18 Essential Business Tips For Freelancers

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 6th, 2023

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Running a freelancing business is a thrilling yet challenging journey filled with endless potential.

While freelancing offers unparalleled freedom and self-paced growth, it demands a blend of marketing savvy and financial intelligence. Whether you’re moonlighting or full-time freelancing, tapping into this industry promises lucrative rewards. But with intense competition, only the best strategies will set you apart. Dive into the world of freelancing equipped with top-notch practices to succeed.

Here are some of the best business tips for freelancers:

1. Choose a Profitable Niche

A niche is a small sector in a broader market with similar problems your business can solve. Carving a niche not only streamlines your marketing strategy but also positions you as an authority in a tailored domain. You can maximize the value proposition of your business by focusing on a freelancing niche where you have even the slightest edge over your competition. While everyone who enters medical school aims to become a doctor, many choose an area of specialization such as pediatrics, surgery, or oncology to narrow down the field.

building your brand

Building your brand is essential if you want to last long in any business. Having your distinctive identity will help set you apart from the competition.

2. Build Your Brand

Creating a credible brand is essential to growing your business. Your brand determines the first impression you leave on potential clients; it showcases your identity and what you do. Most customers usually check out your website, freelancer profile, customer reviews, and portfolio before giving you the business. Optimizing your brand to improve its authority and reputation is important for success.

3. Deliver High-quality Results

It’s easy to overlook excellence when launching a freelance business. Quality service is key to building a successful freelancing business, so prioritize it over quantity. Sustainable growth should be your central goal, which entails leaving a good impression on your clients. Rather than hiring many inexperienced workers, consider recruiting a handful of highly qualified and efficient employees instead. Making minor mistakes is normal at the beginning of your freelancing journey. But as soon as your business grows, you will want to make quality services your hallmark.

4. Establish Long-term Partnerships with Clients

There are many places to find long-term clients. Knowing where to look can unearth hidden markets, so invest more time trying to expand your network by pitching to potential clients through freelancing platforms, cold emailing, and the like. Finding long-term freelancing opportunities could be easier if you diligently explore new markets. Getting long-term or continuous projects could help you build a sustainable business. It will give you a steady monthly income stream for a long while.

5. Think like a Real Business Owner

Never look down on your freelancing career! Even if you don’t have a huge organization you can be a lone wolf in your enterprise, but you are still an entrepreneur nonetheless. Have a businessperson’s mindset and develop strategies to land high-paying gigs as a freelancer. Understand how much your freelancing skills are worth, whether you charge by the hour or on a per-contract basis. Fine-tune your payment methods and find a way to track and organize your freelance business expenses, ensuring you don’t mismanage your finances. Budding freelancers may be tempted to please clients to the point of getting exploited. But you can avoid this if you are determined to achieve your long-term goals.

business tips for freelancers - effective time management

Learning to manage your time well is essential for your survival in the highly competitive world of freelancing.

6. Learn to Manage Your Time Well

Effective time management is essential for every freelancer. According to the Corporate Finance Institute, atrocious time management can cause negative consequences ranging from loss of control to disrupted workflow, low productivity, and substandard work. It would help to strictly follow a workday routine that guides your task execution. Report to your work desk on time daily, and schedule your projects so you don’t aimlessly jump from one task to another. You may want to avoid distractions by switching off the TV to improve your focus. Using a workflow management app helps manage your work effectively.

7. Understand that Rejection is Normal

Accept the fact that rejection is part of the business. Running a freelance company involves constant networking and pitching, but not every client will be interested in working with you. In any case, you don’t want to interpret rejection as failure. Keep investing in the right marketing strategies, and you will surely find genuine clients to work with. If you provide excellent services, many people may take notice of your brand. This could open the gate for phenomenal business growth.

8. Join a community of freelancers

Finding a local or online community of freelancers to rely on for support is important. Most cities have local freelance union chapters, but you can start one yourself if you can’t find any. Joining a community of professional freelancers will motivate you to keep going. You may also learn new ideas to improve your operation and avoid making common industry mistakes.

9. Create a Professional Website

Designing a professional website will convince prospective clients that you run a serious freelancing business. Clients often use online resources to search for freelancers, so not having a site can hurt your chances of booking projects. A personal blog sets you apart from competitors and can contribute greatly to your digital advertising schemes. Although creating a great website can be tricky for newbies lacking skills, you can easily hire an affordable web design expert to help you out. Publish your service information and samples of your work on your site, along with your contact details. This will help leads to start rolling in.

build your sales pipeline

Constantly building your sales pipeline using effective strategies is one of the best business tips for freelancers. It ensures that your business well will not dry up.

