12 Life-Changing Ideas From Jay Abraham

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 28th, 2023

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Jay Abraham is one of the foremost business consultants and the author of the evergreen “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”. 

He’s a master of massive business growth, lateral thinking, exploding profits, and creating strategic partnerships. But he’s also a very intelligent gentleman with many interesting opinions about life, influence, ethics, and leverage. Below you will find some of his best nuggets of knowledge.

What Can Jay Abraham Teach You About Life and Business?

1. People are Silently Begging to be Led by Someone Who They Trust and Who has Their Best Interests at Heart

Somebody said that most people walk around with their umbilical cords in their hands, just waiting to plug them in. I think there’s a lot of truth to that. Very often we rely on external influences to guide our behavior. So why not become one of these trusted sources of information? Why not become a leader in your industry? That’s called “influencer marketing” and it’s one of the most effective business strategies of all. Jay recommends that you read Speed of Trust to embed that idea into your mind.

2. The Headline Determines 80% of the Success of Any Advertising Campaign

Jay recommends you test all your headlines on a smaller scale before rolling out your robust marketing campaigns. By using A/B tests, you can choose the optimal headline (and sometimes the differences in effectiveness are huge). We are not talking only about ads here. The same rule applies to blog articles, ebooks, reports, and other forms of content.


3. Be More Precise in Written and Verbal Communication

  • Use more of the “word pictures” to make a more powerful impression on your recipient.
  • Use more powerful verbs and active voice. Address your clients directly and be firm and brief.
  • As a young man, Jay used to learn new words every day to become a more effective communicator. I advise you to do the same as there’s a correlation between your internal vocabulary and patterns of behavior.

4. Become a Performance Optimizer

In every organization, you can find areas that are underperforming. Jay’s philosophy is all about identifying these areas and fixing them first. Even a small improvement in a major business process can lead to a dramatic increase in results. Only after carefully optimizing the existing infrastructure, you can set your sights on developing new, innovative business endeavors.

5. Use the Parthenon Model of Business Success

Every business has its impact points – areas where you can achieve the most leverage. It could be your unique selling proposition, a special offer, or an effective marketing process. The idea is to identify, optimize, and automatize these “columns” and ultimately build a solid Parthenon that will generate predictable income every month.

6. There’s Always a Space for True Entrepreneurs

Most mature markets are already saturated and it seems that it’s really hard to claim your piece of the pie. Yet according to Jay, only about 10% of competitors truly know what they’re doing. The rest is on their way out of the business. The lesson here is that you should stop winging it and join the top producers in your industry. In Jay’s view, a true entrepreneur is a person who never stops innovating and is always trying new ideas.


7. Provide Value Every Step of the Way

Here’s one of the profound quotes from Jay: “Anytime you interact with anybody for any amount of time, your opportunity, responsibility, and obligation is to make their life better off because you are in it”. You really cannot go wrong with this rule, which is Jay’s index of ideas it stands for the strategy of preeminence.

8. Ponder What You’ve Learned

Think about what you’ve learned after every important conversation, every book you read, every presentation you give, and every project and period of your life. This applies also to the mistakes you’ve made. Instead of failures, see them as learning opportunities and you’re bound to be successful in the future.

9. Render Fortunes of Service

Jay’s philosophy is all about falling in love with your clients. He says that most people fall in love with the wrong thing – their product or their company. Make sure that you don’t fall into that trap. Turn your attention outwards instead. Stop being so selfish and focus on helping others. Paradoxically, this approach will guarantee a prosperous future for you. It’s called enlightened self-interest.

10. Life is All About the Process

We always pursue our goals, thinking that achieving them will finally make us happy. What we don’t recognize is that the secret lies in enjoying the process. Just think about how long you celebrate the completion of your last major project. One day? Two days? So how about doing what you do best every day and living a life of fulfillment? Know that you do your best and be happy about it.

11. CARING is the Key to Success

Caring creates trust. Caring makes your clients happy and loyal. It’s amazing that in today’s competitive environment, only a few companies and individuals truly care about the people they serve. To crush in the marketplace always have your client’s best interest in mind. Think about how to make their buying experience so much better than it is right now.

12. Use the Amazon School of Marketing

According to Jay Abraham, one of the main tasks of entrepreneurs is to understand the pulse of the market. With the web, this task becomes easier than ever because you don’t have to spend a dime on expensive market research. Instead, go to Amazon and check the most successful products in your category. Then carefully read all the reviews and try to understand what are the hidden needs of clients in your niche.

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