5 Effective Strategies to Build a Strong Personal Brand

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Are you aspiring to carve a niche for yourself and build a strong personal brand by riding high on your skills and ambitions?

If yes, you are aiming for personal branding that involves shaping a favorable perception of yourself in the eyes of your prospective audience.

It means building a sterling reputation, creating an image that others recognize, and developing highly marketable products or skills.

While it seems like a tall order, there are strategies you can use to build a strong personal brand.


5 Effective Ways To Build a Strong Personal Brand

Your choice of shaping your personal brand depends on the image you want to project about yourself and what you intend to accomplish.

The steps discussed below will help you in this endeavor by offering insights into the much-treaded yet most effective ways to promote yourself as a vibrant brand.


1. Make A Bold Statement About Your Persona

As a brand, your identity will shine through the credible and forceful representation of your strengths and passions, along with the values and ideals that define you.

For this, nurture an authentic brand image strategically and purposefully through renowned digital touchpoints.

But before that, you must figure out and shortlist your assets like:

Once you know your USPs, craft the following things for your brand:

choosing brand colors to build a strong personal brand

You can confidently showcase your brand persona through a professional network like LinkedIn. Armed with all the essential information that will serve as an anchor for potential customers who would like to explore you before forging an association, you may do the following.

Here is an example of a LinkedIn profile making a bold statement from Chris Gayomali’s article in Fast Company:

What It's Like To Get A Personal Brand Makeover By Personal Brand Cons

2. Take Control of Your Performance, Image, and Exposure (PIE)

Hinge your personal brand on the pillars of PIE by constantly mirroring the superlative aspects that set you apart.

Performance matters. Hence, update your online profile regularly with the latest information about helping your clientele. You may post a concise case study underlining how your qualitative support could decisively address the client’s pain points.

To offer an immersive experience, you can post videos depicting your success story. A good website to edit videos will offer you all the required tools under one roof to streamline your job.

Brand image building is a continuous process that involves presenting a tailored overview of your brand’s high points to steer the opinions of others in your favor.

In this context, you can leverage the potential of positioning statements that reflect your brand’s cutting-edge offers that can influence new prospects.

The success of such a statement lies in the following.

Exposure is all about ensuring that your personal brand is getting discovered by interested prospects. For this, you need endorsements of your skills by your brand advocates on your profile.

You may open personal pages or channels on popular social platforms and online portals to interact with new leads.

Check out this personal branding pyramid from Personal Branding 4EUth.

personal branding pyramid

3. Use Your Story To Reinforce The Framework of Your Brand

As a brand, you can weave a story around your expertise and accomplishments to create a robust brand framework.

For this, you need to define:

An engaging video created with any good online video editor will help showcase your brand story in a compelling way. Videos have an irresistible charm that the audience can’t ignore.


4. Make Your Brand Profile Search Engine Optimized

The ease of discoverability of your brand is important to ensure that your brand’s charm continues to entice new prospects.

For this, focus on SEO (search engine optimization) so that your profile can be found whenever a new lead searches online for a brand that matches your characteristics.

Here are some of the best SEO practices to build a strong personal brand:

search engine optimization

5. Create Actionable Content and Focus on Networking

Your brand will command the attention and respect of audiences when you give them matters to ponder and wonder about.

This calls for creating high-quality, meaningful, and relevant textual and video content regularly and posting them on touchpoints you use to interface with leads.

You can also comment on and share relevant content from others.

Showcase your unique perspective to let people appreciate your out-of-the-box thinking and functioning. For example, if you are rooting for better search engine result page ranking of your client’s websites, you can create content on “X ways to exploit loopholes in Google algorithms to make your post rank better”.

Follow a schedule for posting content. A personal tone will help audiences warm up to your brand better.

Highlight your brand’s salient aspects prominently so that clients cast away the idea of abandoning you in favor of others.

Don’t be away from public glare for a long time as you risk being sent to oblivion by even loyal followers, as competition is stiff in every niche.

Keep networking, i.e., offer regular fodder for thought to existing clients and approach new leads through content sharing, conferencing, or industry events.

networking to build a strong personal brand


Your personal brand will always ride on an upward trajectory if you strategically pursue your vision with intent.

Have a clear roadmap of how you will build a strong personal brand and you will continue to polish your brand’s image. Seek inspiration from others whose personal brands are valued in the online landscape.

Nothing can stop you from becoming a brand juggernaut with a distinctive flair for success if you carry out branding purposefully.

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