12 Good Life Ideas (That’ll Change Your Life)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Sep 28th, 2023

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As you may know, every week I share things that excited me, brought me inspiration, and amazed my mind.

Each article contains at least one good tip. These are engineered to change your perspective on things and give you practical ideas to improve your life. I’m very much into self-improvement because it changed my life. I’ve found that small ideas can give you the slight edge you need to succeed. The rest is self-discipline. “Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few can raise themselves above the ideas of the time.” ― Voltaire

Here’s the list of Twelve Good Life Ideas:

Good life tip #1 – The question

Take a piece of paper, and at the top write a question: “How can I improve my life right now?” Then, come up with at least twenty answers. Next, take action on at least one of your ideas immediately. I’ve learned this from Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy.

Good life tip #2 – Take a cold shower

I’ve learned about the idea this week and I’ve tried it with great success (and even more hesitation). Taking a super cold shower, especially in the morning or after a workout offers many benefits.

Good life tip #3 – Meditate for 20 minutes a day

Meditation is a habit of probably more than 80% of the highest achievers in every industry. There are just too many scientifically-backed benefits to ignore or discard. I do one meditation session in the morning (just after waking up and drinking a glass of water). You can try to do it with this audio track. It will put your brain in the right state.

Good Life Tip #4 – Quick Language Learning

Easily learn a new language with a flashcard app for your phone. I’ve learned quite a lot of Spanish by using a simple app called Anymemo. (It’s only for Android but you can find similar apps across the web). You can learn more about the method I’ve used over here.

Good life tip #5 – Take a mindful breath

It’s possible that sometimes you get tense but don’t have time to relax your mind. In that situation, you can just close your eyes, recognize your agitation, and take three very deep mindful breaths. Try to observe how the air flows in and out of your nostrils. You’ll feel much better as a result.

Good life tip #6 – The intensity of the experience

Reading 100 books is not worth a single moment of intensive experience. It’s the experience, not knowing that ultimately leads to wisdom and fulfillment.

Good life tip #7 – Set 30-day challenges for yourself

Get a calendar, write down what you want to achieve (new habit), and cross off every day’s successful day. Most probably you won’t do it for 30 days straight but once you’ve fallen off the wagon. Get back on the goddamn wagon. How many can you do? 23 out of 30? That’s a great start.

Good life tip #8 – Break the pattern

You may tend to get stuck in our ways of thinking. That’s why you have to take just 1 day off to do something new. What is new for you?

Good life tip #9 – Wind down like a pro

In the evening, take some time to wind down and go to sleep like a normal human being. What prevents good sleep? Checking your phone before going to bed, drinking coffee or alcohol in the late evening, and not creating a to-do list for the next day.

Good life tip #10 – Take a day off

Take a break from your ambition. You will return stronger tomorrow. There’s no need to be pushing too hard. But don’t get me wrong – come back tomorrow! I’ve learned this from Jim Rohn.

Good life tip #11 – Know thyself

Don’t listen to all the advice you hear. Stop seeking advice. Look deep inside and ask what you should be doing. What is your true calling? You don’t have to be like that person you admire or that famous person. You can be yourself. Jung called the Individuation.

Good life tip #12 Enjoy the sadness

Even if your life is going well and you achieve your goals, there will be times of sadness and uncertainty. The feeling of dissatisfaction is inherent to the human mind. Instead of fighting it, accept it and allow this blues to come over you. Know that it’s impermanent, and like all other moods, it will soon change and you’ll be happy.

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