15 Best Ideas For Living The Good Life

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 28th, 2023


To me, living the Good Life means experiencing life on your terms.

There’s a lot of freedom and fulfillment in this kind of life. It’s a pursuit of novelty, understanding, excitement, and new frontiers. It’s waking up knowing that today is going to be interesting. It’s knowing you’re alive because you do new things every day. It’s striving for personal improvement in everything you do. In other words, it’s a life well-lived.

15 Best Ideas For Living The Good Life:

1. Experience something new every single day

Novelty is the mother of all excitement. The days when you did something new are on your “best days ever list.” Why not have more days like this? Why not plan for them?

2. Travel is cheaper than you think

With the right attitude and preparation, you can go anywhere you want. Even if it means going for a weekend trip to a new city – it still matters. And if you live in Europe, you can take two-way flights for 50€ to places like Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid or London. Just plan for it, save the money, and move!


3. You don’t have to fall prey to materialism

Materialism is a very seductive creature. It will convince you that your self-worth depends on the amount of money you have. But many people in their 50s will tell you they feel tricked by this philosophy. They’ll ask “Is this all there is?” It’s because instead of money, they could have had fulfillment.

4. If you feel like being adventurous, just do it

If you have an adventurous soul, you can go around the world and live a life you never expected was possible. But adventures mean different things to different people. One person likes to climb mountains, the other one likes to build businesses.

5. Money is just a part of the game

Making a living is a major part of everyone’s life. But it’s not the only part. There are also things like self-development, spirituality, health, fitness, relationships, and passions. Don’t neglect those, as they make the money part so much more enjoyable.

6. Practice mindfulness and personal development

There are different states of consciousness and usually, we experience just a slice of the true spectrum of possible human experience. But through mindfulness meditation, and other means you can start to see more of the “oneness” with others.


7. Make faster progress towards your goals

Your goal achievement process can be accelerated by:

  • Constantly visualizing your goals as already achieved.
  • Doing something every day that will move you towards your goals.
  • Looking at your goals list every day and checking your progress.
  • In the evening, write a to-do list for the next day.

8. Find great beauty in everyday things

The great beauty can be found in seemingly ordinary moments of everyday life. From William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence: To See a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour

9. Take care of the environment and nature in general

At this point in history, we have a strong obligation to protect Mother Earth. What’s this idea about cutting down the Amazon Forest to build farms for cows? Killing elephants and rhinos for profit? Please! We have to do better than that as a species. If you can’t do a lot, at least do something – you are responsible.

10. Live every day with a smile on your face

By adopting a few good habits, you can vastly improve your level of well-being. How about practicing gratefulness for what you already have? How about not being so serious and laughing a little bit more?

11. Explore the new frontiers of understanding

We still have so much to understand. What is the source of life on Earth? What is the nature of consciousness? What about AI and virtual reality? And what about these new archaeological sites that question our paradigm of history?

12. Unplug and remind yourself how was life without screens stuffed into your face

Being unplugged is a true luxury in our advanced civilization. You have to plot for this momentous event and escape the city rapidly and without a trace. George Carlin was right when he asked: “When’s a kid ever get to sit in the yard and play with a stick anymore?” The kids don’t know what a stick is…


13. Don’t become fixed in your opinions and prejudices

You should use your reason to guide you. Don’t be so entrenched in your opinions. If someone presents genuine evidence and good arguments, be willing to change your mind.

14. Learn about foreign languages and cultures

New languages open new doors of understanding. Today I feel that my knowledge of Polish, English, and Spanish enabled me to understand so much more in terms of literature, customs, culture, and developing a cosmopolitan mindset.

15. Meditate for 30 minutes every day

Meditation isn’t just about lowering stress and increasing alertness. It’s also about recognizing the impermanence of all things and waking up to the nature of your mind. Just sit down in a calm place, put on a nice track with Alpha music, and observe your breath for a while. You’ll feel better.

Rafal Reyzer

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