Villas in Dubai: A Guide to Maintaining your Pool

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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Are you a happy owner of a villa in Dubai and want to know how to take care of your pool?

First off, congratulations on your decision to live in Dubai. I’m sure you have purchased your desired villa after following all the steps and advice you could muster. It’s great news that you finally found one among many villas in Dubai with a pool. However, now that you’ve settled in, it’s important to know that maintenance is 80% of care and longevity when it comes to properties. You need to adopt a healthy maintenance culture, and in this article, you will learn two major routes to ensuring maximum care and attention for your swimming pool.

Villas in Dubai: How to maintain your pool

Pay for maintenance

According to Emirates. Estate the cheapest pool maintenance services will cost you a minimum of 500 AED monthly. On average, homeowners having pools spend between 500 – 2000 AED monthly to clean up their pools and put them in a decent condition for usage. It’s also curious to know that families who have children spend more on the maintenance of pools. Interestingly, however, even if you do not have children messing with your pool, you cannot merely leave it without care because the longer you leave it, the higher the cost of repair or refurbishing when something goes wrong down the line.

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Save money with option two – DIY maintenance skills

There is an alternative to saving on the cost of maintenance, and this article will walk you through it. Here are some Do It Yourself (DIY) tips that can help you maintain your pool without spending a dime on services (You may need to buy some items and materials along the way).

Skimming off leaves or debris from the Pool

Someone should do it as often as possible to take care of your living quarters in Dubai. Skimming off leaves ensures that dirt and debris do not stay long in the pool, and pollute it. It also allows the pool to remain clean. For this exercise, purchase a long-handle leaf skimmer, and plunge it into the pool from one part to another. Skimming is important after parties, if you have trees around the pool or where items fall into it. If you do not skim often, your pool may end up having discolorations. You should clean your skimmer at least once a week, otherwise, the skimmer which ought to remove debris may end up bringing dirt and more debris into the pool. You should try to lower the water level when skimming and make sure it is not more than half of the skimmer.

Brush your pool walls once a week

Brushing your pool walls at least once a week can save you a lot of maintenance money. Regardless of how often you change the pool water, algae will gather around the water lines. Using a brush to scrub the walls occasionally will clean any build-up gathering in the pool or prevent any major greenish lines.

Vacuum the Swimming Pool

After brushing the pool walls or floors, the next step is to vacuum the swimming pool. Failure to do so after scrubbing makes the brushing needless because the dirt will eventually settle back into the pool and rest on the walls or floors that you labored to clean. You can try using an automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner, or you can do it manually, whichever works for you.

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Change the pool water at least once in two weeks

You should change your pool’s water at least once in two weeks even if it is not in active use. Of truth, some pools can remain in great condition for weeks, especially where the water composition is balanced and contains the requisite amount of chemicals. Regardless, aim to clean out its water at intervals to have a healthy pool.

Check the chemical level and the Pool pH Levels

Swimming pool maintenance is highly influenced by pH levels and water chemical levels. There are pool chemicals of various kinds and you need to ensure that the water level and composition are balanced.

Swimming rules for children

Make sure that your children know the dos and don’ts of the home pool. You will save yourself a lot of maintenance money by regulating these basic rules. For example, peeing in the pool must be prohibited, as well as eating inside the pool. As you know, for kids everything seems like fun. If you carry out this cleaning routine once a week, you will achieve great success with your pool. It will not only be available when you need it, but the pool’s longevity will be much longer, and it will last for the purpose it was created. You should be open to learning new tips on how to improve your pool’s maintenance and, preferably, get someone to do it so you can just enjoy your life. This knowledge will come in handy whether you already live in Dubai or you’re just looking for a new property. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on various investment types in the UAE economy.

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