Discovering Your Passions as a Student: Why It’s Crucial

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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To many students, hobbies seem like a thing of the past. And it makes sense. How does one find time to knit or go fishing when all the free time you have is spent on studying, hygiene, and sleep?

It’s true, that modern students are extremely busy. According to, in the U.S., 40% of college students report feeling insufficiently rested five out of seven days a week. And while you can submit a do my essay for me request to a reputable company, you cannot outsource visiting lectures and taking tests. Yet, hobbies are vital for proper personal development and can even help you study better. In this article, we will talk about why having an extracurricular activity can help you become a better student with wider interests and more peace of mind.

Here’s why discovering your passions as a student is crucial:

Less Stress, More Relaxation

Stress is very common among students. You have more responsibilities, parents and teachers expect a lot from you, and you’re the only person who can deal with all of it. Recognizing and dealing with stress and burnout in time is vital for having a happy life at college. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider dropping some of your classes, outsourcing your homework, and finding time for a creative hobby. Sure, when you’re so stressed, you feel like crying every time the tiniest thing goes wrong. You might not feel like doing anything at all. If you’re in a tough spot, try relaxation techniques like meditation or breathing practices. Once you are calmer, a hobby can help you process your feelings and emotions, recharge your batteries, and shift focus from mental work to physical one. Playing an instrument or even listening to music can change your mood entirely. Music has many proven psychological benefits, and stress relief is one of them. And if you’ve never played an instrument, consider starting with something easy, like ukulele or classical guitar. There are tons of free music lessons on YouTube, and the instruments are not very expensive. In the long run, accumulated stress can lead to depression, anxiety, and terrible consequences in your life. You may start skipping classes or even drop out, eventually. This can drastically change your entire life’s direction. So before you are so overwhelmed you are thinking of quitting, it’s better to pick up a hobby and stay in college.

Young female painter at work

You don’t have to go into a business-related field to make a living these days. If you are passionate about art, go for it and he will find a way to make a living.

More Creativity and Fulfillment

Creativity, just like anything else, is a skill. As kids, we often take dancing, painting, drama, and music classes, all to develop our creativity. But adults often forget that it can be honed like any other skill and just brush artistic assignments off, saying, ‘I’m not a creative person.’ But creativity is not to be reserved for drama majors only. Most jobs require creative solutions, whether you’re working with people or in science. And now is the perfect time to let your creative side flourish. Picking up a creative hobby will help you bring out your creative traits. If you like sewing, try making clothes for yourself or stuffed toys for your siblings. Some things, like basic creative writing, do not require that much skill or have a gentle learning curve. Even sewing can be done with no equipment, just thread, needle, and some fabric. You don’t have to start a complicated project at once, like sewing a corset. Start small and sew a pair of PJs or tailor your old clothes to fit you better. Not only will this give you a creative outlet, but you will also end up with unique pieces you can share with others. Another great hobby to try is gardening, as it will calm you down and allow you to interact with nature.

Better Time Management

Good time management skills are vital for a student. You can’t be late to a class, a late submission will mean deducted points from your essay, and the curfew on campus is pretty strict. But many of us are not born with a perfect internal clock, so how do we change that? Sure, there are practical solutions, like tracking the time spent on every task during the day, setting alarms and reminders, etc. But getting a hobby is a solution, too! Once you have a thing that you are always excited about, you will learn to prioritize and find time for it. You may even start setting goals and self-educating on the topic. Later, you can translate all those practices into your school life. Another thing hobbies give you is productive procrastination. Sure, procrastination is bad, no matter how you look at it. But being on your phone and crocheting instead of writing a paper are two different things. While you’re on your phone, your attention span is short, and your nervous system is constantly stimulated. However, when you’re crocheting, your attention is on that hook and yarn. You are patient, focused, and concentrated. A short attention span is the bane of our generation, all because we are so used to our phones and other constant dopamine stimulants. Detoxing from that every once in a while is a great idea, and it can help you focus on your studies with more ease later.

Young videographer using advanced video camera equipment

Doing what you love and getting paid a bit less is so much better than sacrificing your soul for a bigger paycheck.


You are more than just a good student. And having a hobby can help you remember that. Many young people struggle with developing a positive self-image, or any self-image, for that matter. We see ourselves as students, sons and daughters, maybe workers, but nothing more. In reality, we are all extremely complex individuals, and picking up a hobby can help you internalize that thought. When you learn something new, for example, how to draw, garden, or dance, there’s lots of additional knowledge that you get along with it. With drawing, you also study color theory; with gardening, you might learn how to analyze soil, germinate seeds, or even build planters. And with dancing, you change your entire body, become fitter and energized, and coordinate your movements better. All those additional skills can help you uncover deeper layers of your personality. With time, you will get to know yourself better and become more confident in your skills and craft. That affects your entire life. With confidence comes the notion that your grades are not everything. You stop blaming yourself if you see a professor being unfair to you and deal with failure and imperfection much easier.

Wrapping Up

Having a creative outlet can change your life. Reduced stress, improved creativity, better time management, and self-actualization are all skills that you can develop separately. But with having a hobby, they sort of come in a bundle. And together with those, you also get better grades. Of course, there are conditions. You cannot spend hours on your hobby instead of doing homework and expect your school performance to get better. But productive procrastination, dealing with your emotions, and internalizing your skills by having a hobby are all great ways to feel better about yourself. You can also post your progress on social media and have your followers support you, which is always a plus. Next up, you may want to explore a guide on how to make math more exciting for learners.

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