5 Best Homework Help Websites for College Students

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Most students cannot cope with the complex grading rubrics and heavy workloads.

There’s too much academic pressure and if you need to work while studying, things often get complicated.

This situation forces learners to seek additional resources and the best homework help websites for college students they can find.

These sites aid them in proofreading their writing and making sense of the original objectives or finding the right sources.

Moreover, they are legit solutions for overcoming low grades and meeting submission deadlines.

This article will help you review the best names in the industry for all your college writing needs.


5 Best Homework Help Websites for College Students




Assignment Bro


ABOUT THE COMPANY: They are a company that has been created by former college students and academic researchers with an aim of providing brotherly help that is made accessible and affordable. This homework help service has been around for about two years and offers over 250 reliable specialists in various fields. They are legit and one of the top solutions to consider.

RELIABILITY: There are free revisions and refunds that work. They are very strict when it comes to originality and timely delivery. Most reviews online claim they are accurate and will always deliver your assignment on or even before your deadline. The company also provides a free plagiarism checker and many helpful free tools. lt includes a conclusion generator and paraphrasing tool, for your assignment writing and citation generators in many styles.

WRITING QUALITY: Checking the service, we have tested them with an engineering paper. It has been delivered on time and contained zero grammar or plagiarism issues.

PRICES: They do not have any fixed price, which is mostly good as you can negotiate it based on your deadline, subject, essay type, and more. They remain affordable and represent one of the best sites for homework help that you can find in 2022.

ONLINE REVIEWS: Sitejabber has 4.7 stars out of 5 and most reviews that we could find there and on other platforms show them as a reliable service that handles most topics and essay types professionally.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Their customer support is reliable and their agents know their job well. They are available 24/7 and offer all types of assistance. Our experience has been very good!

FINAL VERDICT: If you want to receive your paper on time and enjoy personalized help, you will enjoy this writing company. They are one of the best when it comes to accuracy and a plethora of helpful free tools.


Essay Vikings


Edssay Vikings


ABOUT THE COMPANY: This company has been around for a while as they provide safe and affordable writing services that range from basic essays to personal statement writing and assistance with speeches, reports, business writing, and dissertations.

RELIABILITY: They are especially popular with high school and first-year college students because of their affordability and genuine passion for working with all types of writing orders. It is one of those homework help sites for students where you can enjoy free revisions and work with writers that will always listen to you.

WRITING QUALITY: This time, we checked the system with a personal statement for a Christian school. Since it was a genuine request, we shared our requirements and spoke to the writer. She showed due respect and care for our request. The final result has been excellent, considering the speed and price.

PRICES: The prices start at $9.99 per page, which is quite surprising if one considers their quality.

ONLINE REVIEWS: They could earn 4 stars on Trustpilot and 5 stars on Sitejabber. The majority of students love them for their attitude and for their help with all types of work. If you need something for school debates or fast assistance with proofreading, you will love this trusted service.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: There is a phone number, an online chat that is available 24/7, and a form that can be filled out. We loved the attitude and timely replies.

FINAL VERDICT: If you want to choose the most affordable websites to do your homework, look no further as you won’t be able to find anything cheaper at this level of quality and timely delivery. They are reputable Vikings in writing and you won’t regret using this service.






ABOUT THE COMPANY: This company surely needs no introduction as the company has been around for eight years, offering trustworthy writing help for students and educators worldwide. They are one of the most experienced teams as you can see by their social media presence and the helpful blog.

RELIABILITY: They are one of the services that provide you with direct contact and homework answers as you cooperate with an expert in your field. They have free revisions and refunds with a reputable QA team.

WRITING QUALITY: As a website for help with homework, they have managed an English Literature paper in a very good way. The formatting, writing quality, and sources have been top-notch. Timely delivery and high originality level make them a safe choice for serious writing work.

PRICES: The prices start at $13.99 per page, yet this company implements the bidding system, so you can wait to let the writers provide you with the best price based on your request.

