How to Start Writing Your College Blog (And Succeed!)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 6th, 2023

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Starting a college blog? Prioritize originality and genuine passion for your subjects.

To truly inspire and offer valuable insights, it’s crucial to keep things structured. Addressing relatable topics and weaving in your unique experiences will captivate your readers. Start with a solid plan and a curated list of engaging subjects to ensure you post consistently. Let’s delve into the blueprint for creating a compelling college blog.

How to Start Writing Your College Blog:

Narrow Things Down

The key to a successful college blog is to provide content that appeals to a broad range of students, despite varying interests and perceptions. But it’s great to narrow things down and focus on those things that you know well, and that will appeal to your specific student demographic. It can be related to college mental health, tips on how to pass the exams, or talking about how to survive in the college dorm and far away from your parents. Alternatively, you may talk about your personal college life experience if you are an exchange student, someone belonging to a minority group, or dealing with some extraordinary conditions. In short, avoid vanilla, and share the unique flavor of content that only you can come up with!

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Your blog’s content should be visually appealing and responsive across all devices. Luckily, the majority of contemporary blog themes are designed to be mobile-friendly by default.

Focus On Attractive Blog Design

Another important aspect is related to your blog design. If you are using one of the available WordPress themes, you must check how they look on various devices, and make sure you achieve a unique look. Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? If you’re a skilled graphic designer, there’s one thing you can do to make your blog stand out from the rest: create custom images or elements. This will make your blog more visually appealing, show off your talents, and make your content more memorable. Even if working with Photoshop is not your cup of tea, think about adding photographs to your blog where they can see the author and follow you along as you walk through a college campus or travel the world as a student. Keep your fonts clear, and do not use something out of the ordinary, to not chase people away!

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It is highly recommended to combine your blog with at least two other social media channels as college life is becoming more focused on social media.

Participate in Social Media Campaigns

The chances are high that you have seen successful college blogs before, yet not many students know that a part of success is participation in various competitions and social campaigns. Think about social causes that interest you or follow environmental issues in the local community. This way, you can start a college blog as a responsible citizen and always add something that truly matters to you and many people around the world. As you will get your voice heard, you will become an influencer and a person who strives to make a positive difference.

Live Streams and Cooperation Trick

While not every student will be ready for that, the presence of various workshops and live streams in your blog will instantly take things to another level. You can cooperate with other bloggers and invite specialists from your field or even start a video podcast. If you are not sure where to find them, think about inviting local artists, musicians, or other interesting personalities you find through social media channels. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate the importance of supporting students and the possibility of creating change!

Offering Helpful Tips and Tricks

The most important is to make your college blog useful by providing your visitors with information that may help them to learn and have fun. You can talk about college room design and the best ways to organize a college party, share book and movie recommendations, and more. If you are not sure how to manage all the bits of information that you have and make them accessible, consider checking Grab My Essay for all writing and editing purposes. Remember that your content has to be readable and easy to access, which is why getting some professional help won’t hurt! This way, you can keep it formatted for readability and follow the same structure in your blog posts (at least in the beginning).

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Protect the work you’ve created from malicious individuals who may attempt to steal it.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Avoiding Copyright Infringement

When you are starting a college blog and creating original graphics or composing articles based on your experience, it is essential to think about protecting your content. One of the easiest ways would be to turn to your academic advisor and seek protection offered by the institution where you are enrolled. Alternatively, talking to a legal help specialist online will show you how to protect your intellectual property and possibly register a brand. Now, the same is true for giving due credit to people if you are using any external graphics or taking information from various sources. If you are unsure about the source or information that sounds vague, it’s better to avoid it altogether. The same is true for graphics – always use images from the free stock databases, yet provide a link to the author if it’s available. This way, you will show good blogging manners and will never get in trouble. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on navigating business insurance.

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