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By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Nov 17th, 2023

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Proofreading is the process of reading the text, marking errors, and getting your final draft ready for publication.

Ensuring your work is error-free and well-formatted is crucial, especially when time is tight, and you’re unsure about specific structural requirements. This holds particularly true for medical papers, given their technical nature. While self-proofreading is an option, professional services offer a refined touch, employing skilled medical editors to prep your work for publication. If you’re diving into the vast online world searching for top-notch medical proofreading, this curated list will be your guide.

Here are the best medical proofreading services online:

1. Proof-Reading-Service.com

Proof-Reading-Service.com is a reputable medical proofreading service. It offers expert editing services for medical papers and other types of academic work. Suppose you’re a doctor, healthcare practitioner, medical researcher, or professor looking to publish a new scientific paper. In that case, you need only the highest quality editing services. This editing service boasts a team of professional and experienced medical editors. They are conversant with the terminologies and the procedures used in medical research. Besides having extensive experience in editing and publishing medical research, most are PhDs. or MDs. Meanwhile, others have postgraduate degrees.

You can be sure they have what it takes to correct any errors in your draft, including:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Typing errors

Besides, they can adjust your medical research publication and take care of:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Layout
  • Formatting
  • In-text citations.

You’ll get a clean version and a tracked version of your manuscript, showing all the changes made during the editing process.

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2. Scribendi

Whether you want to do academic proofreading, author proofreading, business proofreading, or personal document proofreading, Scribendi has you covered. Scribendi’s professional proofreaders will first go through your work and remove any grammar, spelling, or typographical errors before you send the final draft. In addition, they will ensure that your citations and references match the required style guide. This can be very helpful, especially when working on academic papers. Scribendi covers all the popular style guides for medical journals. This will help ensure that the research papers are grammatically correct and well-formatted. When you sign up to use their services, you’ll get in touch with a medical doctor who will thoroughly review your work.

They will take care of:

  • Spelling errors
  • Poor sentence structure
  • Wrong word choice
  • Punctuation
  • Organizational problems
  • Subject-verb agreement issues

Their editors can also include natural native-level English expressions, which is great if English is not your first language

3. BioScience Writers

Writing a medical article that puts the point across with absolute clarity and precision can be quite a challenge. This is where BioScience Writers come in handy.

This editing service provides top-notch medical editing services for:

  • Case reports
  • Manuscripts
  • Case studies
  • grant proposals
  • Clinical protocols.

The company offers three levels of services, including the basic level, advanced level, and professional level.

The basic level comprises:

  • Basic editing
  • Simple proofreading to correct spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar check
  • Formatting consistency

The advanced level comes with all the basic level’s features plus other editing services to ensure better clarity. This includes rewriting sentences, removing jargon, and smoothing out the language. The last service level is the professional level, which also includes stylistic editing and reorganization of paragraphs. Select the package that’s most appropriate for you and best suits your budget. The good part is that you’ll work with actual MDs as your editors. These professionals are familiar with various medical topics, including surgical procedures, clinical medicine, and more. While the editors are native speakers, they have extensive experience working with non-natives. Hence, you can rest assured that they’ll turn your document into a masterpiece.

4. Elsevier

Elsevier prides itself on providing premier editing services for scientific and medical writing. It has a team of proficient editors that ensures your medical articles and journals are ready for publishing. The Elsevier team consists of English-speaking editing and proofreading professionals.

They will thoroughly review your work to detect issues related to:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax

If you want a more comprehensive editing service, you can opt for the Language Editing Plus service.

This service includes:

  • An assessment report
  • A customized cover letter
  • Unlimited language review
  • Manuscript formatting

These services help ensure that your article meets the set requirements of your target journal. The editors can also enhance the accuracy and impact of your work to increase your chances of getting published. Besides, the Elsevier team also provides medical illustration services. They’ll help display difficult concepts in an understandable and easy-to-grasp form.

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5. Medical Journal Editors

Medical Journal Editors (MJE) is a medical editing and proofreading service with highly qualified editors in various scientific fields. Before you submit your medical paper for publication, the editors will check the format of the manuscript. They will also determine if there are any errors in language, grammar, or sentence structure. All editors have proofread at least 1000 manuscripts and have published research of their own. They have also earned a master’s, MD, or Ph.D. from a university in America or Great Britain. They’re all native English speakers and will ensure that your work has natural syntax and flows smoothly. Your paper will go through the first editor to ensure detailed proofreading. It will then go to a second editor who will make further improvements. The primary editor will then recheck their work before sending your final draft. Besides, you can submit special service requests. These might include journal targeting, formatting, style, and reference work. If you are racing against time, you can enjoy their 24-hour rush editing service too.

6. Cognibrain

Cognibrain is one of the most competent medical editing services in the market. It will ensure that your paper is free from all language errors before publication. The company has medical editing and proofreading experts who are conversant with the journal guidelines and will format your manuscript to perfection.

To end up with a professionally polished document, they will identify and remove any errors in:

  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure

The team of experts will also ensure the accuracy of the presented facts and figures and the proper organization of scientific data. They’ll ensure that all information is clear and organized and the hypothesis and objectives clear and concise. Cognibrain editing service also offers automated plagiarism checks. This can be helpful because your article will get rejected if it has plagiarism issues. In the end, the editors will submit a journal that is free from errors and follows the journal’s guidelines.

7. Bioedit

Since 2001, Bioedit has helped thousands of researchers by providing PhD-qualified English editing services for medical and life science manuscripts. They are dedicated to providing expert, meticulous and personal assistance to scientists for whom language difficulties are a barrier to getting their findings published in the best journals. Thanks to their experience and insight into the problems commonly faced by authors during the publication process, you can trust their service to help you achieve publication success. Their editing team comprises PhD-level scientific editors, as well as in-house graduate English proofreaders. All documents are carefully managed by a UK-based editing team. Manuscripts are edited for scientific content and readability, formatted to meet journal requirements, and corrected for spelling, grammar and syntax. Please use discount code WELCOME15 for a 15% discount off their Standard and Premium services.


The right medical editing service can improve the clarity of your medical manuscript and maximize your chances of getting your work published. The above services are renowned for their experienced and certified medical editing and proofreading experts. They do more than just remove grammar and language errors. These experts use advanced editing techniques and knowledge to improve your manuscript. This is vital in reaching the target audience and impressing the journal editors. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to hiring a medical marketing agency.

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