How Freelance Writers Can Use X To Promote Their Services

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Mar 7th, 2024

How Freelance Writers Can Use X To Promote Their Services - featured image

Despite the whirlwind of changes, with Twitter evolving into “X”, the platform remains a hive of activity.

But X isn’t just another app to catch up with your high school buddies. It’s a goldmine for professionals, especially freelance writers, looking to elevate their brand and draw in more clients. Let’s delve into how you can make X work for you.

Compelling X Statistics to Ponder:

According to X, its users are 36% more likely to be the first to try new things. This means they are quite open-minded and ready to give whatever you’re offering a trial. The stats also show that X has a very wide reach and converts well. As of 2023, X has around 528.3 million monetizable active users and is estimated to reach 652.23 million by 2028. Around 40% of X users would purchase a product/service after seeing it on the platform. When it comes to ad views, people spend 26% more time viewing advertisements on X as compared to other platforms. All these help to prove that freelance writers would benefit from their brand on X.

Why X is a Writer’s Paradise:

Sure, there are countless platforms where creatives can share their stuff. But X? It’s a writer’s dream. Here’s why:

A Community That’s Engaged and Vocal:

People on X have diverse interests and are passionate about them. They are not afraid to share opinions on any given topic and are ready to have in-depth conversations. Most X users are critical thinkers who would engage with your work, see the value of it, and give honest feedback.

Networking Opportunities Galore:

The platform is one of the best when it comes to finding like-minded and those who share the same ideologies. You can easily find creatives in any industry on X and develop your professional network. They can help you become a household name and gain the relevance you need to grow.

Direct Line to Prospective Clients:

Everyone tends to buy from those they know, like, and trust. When you position yourself as a subject matter expert, it’s easier for them to reach out when they need your service. And the more you engage with their posts, the easier it will be for you to message them or send a business proposal.

A Pulse on Current Trends:

As a freelance writer, you have to come up with sound ideas to develop into an article. Various trends and issues are being talked about on X every single day. You can browse through the platform and pick an idea for content that suits the blog or publication you’re planning to pitch to.

Mastering X for Your Freelance Writing Business:

We’ve already established that X is an incredible platform for freelance writers to be on. Now, let’s walk through the steps for promoting your freelance writing services on X.

Craft a Stellar Profile:

Set up a kickass profile with an eye-catching banner. Make sure your profile tells people what you do and how you can help them. Include your writer’s website/portfolio.

Master Hashtag Strategies on X for Freelance Writers:

Hashtags aren’t just trendy additions to your tweets; they’re powerful tools that can amplify your reach, connect you with a like-minded community, and boost your visibility on X. Here’s how you can make the most of them:

Popular Hashtags for Writers:

  • #AmWriting: A universal tag for writers in the process of creating.
  • #WritersLife: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your writing journey.
  • #WritingCommunity: Connect with fellow writers and share experiences.
  • #WriteTip: Offer or seek writing advice.
  • #FreelanceWriting: Specifically for freelancers to share gigs, and experiences, or ask questions.
  • #WritingPrompt: Share or seek inspiration for writing topics.
  • #WIP (Work In Progress): Share snippets or updates about your current projects.

Discovering Trending Writing-Related Hashtags:

  • X’s Explore Tab: Regularly check the Explore section on X. It often showcases trending topics and associated hashtags.
  • Follow Writing Influencers: Keep an eye on hashtags used by prominent writers or writing coaches. They often set trends in the community.
  • Use Hashtag Tools: Platforms like Hashtagify or RiteTag can help you find trending and relevant hashtags related to writing.
  • Participate in Writing Challenges: Events like #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or #FlashFiction challenges come with their trending hashtags.

