5 Best Paraphrasing Apps For Academic Writing (In 2023)

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Writing a plagiarism-free research paper is a painstaking task.

Students and newbie researchers think that putting themselves in self-styled labor can do something good for them.

Are you worried about your project research in your degree? Does writing an extensive thesis intimidate you?

Academic writing is not a piece of cake.

So whether you are writing a research paper, a thesis, a report, or anything that has to do with academics, you need a set of specialized paraphrasing apps.


Why Use Paraphrasing Apps?


The main reason behind using such tools is to create content that does not reflect any previous work and is worthy enough for extensive reading.

It is analogous to launching a product for sale. But you have to put in a keen effort while writing because slight negligence can put you in deep waters.

It is seen that a writer associated with academics longs for a creative moment that clicks in the mind and opens hidden doors of creativity.

From it, a well-knitted stream of words flows like a symphony and illuminates the face of paper or screen.

But in reality, it’s nothing but a far cry, especially for those who are not much experienced.

So instead of draining your mental energy, use these rephrasing tools that can help you tone your text in fabulous ways.


How Does an Online Paraphrasing Tool Help in Academics?


Paraphrase is derived from “paraphrazein” which means “to tell in other words.”

In practice, paraphrasing means writing in your own words to avoid copied content.

Therefore, a paraphrasing tool helps you to write differently- using different words and sentences to represent an already written text.


1. In Removing Plagiarism


Reiterating the fact, students and researchers find it challenging to write research papers partly due to untransformed writing skills and partly due to the saturation of readings on a single research.

They try their best to create an exceptional piece of text but end up adding copied content unknowingly.

Therefore, an online paraphrasing tool saves them from this problem.


2. In Solving Grammatical Errors


Assignments are meant to be error-free to get good marks. After all, it is all about distinctions and positions in college.

There exists a nail-biting competition among students in colleges. You have to beat others to get good grades.

So, making grammatical errors is a blunder, as it hints that you haven’t even read your assignment or research. Furthermore, it negatively impacts your credibility as an academic.

Therefore, it is better to remove such errors before submitting. Not only an online rephrasing tool can remove these errors, but also it can beautify your sentences.


3. In Sentence Formatting


Every student has to follow the protocols of their institution while writing. For example, you cannot write long and complex sentences if your teacher demands you to write shorter ones.

Moreover, every discipline has its terminology, and you have to remain inside those sharp boundaries while writing.

Hence, a paraphrasing tool keeps control of the lexicon and syntax of the content and only suggests those words that resemble that content.


Why are Mobile Paraphrasing Apps Equally Important?


Changing needs demand changing tools and paraphrasing apps are extremely helpful nowadays.

The evolution of paraphrasers from online tools to mobile apps may not surprise you because you might have seen plenty of mobile apps already.

But, you should know the reasons behind their importance. Before hitting the road, let’s stop for a while to see some statistics on this matter.

Mobile phones are becoming the primary internet source because of various reasons like affordability, instant access, and ease.

In 2020, mobile internet users reached 4.28 billion, depicting 55% of the world’s internet traffic.

Similarly, in 2018 the revenue generated against mobile apps globally went up to approximately 365 billion US dollars. Hence, smartphone apps are becoming a booming industry.

Every large to the small-scale industry is trying its best to launch its product’s app.

Paraphrasing apps help people in the following ways:


1. No space and time issue


Unlike a computer, a mobile app does not need a specific place to use a paraphrasing tool.

You can paraphrase your text at any place and at any time with your paraphrasing app.

If you are in a bit of rust and carrying a laptop does not sound feasible, then a mobile phone app is the best possible option.


2. Customized user experience


Most people want ease while using any application, as they want to put in minimum effort but maximum output.

Since you need to sit in a particular posture while using a web paraphrasing tool, it may sometimes make you tired, as sitting in an upright position for hours is not possible.

In contrast, a paraphrasing app helps you gain a custom experience, as you can use it while lying on the bed or sitting on the couch.


3. Handy and instant paraphrasing


Rephrasing apps saves time and energy. These are handy because you do not have to go somewhere to access the tool.

You can save your time by simply opening the app and paraphrasing the content. Moreover, mobile apps load faster as compared to websites.

If you have made up your mind to know the best paraphrasing apps, check out the list below. In addition, I have listed the top rephrase apps that are making rounds in 2023.


What are the 5 Best Paraphrasing Apps Right Now?


young student working with a laptop


These apps are well sorted out from the bulk of paraphrasers and are shown to give you the best experience.

