5 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA (2023)

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Turning to research paper writing services might have been a novelty a few decades ago.

But today, many college students, content creators, educators, and bloggers use them all the time.

Reasons may include heavy workload and time management issues. As for college students, it could be too much academic pressure and low grades‌.

Other reasons might be the inability to edit and proofread their writing or address specific citation rules to avoid plagiarism.

Therefore, by turning to professional research paper writers, the learners receive immediate help, making it easier to deliver college assignments on time.

Now, let’s look at five of the best research paper writing services in the United States.

We will evaluate and learn how they provide academic help.


5 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA (2023)


1. EduBirdie


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EduBirdie is one of the most popular research paper writing services. They probably need no introduction for those learners who have explored the subject of online help in the past.

They offer professional and reliable academic help that ranges from writing and editing essays to dissertations and research papers.

YEARS IN SERVICE: They have been around since 2015 and have made quite a name for themselves. EduBirdie is the most Google-searched writing service in the US. They are especially popular around the world, having reached customers in 172 countries.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: They have good reviews on Google, Sitejabber, Reviews™, and their website, where their customers rate their writers. The average score for its services on the review websites is 4.7.

QUALITY OF WRITING: EduBirdie, is known for following deadlines, having no grammar or plagiarism issues, and keeping up with the original formatting specified. There are free revisions that are helpful in the correction of minor issues. In the rest of the testimonials online, most customers attest to not encountering any challenges with timely delivery or plagiarism. Their research paper writing help also includes help with the sources, which is one of the most essential aspects.

REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS: They have mostly good customer reviews with brief mentions of conflicts with the following instructions. The company always responds to messages and does its best to settle issues. That is why it’s vital to provide as much information regarding your research paper before you say ‘write my research papers or ask for help.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The company has lots of useful free tools like a plagiarism checker, free essay samples, conclusion & citation generator. There’s also a nice blog that suits those wishing to learn how to score an excellent paper.

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSE THIS SERVICE: It is one of the most affordable research paper writing services with guarantees and good reviews. It also offers a wide range of subjects and has good testimonials about the writers. If there is an American research paper company that offers guarantees, it is EduBirdie. It is comparable to the best research paper writing service corporations that provide all types of services.

PRICES: When you are ready to place your request for a research paper, it starts at $13.99 per page. The price includes formatting, editing, proofreading, and unlimited revisions of your paper until you are satisfied with the result.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: It is one of the best parts of dealing with EduBirdie as they are friendly, and caring, and know what they must do when you have concerns about your research paper or the payment methods. They are available 24/7, indeed!


2. StudyClerk


study clerk


This company offers reliable research paper writing services that range from school assignments to term papers, to writing personal statement essays for Nursing, Law, and Business Management schools.

They have a nice website with basic information about their writers and the benefits they offer. The good news is that you can choose your writer by reading general information about them or discussing this aspect with their customer support.

YEARS IN SERVICE: StudyClerk has been around for 4 years and has gained good reviews and academic experience. According to the website, they have over 500 experienced writers and over 30,000 satisfied customers. While they may not be as famous as EduBirdie, they have a good reputation.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: Despite the company’s young age, they are already quite popular with research paper writing, bibliography work, and term paper writing services. They allow you to choose an expert and ask to pay only when you are fully satisfied with the paper. It is one of those safe methods when you need help online.

QUALITY OF WRITING: Checking this service with a custom order, we can say that they still have minor things to improve. Yet they have zero plagiarism and provide stellar grammar and formatting. The help requested for a research paper meets the writing standards and only required minor sorting of the sources. The revision only took about ten minutes.

REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS: This company has only positive reviews that are both lengthy and informative. The clients are happy with the timely delivery and originality. Most StudyClerk’s customers have asked for a plagiarism report, which is another sign that the company is very strict about quality. Their professional research paper writers were screened and trained to deliver, as evidenced by the positive testimonials.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Special services include a plagiarism report, choosing your writer, dealing with book reviews, and research paper literature writing. They offer it as a separate service in terms of literature reviews.