Best Practices:

  • Mix Broad and Niche Hashtags: While broad tags like #AmWriting can have a wider reach, niche tags like #SciFiWriting or #PoetryCritique can connect you with a more targeted audience.
  • Limit Your Hashtags: While it’s tempting to use many hashtags, it’s best to limit yourself to 3-5 relevant hashtags per tweet to avoid looking spammy.
  • Engage with Hashtags: Don’t just use hashtags—engage with them. Click on them, interact with other writers using the same tags, and build your community.
  • Create Your Own: If you have a unique writing style, theme, or recurring series, consider creating your hashtag. It can become your signature and help build your brand.
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Boost your engagement on X by hosting regular giveaways or contests. Simple actions like retweeting or using a specific hashtag can drive interaction and amplify your visibility.

Stay Active and Engaged:

Engaging with potential clients and fellow writers isn’t just about increasing your follower count; it’s about building genuine relationships and establishing your brand. Here’s how you can make meaningful connections on X:

Join Writing Challenges:

  • Why: Participating in writing challenges not only showcases your skills but also connects you with a community of writers.
  • How: Look for popular challenges like #FlashFictionFriday or #PoetryChallenge. Respond to the prompts, and don’t forget to engage with other participants by commenting on and sharing their work.

Host or Participate in Q&A Sessions:

  • Why: Q&A sessions position you as an expert in your field and allow direct interaction with your audience.
  • How: Use hashtags like #AskMeAnything or #WritersQnA. Promote the session in advance, be ready with some pre-prepared answers, and encourage live questions.

Live Tweet Writing Sessions:

  • Why: Live-tweeting your writing process or sharing real-time tips can be both educational for your followers and motivational for you.
  • How: Set a specific time and topic, use a unique hashtag, and tweet your progress, challenges, and insights. Engage with any live feedback or questions.

Engage in Twitter Chats:

  • Why: Twitter chats are organized, timed discussions around a specific topic. They’re great for networking and learning.
  • How: Join chats relevant to writing, like #WriteChat or #LitChat. Contribute to the discussion, respond to others, and make sure to follow any new connections made.

Collaborate with Fellow Writers:

  • Why: Collaborations can help you tap into another writer’s audience and vice versa.
  • How: Co-host challenges, share each other’s work, or even co-write pieces. Promote these collaborations on X to maximize reach.

Engage with Potential Clients:

  • Why: Direct engagement can lead to business opportunities.
  • How: Respond to tweets seeking writing services, share testimonials or case studies, and don’t be shy about sliding into DMs (professionally) if you see a potential collaboration.

Share and Comment on Others’ Work:

  • Why: Supporting others can lead to reciprocal support and increased visibility.
  • How: Regularly retweet, comment on, and share interesting pieces or articles from other writers and potential clients. Genuine engagement is key.

Host Polls and Surveys:

  • Why: They’re interactive and can provide valuable insights.
  • How: Use X’s poll feature to ask questions about writing preferences, favorite genres, or even feedback on your work.

Offer Value:

  • Why: People engage more with content that benefits them.
  • How: Share free resources, writing tips, industry news, or even snippets of your work. Make sure your content is both valuable and shareable.

Consider a Business Account:

A Twitter for a business account allows you to manage your business more effectively on the platform. You can use the Twitter API to connect to external or automation platforms.

Dive Deep into the X Community:

Regardless of your niche, there are many conversations that you can join and share your unique thoughts. X features Spaces, community groups and lists, polls, etc.

Don’t Just Self-Promote:

Make sure to appreciate those who like and comment on your content. You should also share other people’s tweets and provide educational or thought-provoking information.

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To foster genuine connections on X, strike a balance between sharing your work and engaging with others. Being overly self-promotional can deter followers; instead, focus on building relationships and adding value to the community.

Keep an Eye on Your Metrics and Take Advantage of Valuable Tools:

With a Twitter for a business account, you can find analytics for both organic and paid promotions. Regularly diving into these metrics will help you refine your strategies and understand what resonates with your audience. But why stop there? Enhance your X experience further with these must-have tools:

Buffer or Hootsuite:

  • Purpose: Scheduling and automation.
  • Benefits: Plan your tweets, analyze performance, and manage multiple accounts seamlessly.


  • Purpose: Determines the best times to tweet.
  • Benefits: Helps you reach your audience when they’re most active, increasing engagement.


