5 Tips For Improving Your English Writing Skills (For Bloggers)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 29th, 2023

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If you’re thinking of becoming a blog writer, you will undoubtedly need to master your English writing skills for that purpose.

There are many tips and tricks on how you can gain proficiency in the English language and make a passive income writing blogs or even market your products or work for firms that require writing skills. In today’s world, online marketing is incomplete without writing skills, especially in a linguistic style that will persuade and intrigue the consumer to buy your product or your employer’s products.

Here are a few tips on how to build up your writing skills:

1. Cultivate Sustained Focus

Mastering the written word is not a task you can do on the side. It requires consistent study and practice even if all you can spare every day are a couple of hours. Hiring a professional English tutor is also helpful if you can afford it and taking English tuition is even more effective as it gives you routine and answerability which you are unlikely to impose on yourself. Take time each day to not only read but also watch videos in English (this doesn’t include hilarious joke videos but educational content). When you can think in English you will be able to write in it and express yourself much better. Building your vocabulary is also a skill honed over time, so use the simple standard testing method of writing words and guessing their meaning using flashcards. For proper focus, you also need to eliminate possible distractions such as noise, social media, television, kids, or phone calls. Research says that once someone’s attention is broken, it takes them nearly 17 minutes to adjust focus again. You can also use the popular Pomodoro method of taking regular breaks during your reading and writing sessions for improved concentration.

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2. Read, Read, Read

There are no shortcuts to language proficiency. The more you read the more you learn the meaning of words and sentence structure and the more effectively you will be able to replicate these meanings when you are sharing your own opinions. Read fiction more than non-fiction simply because it boasts a wider range of words and will allow you to become a better writer. If your work tasks require primarily product reviews, for example, you can make a habit of reading well-written ones online daily to understand tone, vocabulary, style, and sentence formation. Furthermore, it is useful to track progress like words learned or well-written sentences in a journal or notebook to refer to later or to revise. If you struggle with reading or do not possess it as a habit or task of leisure, start with material that refers to something you already like such as sports, cooking, technology, politics, and so on.

3. Follow Your Path

The most successful blogs are the fairly unique ones, have their inimitable style, and for that reason create interest right away. If you are copying someone’s style, you are unlikely to get far. Develop your distinctive style to write more interesting blog posts such as having the tone be comical, sarcastic, formal and research-based, or simply casual. Referring to the earlier point of reading; the more you read the more you will learn which style appeals to you personally and you can do an adaptation of it for your blog writing.

4. Find A Good Editor Or Proofreader

If you are just starting in the field of blog writing, it is incredibly useful to have another person look over your work and tell you where you are going wrong. This could be your tutor if you have one but also a friend or colleague who is good at writing in English. Free proofreading, grammar, and sentence structure software like Grammarly are also available to provide you with directions on where you are going wrong.

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Writing a narrative about personal experiences and observations can be a good practice.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Writing is like playing the piano, you cannot get better unless you’ve put in the time and practice to become good at it. You can start by rewriting well-written blog posts, checking them against software, or having a friend look at them. The more you rewrite and effectively reproduce the meaning of written material, the better you will become at creating entirely new meanings and expressing your thoughts as your skills will have improved by then. Next up, you may want to explore the best freelance writing job boards.

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