you. In conclusion, we should take to heart the importance of safe driving. The benefits and privileges it brings come with great responsibility. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become a part of the statistics. By following the tips presented here, you can become a better driver and help make the roads safer for everyone. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to remote work safety tips.

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