Achieving Freedom Through Writing

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 3rd, 2023


Achieving freedom through writing is the reason I created this blog.

It took me a long time to figure it out. Months of struggle, self-doubt, self-discipline, and huge dreams lurking somewhere at the back of my mind. Is it all about the money? I don’t have a lot of it. And it has always been a strong driver of my behavior. If I could just make a living through creativity and doing something I enjoy, that would be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. But my God how small I was thinking! There are worlds of creative endeavors for me to explore. Dreams I can go after. Thousands of people I can help. Fending just for yourself is so selfish and so unfulfilling. But it’s hard to think about contribution when you’re in survival mode. And I’m not even thinking about leisure, travel, and adventure. But somewhere inside me, there is this creative spark, patiently burning, and waiting for me to discover it. I realized it’s not only about my selfish pursuit of money, productivity, and fulfilling some sort of high standards of behavior. No, there are people out there waiting for me to help them. And that’s the reason why I’m going to create amazing articles and other types of content for this blog. I want you to know you can do much more with your life. And yes, it’s going to take a big sacrifice, a lot of hardships, and staring right into the heart of darkness. Because you will be overcome by doubt, laziness, and excuses. But know that there is this divine spark, smoldering and waiting, staring right in your face. Asking you to come near it. Are you going to give it up? Are you going to give in? I’m going to show thousands of people that it’s possible not only to earn a living, but to create a monster-fully successful life through writing, blogging, graphic design, video, and all sorts of creative activities. It’s all about the pursuit of freedom. Let’s face it. I got fired from my job, even though I tried hard to be a good contributor. In retrospect, this is the best thing that ever happened to me. Because I’m A Free Soul. And no one can capture it and put it in captivity without me losing a part of it. I knew it always. But I decided to bury it somewhere deep and endure anything that would lead to more money. But the big lie is over now. I need to create and show other people how to revive their spirit of freedom. When I sat in the office, feeling down because I couldn’t do my thing, I used to listen to that old song: “My heart’s in the highlands, my heart is not here.” This was an everlasting call to freedom, echoing somewhere deep in the recesses of my soul. And now finally I hear it. I’m willing to listen to it. And I’m willing to relentlessly pursue my dreams. I know there are thousands of people around the world, sitting in their cubicles and murky offices, thinking to themselves: Is this what my life is about? Meager salary, no appreciation, no fulfillment, and a few days of holidays I can use to go for a cheap vacation. No, there’s much more to it. And through your creativity, you can achieve it. And it doesn’t have to be conventional or stereotypical in any way. You can do the exact thing that only you were brought here to do. I would sit on a Turkish rug, drink strong coffee, listen to Setar, and delve into Persian poetry. I would go to the deepest desert, hear the snow falling off the pine trees, and swim along with dolphins in the vast ocean. I would bring other cultures to people and connect them. I would show people there’s depth to them. I would show them how to make an impact. And how to get free from their limitations and capture the essence of their existence. That’s what I’m about. Not about the money, not about the three things you can do, and not about some strange esoteric marketing tactics. It’s about your life and what are you going to do about it. It’s about your creative spirit and how will you let it shine. It’s about the tears and the heartbreak that comes along with going into the unknown. And mostly it’s about living your truth and pursuing freedom, whatever you describe it. Making this dream come true is going to take years. Both of us will have to learn a lot, sweat a lot, and break our inner barriers. But this is the only thing I know how to do. And this is the thing I’m going to hammer until the dream becomes a reality. When I was young I went on a trip to Sicily with my mom and sister. We were in Taormina, a beautiful coastal town with rugged cliffs, not too far from Etna Mountain. I remember my mum ordered freshly squeezed orange juice for us to share. I remember I got so angry that I couldn’t have that juice just for myself. My mom was a teacher and she had to save at every turn because she already paid for the whole trip for the three of us. Then, in my deep dissatisfaction, I went to the edge of the city and stopped at this iron gate. In the distance, I saw luxury resorts at the sea, and huge yachts floating gently in the bay. I remember it so clearly. I decided that one day I will never have to worry about money again, and I will buy that damn orange juice for everybody. And I’m going to stay in a five-star luxury hotel behind that iron gate. And then I’m going to travel the world like there’s no tomorrow. This is still nagging at me. It’s some kind of revenge I’m after here. But now I know I’m going to get there. Because of my skills, my passion, my commitment, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen. For me, for my family, for my beautiful girlfriend, and thousands of people like you, with an insatiable desire to become free. Now more than ever, it’s possible. You and your laptop can do wonders and change lives. Are you going to take the challenge?

Rafal Reyzer

Rafal Reyzer

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