  • Purpose: Dashboard management.
  • Benefits: Organize and build custom Twitter timelines, track mentions and hashtags, and schedule tweets, all from one interface.


  • Purpose: Graphic design.
  • Benefits: Create eye-catching visuals, infographics, and banners for your tweets without needing design expertise.


  • Purpose: URL shortening and tracking.
  • Benefits: Keep your tweets concise with shortened links and track click-through rates.


  • Purpose: Audience analysis.
  • Benefits: Dive deep into your Twitter analytics, understand your followers, and find influencers in your niche.


  • Purpose: Real-time local Twitter trends.
  • Benefits: Discover what’s trending in specific locations, allowing you to tailor your content accordingly.


  • Purpose: Hashtag suggestions.
  • Benefits: Get instant suggestions for hashtags based on real-time hashtag engagement.


  • Purpose: Audience insights and segmentation.
  • Benefits: Understand your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and interests to tailor your content strategy.

Pablo by Buffer:

  • Purpose: Quick image creation.
  • Benefits: Design engaging images for your tweets in under 30 seconds.

Sample Content Calendar for Freelance Writers on X:


    • Morning: Share a motivational quote or writing tip to kickstart the week.
      • Hashtags: #MondayMotivation #WriteTip
    • Evening: Share a snippet from your current work or project.
      • Hashtags: #WIP #AmWriting


    • Morning: Share a writing challenge or prompt.
      • Hashtags: #WritingPrompt #TuesdayThoughts
    • Evening: Engage with followers by asking a writing-related question.
      • Hashtags: #WritersLife #WritingCommunity


    • Morning: Share a book recommendation or a book you’re currently reading.
      • Hashtags: #BookRecommendation #AmReading
    • Evening: Share a behind-the-scenes look at your writing space or routine.
      • Hashtags: #WritersDesk #WritingRoutine


    • Morning: Share a throwback to an old piece or article.
      • Hashtags: #ThrowbackThursday #OldButGold
    • Evening: Engage with followers by hosting a Q&A session.
      • Hashtags: #AskMeAnything #WritersQnA


    • Morning: Share a success story or a milestone achieved.
      • Hashtags: #FreelanceWin #MilestoneMoment
    • Evening: Share a weekend writing goal or plan.
      • Hashtags: #WeekendWriting #FridayFeeling


    • Morning: Share a writing resource or tool you find helpful.
      • Hashtags: #WritingTools #ResourceShare
    • Evening: Share a personal anecdote or story.
      • Hashtags: #SaturdayStories #PersonalTales


    • Morning: Share a roundup of your week’s writing or achievements.
      • Hashtags: #WeeklyRoundup #SundaySummary
    • Evening: Share your plans or goals for the upcoming week.
      • Hashtags: #WeekAhead #WritingGoals
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Consistency is key on X; maintaining a regular content calendar ensures you stay relevant and top-of-mind for your followers. A well-planned schedule not only boosts engagement but also alleviates the stress of last-minute content creation.

The Flip Side of X:

Although X can be very beneficial for business purposes, there are some disadvantages to using the platform. Here are some of the drawbacks that you have to be aware of.

The Fast-Paced Nature:

If you’re already familiar with X, you may know that it’s a fast-paced app with millions of tweets being sent out daily. So the algorithm may not properly push some tweets and users may not pay attention unless it’s new and exciting.

Handling Criticism:

Businesses and influencers get dragged often on X. It’s a place where people share negative comments and feedback. While you may use some criticism to improve, you should learn to handle certain disapprovals with care.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, X stands out as a powerful platform for freelance writers to amplify their voices, connect with their audience, and grow their businesses. By leveraging the strategies and tools we’ve discussed, you’re not just tweeting into the void; you’re building a brand, fostering genuine relationships, and turning your passion for writing into a thriving profession. Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock; create it. Dive into X today, implement these strategies, and watch your writing career soar. And if you found this guide helpful, share it with your fellow writers on X using the hashtag #WritersOnX. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on how to build a brand as a blogger.

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