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSE THIS SERVICE: Affordability, being able to choose their writer, and specialization in Law, Healthcare, and term paper help. It is also one of those relatively new services that focus on quality and a large pool of writers. Dealing with them has shown that they can handle most subjects based on reviews of research paper writing services.

PRICES: The research paper prices start at $13.99, which is what most students can afford.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They have an online chat that is always available. The customer service is friendly and will happily assist you when you are unsure about their services or if you’re making the right choice.


3. A ResearchGuide


a research guide landing page


For students who like to find something special that focuses on everything related to research paper writing, this resource is one of the best.

It provides writing tips and research paper help along with templates. It is one of the best research paper writing service options you can find if you are limited to research work and want to hire experts who provide this precise service.

YEARS IN SERVICE: Operating since 2010, AReasearchGuide has received over 50 different awards from various educational institutions. Academic specialists with years of experience in research paper writing run this company.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: They are a legit company that shows their work by focusing on various guides and templates. If you navigate towards the rules that explain how to compose your research paper correctly, you will see a proposal to deliver your paper on time by offering help. This professional research paper writing service offers quality, as we can see from all the free academic help you can read.

QUALITY OF WRITING: The quality is second to none because you are dealing with an expert or a group of experts who can help you achieve success not only in your discipline but also in various subjects. It tackles formatting, style, readability, and more.

REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS: The reviews are very limited as they are called “online tutoring”. So, this company is not the same as the rest regarding how they position themselves in the market. When you place an order, the best writers available will handle your research paper. The company has a very good reputation as they combine free items, excellent grammar tips, writing techniques, and more.

SPECIAL FEATURES: They include exam preparation, style format guides, citation help, proofreading, editing, research paper writing tips, and help with creative and non-academic writing.

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSE THIS SERVICE: Students and educators hoping to find free information on research paper writing will happily choose this service. Just make sure you understand who will handle your work and what they will do before you pay.

PRICES: Prices start at $14.99 but may vary depending on your deadline. The company claims that you can receive the best research paper writers’ help in as little as three hours!

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They have an online chat that is readily available. The customer support agents are trained and know a lot about research paper writing, so you can receive reliable assistance to help save time in explaining the order and avoid any delays. They are available 24/7 and reply immediately when you visit their website.


4. EssayVikings


essay vikings


If you would like to receive a Nordic paper on time and eliminate plagiarism with Thor’s ax, then go with the EssayVikings!

Seriously though, this company has an entertaining website that keeps things to the minimum on the surface but allows all the possible research writing work, reviews, creative writing, personal statements, resumes, coursework, Capstone projects, reviews, debates, and more.

They have several levels of research paper writing services that will bring you to the Top 50 or Top 20 company experts.

YEARS IN SERVICE: They are a new company, yet they already maintained a positive reputation as a reliable service with minimal negative reviews. The company has been around for two years, based on the reviews.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: They still have to receive more reviews to be gauged more accurately. They reply to the comments and keep an open profile by offering live chat, email, contact form, and registration information. As long as you state your instructions clearly and ask for a free revision, you won’t get in trouble.

QUALITY OF WRITING: This is where you should know even top-rated research paper services will always require communication with the writer. It means that you must talk to your expert and explain your thesis first by uploading your grading rubric and comments. If you do not have a proposal, discuss things first, and make sure you ask for an outline.

REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS: They have 4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and 5 stars on SiteJabber. Most reviews that speak of problems do not mention any plagiarism or late delivery issues but talk about unfollowed instructions. This is a common complaint in many reviews. Even several research paper writing services listed at the top also have this kind of problem because the experts are human too and require clear instructions.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The special features include writer’s level, which is especially good when you are dealing with a research paper. It means that when you have a dissertation or a complex research paper; it is better to choose the top 20 or top 50 writers for better quality. Depending on your writer’s level, it will add 10% and 20% to the final price.

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSE THIS SERVICE: One reason college students choose this company is the range of various academic writing help services and affordability. They are also legit and belong to a cheap research paper service that has no negative testimonials yet!

