5 Tips To Write A Riveting Motivational Letter

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 29th, 2023

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A motivational letter (or cover letter) is a written document that’s around 500 words long.

Its job is to outline your credentials and state reasons you’re a suitable candidate for an open position. It contains details about your education, skills and talents, future ambitions, and reasons you choose to study or work in a particular institution. This document shows how you view yourself and your contribution to the outside world. However, writing motivational letters can seem quite daunting and stressful, especially when applying for a university or college scholarship.

A Few Initial Pointers:

  • You need to present yourself as a swift and logical thinker and convince your recipients that you’re the best person for the job.
  • It’s always a great idea to find quality essay examples online to get inspired. Better still, there are free and quality motivation essays for students available on different reliable websites.
  • Considering the importance of this letter, many students seek professional help to ensure that everything is done correctly. Is this quite right, though? Who else knows you better than yourself, right? Still, it’s recommended to get all the help and guidance necessary to write the letter successfully, as your future hinges on it.

In this article, you’ll find the best writing tips to assist you in completing your first motivational letter.

Top Tips for Writing a Great Motivational Letter:

1. Make It Personal

One thing to consider when writing a motivational letter is to infuse it with your life experience. Motivational letters need to be personal to be convincing. You need to keep the reader interested in your interests, perspectives, feelings, and ambitions. Write about these things in a smooth and concise format. Also, express these points in a natural and serious tone. Your writing voice must come through in your letter as if in a physical interview. Make the document interesting by adding a few inspiring details about your education, life goals, and future desires. This will make your letter stand out for sure. While presenting yourself, don’t forget to mention how these personal qualities will benefit the recipient. They’re interested in how you can help them, and not the other way around.

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2. Present Yourself as a True Professional

Present yourself in the best light possible in your cover letter. Accomplish this by sharing your personal positive experiences and strengths. Avoid unnecessary expressions about limiting challenges and negative experiences in your life. Pinning down negative experiences may easily divert your reader’s attention to the negatives, and result in a negative outcome (i.e. not getting your dream position). Talking about your strengths, achievements, and strongest points helps the recipient appreciate and consider your value to the institution. As a student, this is another crucial factor to consider when writing a university scholarship or admission motivational letter. It always helps to keep the letter positive throughout. By emphasizing strengths, not weaknesses, you’ll be able to convince the reader that you’re a great pick.

3. Keep It Simple and Concise

You must keep your letter concise. I know it’s difficult to forego mentioning your great experiences and achievements. But remember, motivational letters only require a limited number of words. Therefore, it is better to focus and keep your content as simple as possible by not widening the topic. To make your motivational letter punchier, exclude details that aren’t essential. Whether applying for a job or scholarship, avoid non-relatable content in your letter. Instead, state the facts and present them concisely without digressing. There’s no need to emphasize your athletic achievements if you’re vying for a medical scholarship or admission program. Above all else, stick to the writing requirements stated by the institution you’re applying to. Failing to do that will disqualify you from the get-go.

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4. Talk About the Future Prospects

A motivational letter intends to show how beneficial you are to the future of the organization. You need to give credit to how helpful and progressive you’ll be by applying your unique skills. Buttress your points by sharing a goal that you would like to accomplish after getting hired. Education is another entity that requires motivational papers for approval. For instance, most scholarships require that students fill in these letters to show their potential. You must be able to word paint positive prospects in your letter. It creates a basis for any educational institution to consider you as a student for admission.

5. Say Why You are Applying and What You Expect

Finally, you need to express the reasons you decide to submit your application and what you expect. Show them why you are a great fit for the job without adding too much pride. A little pride expression is enough to amuse your reader. Just don’t overdo it. Especially for an academic application, clarify, and show them how hopeful you want your educational progress to be.


Motivational letters are a very important document type any writer must pay close attention to craft it successfully. By making it personal, simple, futuristic, and accurate, your motivational letter will capture your reader’s attention without a doubt. Make use of proper grammar and punctuation, and complete the essay with a thorough proofreading session. Good luck with writing your first professional motivational letter. Next up, you may want to explore the top tips for improving your English writing skills.

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