6 Best Pharmacology Flashcards Sets (In 2023)

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Whether you’re a medical student, a nursing school graduate, or someone seeking higher education in biomedical sciences, you will face critical challenges while learning pharmacology.

Pharmacology is the most boring, time-taking, and terrifying subject. Memorizing names, indications, action mechanisms, contraindications, interactions, and other details of over 20,000 registered medicines is technically impossible.

But you can make it easier and simpler by using a few tricks and techniques.

One of the most effective ways to learn and memorize such intensive details about drugs is to use pharmacology flashcards.


Why Use Flash Cards to Study Pharmacology?

Flashcards improve your memory through a practiced information retrieval process.

It is an effective self-testing method that saves time and places the concepts in the long-term memory of human beings.

Here are a few reasons why you should use flashcards to study pharmacology:

Look for the following while purchasing pharmacology flashcards:

  1. Cards must be organized according to drug categories and classes.
  2. Each card should contain exactly a single piece of information.
  3. They should cover all the drug classes and all major and minor concepts.

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Here Are The Best Pharmacology Flash Cards Sets:

1. Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Cards

Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Cards set is at the top of the list.

It is composed of multiple learning methods like visuals, memory aids, and mnemonics. It explains the concept with humor, cartoons, and images.


Information contained:

Medicine name, side effects, nursing implications, life-threatening implications, and patient teaching skills.

Suitable for:




2. Pharm Phlash!

This is another most widely purchased set of pharmacological flash cards.

These cards are organized in groups according to the human organ system. They cover critical information about more than 400 commonly used medications.


Information contained:

MOA, side-effects, indications, usage, action, vital signs, laboratory assessment data, and such other information.

Suitable for:




3. Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards

Two medical school students designed these flashcards. They are closer to the student’s needs and an excellent choice for a rapid cramming session or an instant review.


Information contained:

Medication name, indication, recommended dose, side-effects, and action.

Suitable for:



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4. Pharmacology Flash Cards by George M. Brenner PhD

This set of flashcards has been designed by George M. Brenner Ph.D. Using his extensive knowledge and professional experience.

It is an ultimate learning tool for pharmacology students, specifically designed to make learning easier.

This set contains beautifully illustrated flashcards to demonstrate core pharmacology concepts.


Information Contained:

Medication name, drug class, pronunciation, MOA, adverse effect, special considerations, clinical use, interactions, similar drugs, and generic and trade names.

Suitable for:




5. Pharm Cards Memory Cards

These are very simple and well-designed Pharmacology flashcards to make pharmacology fun to learn.

Drugs and their corresponding details are linked and elaborated via humorous mnemonics. Action mechanisms are explained with detailed diagrams.


Information Covered:

Drug name, classification, effect, action mechanism, interaction, and adverse effects.

Suitable for:

Anyone who wants to learn pharmacology. It is more focused on illustrating concepts.




6. PharMnemonics

This set contains illustrated pharmacology memory cards. It illustrates the drug details in terms of interesting and funny mnemonics and images.

The graphical illustration makes memorization much easier and leaves a lasting visual impact on the human brain.

It provides both fundamental and organ-specific information about the range of commonly used drugs. The curriculum for this set is specifically designed by the National Board of Medical Examiners to include details about important drugs only.


Information contained:

Drug names, functions, action mechanisms, off-label usage, clinical cases, side effects, and interaction.

Suitable for:




Pharmacology is one of the most important subjects to remember throughout your medical career rather than just cramming it for exams or quizzes. But it is also a very diverse subject requiring a lot of memorization.

To reduce memorization time, improve your NCLEX EXAM test score, get good grades, and avoid medication errors throughout your medical career, use the best pharmacology flash cards.

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