PRICES: They can offer as low as $9.99 per page. But understand that your price can become higher, depending on the writer’s level or the deadline. Still, their quality does not deteriorate, based on the evaluated paper received.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They have a live chat, contact email, and a contact form. The support is very good and provides you with immediate assistance. They are friendly and caring.


5. SameDayPapers


sameday papers


When you need to receive your research paper on the same day, this company claims to make it possible.

As a professional paper writing service, they provide original academic help, which is immediately apparent as you place an order. They offer various college writing help, like term papers, coursework, essays, and research papers. You will find free plagiarism and grammar checkers to use for your writing. It also shows that your final paper will be plagiarism-free as every customer can check things upon receipt.

YEARS IN SERVICE: According to various records, they have been around for over five years and have gained good testimonials. They have American, Canadian, and Australian branches, which shows that they are very strict regarding English native writers.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: They are a legit company that provides academic services at an affordable price. This online research paper writing service is keen on user confidentiality and a plethora of payment methods. They are one of the best options when it comes down to financial security and user agreements.

QUALITY OF WRITING: The quality varies depending on your subject and the writer as your definition of “the best” isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Placing an order with the SameDayPapers guarantees plagiarism-free and error-free in terms of grammar and style. There were minor formatting mistakes that have been corrected because of multimedia sources, yet the rest has been fine.

REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS: They have a 4.38 stars average based on 208 reviews. They have positive feedback because their writers are always available.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The grammar checker and plagiarism detection tool are free and of high quality.

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSE THIS SERVICE: They are a legitimate research paper writing company, an affordable and plagiarism-free service with great customer support.

PRICES: The price per page is $12.99, and editing is $5.5.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They have a live chat, and they are always friendly.


Research Paper Writing – FAQ


1. Do I risk getting caught when buying a research paper online?


The risks are always possible if you are planning to cheat or deal with a company that is not legit and promises to do all the work for you. With legit academic help, you receive consulting and corrections with your paper, which will not get you in trouble. Always check each website and see their rules and guarantees before you cooperate.


2. Are all the paper writing services you mentioned legit?


Yes, the five research paper writing services we have on the list are legit and have writing experience. We took the time to check the user policy first and read the reviews online to ensure that what is mentioned is also followed in practice. We have also placed personal orders to guarantee that we are dealing with a legit research paper service.


3. How do I locate genuine research paper writing service reviews?


While it is not always possible to fit every person’s needs and academic requirements, the general rule is to ensure that what is being promised does not sound too good to be true. For example, writing a dissertation in five hours is not possible, just like delivering your presentation at two dollars per page.

Compare various best research paper writing services in the USA, ask questions, see the guarantees, refunds, and free revisions, and you will get an idea.


4. Does the research paper writing services listed here worth checking?


It is one of the safest options worth considering! Checking the website of the company will often tell you more than many reviews that may be incomplete or fake. When you evaluate the website and talk to customer support, you will have a personal idea regarding how things work.


5. What should I pick as the best research paper writing service?


The “best” is always subjective, which is why your concept of the best research paper writing company may differ. For example, you may check the most famous EduBirdie service or consider StudyClerk as a smaller company with specific services for your needs. It will always depend on your subject, urgency, and budget. When the offer fits you, choose it!


6. How can I guarantee I hire the best paper expert online?


Some companies offer direct contact with a writer, which is the best guarantee that helps you to eliminate communication issues. See if you can find testimonials and choose your writer. If any of these options are available, it will keep you safe!


How Do Research Paper Writing Services Help You Learn?


Some educators dislike discussing online research paper writing services, as they think it equals cheating.

This statement could not be further from the truth because those learners who want to deliver an excellent research paper want to ensure that they have the correct structure, formatting, grammar, and many other writing aspects.

If a student receives more time to do proper research, asking for additional help online becomes the only efficient solution that works.

This way, you can avoid plagiarism and repetitions as a research paper writer checks your content in your chosen field.

We may call it a sort of additional learning method that may differ from what we are used to.

Yet we always learn and see how to correct our mistakes if we receive help. After all, the most important thing is to learn the way you can and achieve success!

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