A list of the best paraphrasing apps is given below:

  1. Paraphrasing Tool (Prepostseo)
  2. Paraphrasing Tool
  3. Rephraser
  4. Paraphraser
  5. Paraphrase tool


1. Paraphrasing Tool (Prepostseo)


Prepostseo, which helps webmasters, bloggers, and students, is a leading SEO tools company. In addition, they have developed their paraphrasing tool.

This paraphrasing tool app reduces the chances of plagiarism and produces unique content with its efficient algorithms.

It has a highly interactive interface and provides a variety of options to navigate through the app. It also has an AI version that works on artificial intelligence concepts to paraphrase your content.

In the AI version, your paraphrased text has a natural flow and looks like a human writes it.

paraphrasing app example


You can get the AI version, but it is a paid version with a few added features such as:




1. Re-edit paraphrased text:


It is a prominent feature of this online paraphrasing tool. But, unfortunately, not every app gives you that much freedom to get user-oriented results.

You can use this tool to re-edit your result by clicking on the edit button. It instantly changes the whole text and helps you choose the desired results.


2. Better word count:


Every student needs a paraphrasing tool that helps them with multiple assignments because they have to do most assignments and research reports.

Prepostseo has included 5000 words in the word limit.

Usually, research has 5000 words, so you can say that this paraphrasing tool can rewrite a text of a research paper’s length.


3. Save history option:


This app is user-friendly for saving content in history. This process is the same as web history.

Research is not written in one go.

Instead, students analyze chunks of information from different sources and then rephrase them.

For this reason, this tool provides a history option to retrieve the results from the app and add new text to get complete results.


2. Paraphrasing Tool (Enzipe app)


It is one of the most efficient online paraphrasing tools that reword sentences while protecting the real meanings.

It was developed to transform the sentences so that the original idea becomes more vibrant.

You can use this tool to get free suggestions to change the text and remove plagiarism from your content.


paraphrasing tool example 2




1. Unlimited usage:


It is good news for students who fall short of limited use. In this way, students can save time and money to get a paid tool to paraphrase their content without any restrictions.


2. Download option:


You can use this paraphrasing online app to download your result in the form of a report. You can download the report in DOC and PDF after doing your work.


3. No sign-up required:


This tool always remains in standby mode. Once you download it, a simple interface appears that prompts you to enter the text without any registration.


3. Rephraser (Enzipe Rephrase)


Rephraser is an online rephrasing tool developed by rephrase.info, a leading name in paraphrasing tools.

This tool changes words, sentences, paragraphs, and full-length articles depending on your choice.

It is founded on AI which makes paraphrasing easier and more efficient. It makes the content readable and free from any nuanced words.


paraphrasing tool example 3




1. Free online rephrase:


People often tend to use free products because they have no charges but not every free product has good quality.

However, in this rephrasing tool, free suits best with its good quality and specific features.

It removes plagiarism from your content without any charges.

Moreover, you do not have to get yourself registered before its used.


2. Multi-lingual paraphrasing:


Very often, a rewriter comes in only the English language because it is universally spoken. Nevertheless, these tools give different language options to rephrase your desired language content.


3. Different modes:


You can get your result in these modes and can compare them for analysis.


4. Paraphrase Tool (Article Rewriter)


Paraphrase Tool is designed with advanced technology to cater to the needs of article, essay, and assignment writing. It is one of the most effective tools used to get precise paraphrasing results.


parahprasing app example 4


Often students use it for essay writing; however, its use is not restricted to essays, a blogger can also use it for creative writing of blog posts and articles.

It produces a unique text by removing grammar mistakes and restating an original text differently.




1. Different language selection:


Because of this feature, an online paraphraser is being used by many people all around the world.

You can spin the articles in the following languages:


2. A detailed analysis report:


This feature is helpful to test the working of this tool. In addition, you may get to know the number of substitutes words in the article.

It gives the actual characters and no of changed words in the text.


5. Paraphraser-Advanced (Articlerewriter.spinner)


Paraphraser-advanced is an efficient tool to perform rewording of the text.

It is explicitly designed to meet the needs of students and educationists.


paraphrasing tool example 5


You may note that good software for paraphrasing isn’t easy to find. However, this tool is easily accessible on the app store of your mobile.




1. Anti-plagiarism tool:


Students face plagiarism every time they write something because a lot of information is present on the same topic. Therefore, this tool removes copied content from your text without any issues.


2. File extractor:


This tool also acts as a file extractor that gets fonts and characters from pictures and pdfs.


Wrapping it up


The demand for paraphrasing apps is increasing daily due to the increase in published content on the internet. The more the content is published, the greater the use of paraphrasing tools becomes.

So, finding the best tool amid a plethora of tools is a difficult task, but I have provided the 6 best tools that remain at the top in 2023. Use these tools to remove plagiarism and to make your content unique.

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