4 Ways for Business Managers to Stay Sharp

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 28th, 2023

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As professionals advance in their careers, promotions become less frequent.

Some may eventually feel like they run out of roads to drive on when they reach a management position. There may be some exciting roles at the top of the corporate ladder, but it’s unlikely those seats will be vacated anytime soon. Of course, careers are like marathons, not sprints. Career aspirations and motivation levels must not fizzle out. It is therefore important for business managers to stay sharp and show a greater semblance of job appreciation at this stage in their profession. The fear of stagnancy should be rocket fuel rather than a debilitating handicap. Staying at the top of your game is essential for your career advancement, and here are some tips to do so:

4 Ways for Business Managers to Stay Sharp

1. Ask For Feedback

Few workers will be openly willing to provide constructive criticism to their manager. They might be eager to please and thus keep many of their critiques private unless prompted. There can be an illusion of flawless success if a business manager has a team of ‘yes’ people.

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It’s a good idea to ask for honest feedback that can help you further refine your team’s efficiency. It can also boost communication and highlight humility in your performance, displaying that you are not above critique and are open to suggestions. Be sure to follow the guiding principles for asking for professional feedback so that it causes no disruption. Schedule times to meet, prepare questions in advance, and thank workers for their responses. Running a survey that invites anonymous participation may also draw in more responses and help workers feel more comfortable. Ask for feedback regularly and collate the data you receive. Track your progress, look for inconsistencies, and act on the suggestions you feel you can. Ultimately, all this effort can help you streamline your self-improvement strategies.

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2. Learn About Future Business

Business managers may feel caught in a monotonous routine. That said, business and industry are always changing, and each shift must not pass them by. There is a range of executive leadership courses one can engage with. Some can be very specific to professional experiences, too. By engaging with this content, managers can appreciate their position and become more flexible and efficient in their current roles. For instance, a women’s leadership program offers acute insights into how existing women leaders can boost their self-awareness, confidence, networking, and leadership communication skills. It also provides information on how behaviors can reshape the future of business. Those in management positions, whether junior or executive, can benefit from this content. We often presume that those with a rigid approach occupy management roles. It is important to realize that we can achieve more through innovation than just following processes. There is a daily opportunity to pioneer and innovate, and courses can constantly remind you of that unwavering potential.

3. Address Inequalities for Others

Many career-driven individuals are eager to move on to the next phase of their careers. While an eagerness to advance oneself can be admirable, it might mean losing sight of the good you can do for others in a management position. For example, equalities can occur with recruitment and promotions. During the pandemic, men were promoted three times more than women, highlighting a serious discrepancy that must be addressed.

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Diversity and inclusion should be implemented in every company. As a manager, maintain fairness within your team. Treat everyone with respect regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.

Though you might be excited to press forward, it may prime you in your position as a manager to help others do the same. Can you review the hiring processes your firm employs? Are you satisfied that your team is diverse enough? Is there any commentary you can provide that might improve things? The answers to these questions may make you uncomfortable, but they could positively test you and the business you work for. Even if your workplace strongly advocates for equality and representation, you can still use your influence as a manager to reinforce these ideas and nurture an inclusive work culture. Standards must be constantly met on this score. As a manager, you may feel a greater sense of purpose and job satisfaction in striving to meet them daily.

4. Create Content

Your experiences as a manager matter to others. Therefore, you might feel a greater sense of pride and purpose by detailing your career trajectory for others. Consider reflecting on your career openly and publicly. Could you run a blog that recounts, analyzes, and interprets some of your most prominent professional experiences? Would a dedicated podcast interest anybody? What guests might you invite on the air who can offer a unique perspective? In time, perhaps you could write a book that compiles everything you have discussed in both mediums. Perspective is an important thing for business managers. Creating content around your managerial efforts can help you appreciate the seriousness of your position and the weight of your responsibilities. You can also go beyond introspection and analyze news and data from your respective industry.

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Having risen from the ranks and attained a management position, you must have some stories and insights you can share with others through a blog.


Staying sharp as a business manager involves a constant learning process. Nobody says the road is going to be easy, but the entire journey can help provide enrichment for yourself and others. Follow the tips provided above and experiment with other strategies that can help you stand out and positively impact others and the company you belong to. Next up, you may want to check a guide on how to become more charismatic.

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