ONLINE REVIEWS: EduBirdie boasts 4.7 stars out of 5 based on the total from the reviews available on Sitejabber, Quora, Reddit, and TrustPilot. People seem to love them and name them as a credible choice for serious writing tasks.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They are true experts when it comes to matching you with a great writer or resolving any issues that may come up. They also offer the best online homework service if you get in trouble and promptly resolve it for you. One of the best customer help agents ever!

FINAL VERDICT: They are a household name for a reason, so do not hesitate to approach them for writing help as they will not let you down and meet even the most strict requirements!


A Research Guide


A Research Gate


ABOUT THE COMPANY: They have been around for more than 10 years and have earned several awards from educators and institutions dealing with online learning. They provide free materials and tutorials in the field of research writing along with timely research paper help.

RELIABILITY: They are one of the best websites that do your homework as they are true experts in research. They are one of the websites for assignment help where you can check various templates and free suggestions as you research their website. There are many subjects covered and if you want to research something with the best sources, check them out!

WRITING QUALITY: Excellent writing quality and formatting. No plagiarism or grammar issues!

PRICES: The prices start at $14.99 per page.

ONLINE REVIEWS: There are very few online reviews since this company focuses on academic research work, yet the testimonials that we found are only positive.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Their customer support agents are the ones who know it all about research paper writing, so make sure to ask questions and resolve all of your concerns before you start.

FINAL VERDICT: One of the best services for research paper writing homework. If you have to submit something complex and need an expert to check things, look no further!


Study Clerk


Study Clerk


ABOUT THE COMPANY: A fantastic writing service that has been around since 2010. They are always open to suggestions and do all they can to keep you safe as they offer all types of writing homework help.

RELIABILITY: They offer free revisions and refunds. You can pay only when you are happy with the final paper, so there are no financial risks per se.

WRITING QUALITY: Checking them with a Psychology paper, we received excellent results as our paper was delivered on time.

PRICES: Among the websites that do homework for you, they are one of the most affordable as they only ask for $13.99 per page.

ONLINE REVIEWS: They have a good reputation and most reviews that we encountered speak of high quality and writing reliability as writers are ready to do free revisions and follow the grading rubrics to the letter.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: One of the best customer support services that will always be there, guiding you through every stage. They are friendly, helpful, and fun.

FINAL VERDICT: This website is one of the most trustworthy and deserves all the praise if only for its amazing customer support! They are absolutely safe to select!


Homework Help Websites for College Students – FAQ


young student doing homework


Where to get help with homework?


You can easily do so by turning to any of the aforementioned homework help websites. These are all legit solutions that can be used for any type of essay help and academic subject. When you need urgent assistance with your writing duties or an expert to proofread your writing, these services we have reviewed will be the best and most reliable fit.


Website Place in rating
AssignmentBro #1
Essay Vikings #2
EduBirdie #3
A Research Guide #4
Study Clerk #5


How can I get online help with homework?


You can do so by contacting any of the companies above that offer top writing help online. The best method is to contact customer support first, which is especially helpful if you need something specific like a blog post creation, personal statement letter, or creative writing assignment. Once done, you can place your order and follow the on-screen instructions.


Is online homework writing help legit in the USA and Canada?


The US and Canadian legislation systems do not forbid online homework helper websites as long as the provider follows ethical guidelines and provides academic assistance for educational purposes only.

Speaking in legislative terms, there is no law that would make such practice illegal as the use of the assignments depends on the students. The services offer legit academic writing consulting and provide assignments that are used as helpful templates for your studies.


Getting Personalized Writing Help


All the homework help services we’ve mentioned on our list are legit and offer custom writing assistance based on your requirements. The most important is to share your grading rubric and insist that you talk to an expert directly to explain what you want the tutors to do.

When you choose an experienced person who knows your subject well and understands the objectives, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll receive a unique paper that will match your writing style and contain high-quality formatting and editing.

So take your time to review the offerings and remember that reputable help is out there!

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