The 6 Crucial SEO Benefits of Developing Topical Authority

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Mar 7th, 2024

The 6 Crucial SEO Benefits of Developing Topical Authority - featured image

To create a content strategy that can’t be ignored by search engines, you must establish topical authority. This concept in SEO and content marketing refers to a person or website’s comprehensive knowledge of a specific topic.

In this quick write-up, you’ll learn what is topical authority, what the benefits of developing it are, and how to evolve your content strategy to start building it. Let’s dive right in!

What exactly is topical authority?

Imagine you’re seeking expert advice on a specific topic, and you find a website that seems to have all the answers. That’s topical authority in action! It’s when a website becomes the go-to source for information on a particular subject. Google and other search engines adore these knowledge hubs. Why? Because they consistently serve up rich, accurate, and comprehensive content that readers adore. It’s not just about churning out articles, though. Topical authority is earned through deep dives into subjects, regular content updates, and attracting genuine reader engagement. Think of it as the digital world’s stamp of expertise. When a site achieves this, it’s not just readers who take notice. Search engines reward them with top rankings, drawing even more eager readers to their content. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Here are the main advantages of developing topical authority:

1. It boosts your organic reach

Creating topical authority will increase natural visitors by enhancing search engine rankings. Expert content like the one provided by government authorities draws users seeking out reliable information and statistics. Websites with authoritative content receive the most visibility on the internet. As your website’s visibility increases, more users get to interact with your content. Natural visitors are key to strengthening your website’s online presence. Nerd Wallet, a website that focuses on topics related to personal finance, is one of the perfect examples of brands leveraging the power of topical authority to get more organic traffic from search engines like Google. Nerd Wallet creates topic clusters around pertinent issues their audience is interested in and searching about. As a result, it ranks for several keywords, which results in more organic traffic. The website averages over 11 million monthly page views from organic traffic. This SEO strategy helps the website generate organic traffic consistently.

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Think of topical authority as building your online reputation within a specific field of knowledge. The more niche-oriented content you put out, the more credible it looks for the search engines.

2. It increases brand name awareness

Topical authority complements a brand’s reputation by way of conveying information and credibility. When a company continuously produces quality and reliable products in its area of interest, it is automatically regarded as an industry leader. Consumers get to associate the brand with trust and reliability, which enhances its reputation and builds strong consumer loyalty. One such company that creatively uses topical authority to set it apart from the competition, as a source of trusted information in the online marketing landscape is Buzz Sumo. If you are searching for anything related to online marketing, chances are that you’ll find an article from Buzz Sumo among the top results. It thoroughly researches popular topics in the field of digital marketing and then creates topic clusters around particular niches. As a result, it is viewed by search engines as an authority in the field of digital marketing. As more people read and reference content provided by Buzz Sumo, the brand gets more visibility.

3. It gives you more backlink opportunities

Topical authority opens the door to more back-link opportunities. As an authority content provider in a particular field, other websites will most probably reference content material on your website through hyperlinks to your website. This not only improves the search engine ranking of your website but also improves your credibility, expands your community, and increases your online presence. If you ever search for any topic related to project management, you’ll most likely encounter an article from among the top-ranked articles on Google. is a project management tool that receives over 1.2 million monthly visitors from organic traffic. It can get the top spot for competitive keywords related to project management because of effectively implementing a marketing strategy that focuses on building topical authority. receives thousands of backlinks from different websites because of the valuable content it provides to users. The topical authority sets you apart as an expert in the said field, thereby attracting links and references to content on your website.

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The more topical authority you have, the higher your traffic will be, which in turn will attract more powerful backlinks to your site. It’s a snowball effect.

