Top States for Solar Power: Where to Harness the Sun’s Energy

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Nov 24th, 2023

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Solar power is leading the way in the struggle against climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

With improved technology and societal enlightenment, more states in the U.S. are setting up solar energy systems. With the growing number of solar companies in California, Arizona, and many other states, the United States is becoming a serious player in the solar arena.

Top US States for Solar Power:

California: A Solar Powerhouse

Undoubtedly, California is a powerhouse in terms of solar power. California, also known as the Golden State is the largest solar market in the U.S. and a leading adopter of renewable energy on a global scale. The ambitious California renewable energy policy aims to obtain the state’s clean energy profile by 2045. Solar companies do well in California owing to favorable state policies, high consumer demand, and plenty of sunlight available. It houses some of the leading solar companies such as SunPower, Tesla, and Sunrun contributing to the high amount of solar capacity in the state.

Arizona: The Sun’s Playground

In terms of geographical position, Arizona is a good place rich in sunlight and desert. Many solar companies have flocked to the state which has always been on the list of states with the highest number of sun installations. One company that has been at the heart of Arizona’s solar success is First Solar which is a company established in Tempe, Arizona. The state’s commitment to renewable energy is manifested in policies aimed at promoting solar development and the growth of solar companies in Arizona to make it a preferred solar investment destination.

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Arizona’s solar investment hit $14.6 billion by 2021, with plans to boost capacity. The 2020 law aims for 100% renewable energy by 2050, marking Arizona as a solar leader.

Florida: Sunshine State Goes Solar

The Sunshine State of Florida is indeed moving forward in its solar adoption. Florida is one of the places in the world with a warm sunny climate and therefore has the potential to become a leading country in solar power. With increasing demand for solar as a clean energy solution, most of the solar companies in Florida – like Nextera Energy – are taking advantage of the friendly solar policy of the state. With each additional megawatt of solar in Florida, it makes itself one of the leading solar states in the nation.

North Carolina: Rising Solar Star

Solar growth witnessed impressive gains that have made North Carolina a rising star in the solar industry. The state’s promise to renewable energy has promoted a bustling solar market. In addition, Duke Energy and Cypress Creek Renewables, which are big solar companies in North Carolina greatly influence the state’s performance in solar adaptation. The supportive policies and a favorable regulatory framework in North Carolina encourage potential solar development.

Colorado: Rocky Mountains, Sunny Skies

Solar energy is fast becoming a popular feature in Colorado, famed for its breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Solar companies in Colorado have been growing due to the state’s renewable energy goals and incentives. Companies like Namaste Solar and SunShare concentrate on eco-friendliness and contribute vastly to the solar picture in Colorado. With a strong solar market and beautiful setting, Colorado is an excellent state not only for publishers but also for harnessing solar power devices.

Michigan: Harnessing Solar in the Midwest

Despite being part of the Midwest, Michigan could be leading the pack in terms of solar energy development. Power Panel and Harvest Energy Solutions, two solar companies in Michigan, have played a significant role in solar adoption in the area. The state of Michigan has started to become an important player when it comes to the solar industry with favorable policies and an increasing consciousness of solar advantages.

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U.S. solar capacity topped 135,700 MW in late 2022, powering 24M homes, per SEIA.

Iowa: Cultivating Solar Growth

The state of Iowa which has large stretches of farmland, is not just growing crops but also solar capacity. Some of the solar companies in Iowa, for instance, Eagle Point Solar and Ideal Energy, are helping add renewables to the state’s resource mix. Iowa’s support for clean energy is creating favorable conditions for installing solar panels within the Midwest and making it one of the most important states in the region.

Kentucky: Embracing Solar Opportunities

As more economical and environmentally friendly sources of power become recognized, Kentucky is gradually moving towards solar opportunities. Most solar companies in Kentucky, including Solar Energy Solutions and Solar Power of Kentucky are leading solar adoption in the state. Kentucky’s move to clean energy is one example of a wider trend toward recognizing the potential of solar energy in the Southeast region states.

Arkansas: Solar on the Rise

This may mean that Arkansas is famous for its beautiful nature and different landscapes, but it has become famous in the solar industry. In this perspective, solar companies in Arkansas like Entregty and Today’s Power are taking advantage of this potential in this state in the country as well. With increased commitment to solar infrastructure and positive policies in Arkansas, the state is set to experience tremendous solar power growth in the future.

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Veterans shine in the solar sector, making up 8% of its workforce vs. 5% nationally.

Delaware: Small State, Big Solar Ambitions

Being a small state does not deter Delaware as it makes huge strides in solar adoption. These companies include Standard Solar and SoCore Energy which is the commitment that the state has towards renewable energies and sustainability. Delaware’s strategic focus on solar development and move towards creating a supportive regulatory environment make it a noteworthy player in the solar Industry.

To Sum Up

these are the leading states in the solar revolution as the demand for clean and sustainable energy. Solar power is now a leading force in reshaping the American energy landscape, whether in the sun-drenched landscapes of California and Arizona or the unexpected regions of the Midwest and Southeast. With supportive policies, solar tax initiatives, developing innovative solar companies in Delaware, California, and Florida as well as other states, and increasingly recognizing the need for renewable energy, the USA is at the forefront in using the sun’s light as an alternative to dirty power and a brighter tomorrow. Solar panel insurance covers the cost of repairs, providing reassurance to solar adopters in these leading states as they embrace clean and sustainable energy. However, challenges remain. Despite significant progress, there is room for further expansion and innovation. Addressing issues related to intermittency, storage, and maximizing the efficiency of the sun’s energy remains crucial for sustainable growth in the solar installations sector. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on setting up a solar-powered home office for remote workers.

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