Valuable Tips on Updating Your Computer

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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A computer is a daily tech essential that brings forth creative work and wild entertainment. As one philosopher put it: “life without computers would be a mistake.”

But what if your precious piece of technology breaks down because of a lack of updates? Your device needs proper external and internal maintenance – it’s like a robotic friend who needs your attention. Your operating system needs to get updated promptly for the computer to run fast and smoothly like a gliding machine, just like the time you first turned it on. If everything under the hood is in top condition, you can count on a seamless, beautiful experience. But if you let your computer gather digital cobwebs, it will soon become a sloth. It’s as simple as that. Here are the ways to update your computer and what happens if you do so.

The Importance of Updating Your Computer

Be it a macOS 12 Monterey or Windows 10; each operating system needs regular updates. There are several reasons behind this need. First, updates can fix your machine’s issues and make it run faster. Second, it also helps in patching the security data flaws. Cybercriminals love these software vulnerabilities because they allow them to enter your device and get your data. Updating your machine also helps in fixing bugs to get smoother performance. A fresh splash of updates can also add new features to your computer and remove the old and outdated ones. Software updates can also help to protect your data from hackers. Getting an update is necessary to shield yourself from such an incident as it improves the security borderlines. Also, your machine can get attacked by viruses if not updated regularly. And you can pass this digital disease to your family, friends, and colleagues. It is how you can affect many people because of your casualness. Thus, you need to make sure you update your desktop or laptop before your operating system gets too old and outdated. Extra tip: You should always use an antivirus and install it as soon as you get your system running (Kaspersky has a good free version). There are also apps like Advanced System Care that can clean up your messy registry, along with cookies, ad trackers, potential malware, and system vulnerabilities.

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Easiest Ways to Update Your Computer

If you are a Windows user, you can go to the control panel. There, you might get an option called System and Security. You need to click on it and then go to Windows Update. Then, you have to click on the option Check for Updates. Here, you will find software updates available, if any are there. If you see an update, click on it and get your machine updated. Always boot the company after updating it. In this way, you can update your Microsoft computer. If you are an Apple user, your Mac can be easily updated by going to the Apple icon and then clicking on it. There, you need to choose System Preferences and then go to Software Update. Now, click on the option Update Now to get the machine updated.

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Update this thing from time to time and it will reward you with a smoother and safer experience.

Cons of Updating Your Operating System

There are several disadvantages to having an update on your device. Sometimes, it can be expensive to afford the latest version of a computer you wish to update. Also, your device might not have sufficient space for the update, hence performing slowly afterward. A lack of RAM can cause a computer to work like a Soviet-style field tractor. In addition, updating the operating system is a long and time-consuming process. Updating a device comes with checking if after the update, booting it, scanning the apps, and a lot of work, which can take up plenty of your time.

Possible Issues Resulting From Updates

There can be some issues while you are updating your device. Your screen asks you not to turn off your computer because of its updating. But, if it stays in this condition for hours, you might need to shut it down and restart it. You need to switch it off if the device is hanging on to the same screen that urges you to keep the computer on because it is not updating but is stuck. You can force shut down the computer, or you can disconnect it and switch it on again.


Stopping Unexpected Updates

Sometimes, you might need to prevent your device from getting updated due to a short interval between two updates or a lack of storage space. For example, it can occur if you rarely clean your computer or your operating system, sending too many updates too often. For such situations, you can disable the automatic updates from cluttering your device. You can do so by going to Settings for Windows users and the Apple icon for Mac users.

Bottom Line

Computers are used by most of us for personal or professional matters. They are a part of your life, and you can not live without this digital device. Hence, you need to keep it safe and clean for better and more effective performance. These are the ways of updating a computer and its causes. You can now easily update your machine if you still use an outdated version of your operating system. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on IPv6.

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