4. It improves conversion rates

Topical authority increases conversion rates by setting the website apart as unique and trustable. If site visitors see your website as an expert source in a particular field, they’ll most likely believe the information provided and accept related recommendations. High-quality, authoritative content material builds trust helps customers make more knowledgeable buying decisions, and in the end, enhances conversion rates. Forbes online is one of the most reliable and trusted sources of information about business-related topics. It has more than 59,000 articles on the subject of business, and several topic clusters focus on specific business-related topics for example credit cards. Building topical authority has made Forbes a trusted brand and therefore most people don’t hesitate to buy products and services recommended by Forbes. If you make yourself a reliable source of information about topics that matter to your audience, they’ll trust products and services recommended by you, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

5. It fosters excellent user experience

Topical authority enhances user experience using offering valuable in-depth content about a specific topic. Users don’t have to move back and forth between websites to gather relevant data about a topic, because everything is in one place. Users find comprehensive, well-organized, and easy-to-process information. This leads to repeat visits and also builds customer loyalty. Nothing relieves users like landing on a page that has the most information about a topic they are searching for. WebMD (a website that focuses on health, fitness, medicine, and nutrition-related topics) are expert in creating topic clusters for related topics. For example, if you search for information about the Keto diet on the website, you’ll be directed to a page that has comprehensive information about the Keto diet (including definitions, how to get started, what to eat, and what to avoid).

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By having lots of related content on your website, you increase the user experience and boost the “average time on site” engagement metric, which is crucial in SEO.

6. It builds a robust SEO foundation with content hubs

Establishing topical authority is akin to laying a solid foundation for your website’s SEO.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  • Consistency is Key: Regularly publishing unique and updated content grabs the attention of search engines like Google, propelling your website up the search rankings.
  • Quality Over Quantity: While search engine algorithms evolve, their love for high-quality content remains unwavering. It’s not just about churning out content, but ensuring it’s valuable and relevant.

Content Hubs – The Powerhouse of Topical Authority:

  • What’s a Content Hub?: Think of it as a centralized space on your website where you delve deep into a specific topic, offering readers a range of articles, videos, and other resources related to that subject.
  • Why It Works: Content hubs not only organize your content efficiently but also demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of a topic. This holistic approach signals to search engines that you’re a trusted authority in your niche.
  • Boosted Rankings: With a well-structured content hub, search engines can easily crawl and index your content, giving you an edge in SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Recognition by Major Search Engines: Giants like Google and Bing prioritize websites showcasing deep expertise. By focusing on specific topics and building content hubs around them, you’re more likely to rank higher for related search queries.
  • Staying Updated: Remember Google’s helpful content update? It was all about prioritizing trustworthy content. By consistently updating and refining your content hubs, you align with such updates, ensuring your content remains at the forefront.

By integrating content hubs into your strategy, you’re not just enhancing your SEO foundation but also providing readers with a one-stop resource, further cementing your topical authority.

Practical tips on how to build topical authority:

Building topical authority isn’t an overnight task, but with dedication and the right strategies, you can become the go-to source in your niche.

Here are some actionable steps to guide you:

  • Deep Dive Research: Before writing, immerse yourself in thorough research. Understand the nuances of your topic and stay updated with the latest trends and findings.
  • Consistent Quality Content: Regularly publish well-researched, in-depth articles. Consistency is key to showing search engines and readers that you’re committed to your niche.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, participate in forums, and be active on social media. This not only builds trust but also gives you insights into what your audience wants to know.
  • Collaborate with Experts: Guest post on reputable sites in your niche and invite experts to contribute to your platform. This boosts credibility and expands your reach.
  • Optimize for SEO: While quality content is king, ensure it’s optimized for search engines. Use relevant keywords naturally, optimize meta descriptions, and ensure a mobile-friendly site.
  • Gather Quality Backlinks: Backlinks from reputable sites can boost your site’s authority. However, focus on quality over quantity. One link from a well-respected site is worth more than several from lesser-known sources.
  • Regularly Update Content: The digital world is ever-evolving. Regularly revisit and update your content to keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Seek Feedback: Encourage readers to give feedback. Constructive criticism can help you improve and cater better to your audience’s needs.

Remember, building topical authority is a journey, not a destination. Stay committed, be genuine, and over time, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Are you ready to establish your topical authority?

In essence, topical authority is the beacon that guides readers to trustworthy, comprehensive information in the vast sea of online content. It’s achieved by consistently delivering high-quality blog posts, staying updated, and genuinely engaging with readers. Websites with topical authority not only enjoy higher search engine rankings but also earn the trust and loyalty of their audience. So, as you venture into the world of content creation, ask yourself: Are you ready to be the go-to expert in your niche and establish your topical authority? Next up, you may want to explore one of my major content hubs about publishing companies. You’ll see how the page is linking out to all the tier-two articles, and how all of them link back to the topic hub.

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