10. Build Your Sales Pipeline

The persistent cold calls, bidding wars, and pitching that characterize the freelance industry must always top up your sales pipeline, even if your schedule is full. Constantly conducting outreach programs to connect with clients is a must. If freelancing is your major income source, it helps to fill your calendar months in advance when possible. This requires consistently promoting your services on social media and your website, alongside indulging in offline marketing. Most freelancers prefer to work with existing clients they know. However, if your cold emails and calls are not fetching opportunities, joining trade associations to interact with people is a great idea.

11. Keep in Touch with Your Clients and Partners

While it’s true that you are your boss in your freelancing venture, you are still accountable to others. More particularly your clients. As a freelancer, part of your responsibilities involves proactively communicating with your clients and setting realistic goals around deadlines. When there is a delay, ensure you notify them in time. The same goes if you are working with a team. If a team member is not responding to your project, follow up with reminders, and don’t wait for your partners to contact you first. Consider employing digital channels like email and video chat to connect with your partners on a deeper level.

12. Value Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Use feedback and criticisms to encourage you to improve your services. Embrace client complaints and work toward perfection. If clients request revision, express your commitment to make the necessary changes. Getting critical feedback can be stressful, but it’s part of your learning curve. As you work further with your clients, you will better understand their requirements and adjust to meet their demands. Clients usually hire you for your expertise; how you handle their feedback can determine your professionalism.

13. Be Active on Freelance Platforms

Freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others are great places to discover clients. Being active on these platforms will allow you to meet thousands of people recruiting freelancers. You can search for projects, submit proposals, start conversations, and apply for tasks directly on freelance sites.

14. Outsource Projects that Drain Your Energy

Every freelancer has one or two tasks they dread. Delegating non-core tasks that drain your energy to other professionals will enable you to concentrate on other aspects of the project that you excel at and enjoy doing. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be costly. You can even save money and energy since you won’t have to waste your resources learning new skills or struggling to accomplish things that bring little joy.

Business tips for freelancers - Prioritize self care

Your mind and body are your most important business capital as a freelancer. No matter how busy is your work life, always allot time for yourself and your family to restore your vitality.

15. Prioritize Self-care

Taking time off to rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally should be a priority. Freelancers may often find themselves overworked, sleep-deprived, and neglecting self-care. These habits can take a toll on your total well-being. One way to prioritize self-care is to schedule routine breaks in your calendar, making it possible to find time for yourself, your family, and other creative or leisurely pursuits. You can boost your productivity with a proper work-life balance.

16. Leverage Templates and Routines

Examine your operations, and you may discover new business areas worth automating. For instance, even if you offer personalized services for each of your clients, you can use templates to help you streamline some frameworks of your projects. Bookkeeping, billing, and digital marketing are a few things you can easily automate to reduce your workload. Leveraging efficient templates and routines can save time for solopreneurs who handle most of their business operations.

17. Diversify Your Income Streams

Multiplying your income sources requires finding different ways to earn money. This is vital for safeguarding your business against financial instability, which can occur due to losing clients, economic downturn, and other unforeseeable circumstances. One way to diversify your income stream is to invest in multiple avenues, such as the stock market and real estate, that allow you to generate passive income. Keep these salient tips in mind to help you grow your freelance business.

18. Invest in High-Quality Work Equipment

Getting the right equipment for your freelance job is essential. Don’t think about it as an expense, but rather an investment that will pay off ten-fold down the road. For example, if you’re a freelance video editor, you need a proper computer that will allow you to edit and render content without a hitch. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for frustration and failure. The other thing is ergonomics. You need a proper chair, a comfortable desk, and a high-quality monitor to get your job done efficiently. These things alone can double your productivity and let you sustain a heavy workload for longer periods.

Final Thoughts

As you navigate the labyrinthine world of freelancing, remember that you’re a maestro of your destiny. With each project, collaboration, challenge, and triumph, you are edging closer to establishing yourself in the industry. The freelance world is yours to conquer and there are eager clients out there that can benefit from your expertise. Taking heed of the business tips for freelancers that we discussed here can help you make your venture profitable and equipped for the long haul. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on how to find inspiration for writing.

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